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A Bloggers Productive Morning Routine

Mornings are my absolute favorite time of the day. I’m kind of obsessed with watching Youtube videos where others show off their morning routine. Having a good routine for the morning is such a great way to set good intentions for the entire day and it really boosts my mood.

As a blogger, blogging coach, and website designer, there are so many things that could cloud my mind in the mornings like- I have to write a new post today, I need to work on a design project, oh, and maybe I should tweak that thing that bothers me on my website, too. But uh…maybe I’ll just sit on the couch and watch some Mermaid show on Netflix.

From the time I wake up till the time I go to sleep, thoughts will race through my mind of everything that needs to be done for that day and its quite annoying to be honest. It makes me want to ignore it all.

I’ve recently found a great way to block out all of those thoughts! Want to know how? With a good morning routine! Let me share mine.

A Bloggers Morning Routine

Let me first start off with saying that I don’t like times. I will not say when I’m waking up or when I’m going to sleep. If I even tried to set an alarm, I wouldn’t wake up since I’m such a heavy sleeper and I wouldn’t fall asleep by the time I say because well…insomnia is real.

My morning routine is simple. I start the “morning routine” whenever I decide to wake up. Yes, even if its at 2 p.m. I will still follow this routine like its 6 a.m.

1. Wakeup

Working at home has allowed me to sleep in and wakeup whenever I want. But when I do wakeup, I don’t just jump on my phone and start scrolling on Instagram and check my emails. I keep my phone on the nightstand and get out of bed.

2. Go Outside

Having a nice fresh breath of air wakes me right up! Especially since I live in Michigan and we have more cold months than warm. Cold weather makes it easy to wakeup. I also set my heat to 67 degrees because 1. it helps me get better sleep and 2. it helps me wakeup faster in the mornings.

3. Water

Nothing is better than some lemon water in the mornings to hydrate and replenish! I used to hate lemon water and now I love it. I use a little tea kettle to warm up some water, cut up some lemon and wala! It helps me hydrate before my coffee and it also helps me regulate digestion.

4. Meditate/Manifest

While I’m sipping on my lukewarm lemon water, I like to just sit with my thoughts. I try not to think about what I have to do for the day and instead I try to think about how I can make this day the best day and try to manifest things I want to come in my life by envisioning already having what I want.

5. Coffee

Now it’s time to make a good ol’ cup of joe! More like, creamer with a hint of coffee, hah! I just can’t do my coffee black. If you can, all the power to ya honey but you won’t find me making black coffee.

6. Plan/ Journal

I first take my new planner from Savor Life (my favorite) and set intentions for how I want my day to go. I pull weeds, plant seeds, and design my day. I basically write down what I need to do, accomplish, and write down the whole days routine so I can check them off as I go.

Then I take my journal and write down what I’m thankful for, I write a prayer, and then write down what I want to manifest. For example:

Today I am thankful for:

-Family -My Clients -etc.

Today I pray:

-For my family.

Today I Manifest:

-I will buy a beautiful $200,000 home in 2022, put 30% down and it will make me so happy. I will have doggies and my kitties and settle down for baby making!

Now I write in my journal more descriptive then that but you get the idea.

7. Breakfast

Now it’s time to cook up some breakfast. My go to is eggs, avocado toast with some cayenne pepper sprinkled on top. Its healthy and delicious. Plus, the cayenne pepper helps speed up the metabolism, so that’s a plus!

8. Shower/ Skincare/ Brush Teeth

Now it’s time to jump in the shower, moisturize, do some face skincare and brush my teeth. I’d be lying if I said I wash my hair everyday because girl, who has time for that? I wash it on Sundays and Thursdays.

Washing my hair only twice a week has helped my hair grow and it’s also helped with the texture and shine. I have super dry skin as well and my psoriasis will flare right up if I wash it more than that believe it or not.

For skincare products, I love switching it up between Cereve and Curology. I use Cereve in the morning time and Curology at night and this has helped cure almost all of my hormonal adult acne.

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser | Makeup Remover and Daily Face Wash for Oily Skin | 16 Fluid Ounce

9. Makeup

Now it’s makeup time. I don’t do a full face of glam everyday but I will put on some mascara and darken my eyebrows a little since I dye my hair darker than my normal tone.

10. Get Dressed

If I don’t have to run any errands for the day then I will dress in some comfortable loungewear. I don’t like lounging around in pajamas and old t-shirts from 2001. I also don’t like to work or lounge around in jeans and nice clothes either so I decide to invest in some cute matching sets.

11. Daily Cleaning Tasks

I’ve recently found the most BRILLIANT cleaning routine ever from Clean Mama. I purchased her Homekeeping planner and I absolutely love it! In just one week I’ve managed to make my house look more clean than it has in several years. And guess what? I only clean for 20 minutes MAX everyday.

If your house is a mess and you hate to clean, buy the homekeeping planner and incorporate it in your morning routine and you will have the most spotless house!

12. Get to Work

Now it’s time to start working on my blog and business. I’m refreshed, the intentions for the day are set, my house is spotless and now I can get to work. I check my emails, check comments, create pins, write emails to my list, and check off one thing at a time on my list of daily to-do’s. I’ll coach some clients, work on some websites and then after about 5 hours I am done!

That’s my morning routine as a blogger. What does your morning routine look like? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope I motivated ya!

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