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How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche

I admit it. I made the mistake of not niching down with my very first blog. I let it evolve as my life evolved. Big mistake. Since then I’ve smartened up, and now I’m sharing tips on how to choose a blog niche that will be successful in the long run, as well as profitable!

Don’t make the same mistake I did!

If you’re like me, you’re interested in many things and love to share tips on everything you learn along the way.

However, with blogs, this isn’t always the best thing to do. With a few minor exceptions.

It all comes down to why you’re blogging in the first place.

If your blog is a hobby blog, you don’t have to choose a blog niche that’s tight in scope. Ultimately, you aren’t blogging for profit, and so, you don’t have to consider the importance of becoming a niche expert in your industry/topic area.

However, if your goal is to start a blog that is either a side-hustle or full-time business, you’ll need to “niche down”. You’ll be needing blog niche ideas that fit your interest, expertise and passion.

Hard, I know… We’ll go into this in further detail, and by the end of this post, you’ll understand why I’m recommending you “niche down” as much as possible.

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How to find your blogs niche

What Is A Niche?

A blog niche is a clearly defined topic that you’ll be focusing on your blog. The niche also needs to target a specific audience, and the blog content will be based on that particular topic. 

The blog niche can also be referred to as the ‘main topic’ of your blog. Moreover, the content strategy and monetization plan are also based on the niche. That we’ll cover later in this post. 

Why one needs to choose a specific topic for their blogs when they can write on different topics?

This is the question that troubles most new bloggers. And, I completely understand your concerns. Because, as bloggers, we are free to share ideas and thoughts. 

So, why a specific topic?

Most successful bloggers have experiences to share. And, the most important advice for new bloggers is to pick a niche for them. 

Let’s say you want to become a lifestyle blogger?

As a lifestyle blogger, you can write about;

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Pets
  • Family
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Outfits
  • Motivation
  • Work routines
  • Skincare
  • Hair growth
  • Relationships

And, the list goes on…

How are you ever going to be successful with all of these topics under ONE SINGLE blog? 

You can be if you are a big business fish or an entrepreneur who’s launching an online magazine with dozens of topics in it.


If you want your blog to be a personal diary, then you don’t need to focus on finding a perfect niche. Because it’s your diary. And, you can write whatever you want.

However, if you want to be intentional with your blog, serve your audience and make money from blogging then you got to find a niche. 

And, I will help you.

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Why Define a Blogging Niche?

Defining your blogging niche is extremely important to find. Before you even build your website you should already have identified and honed in on one blogging niche. Here is why…

It lowers the competition.

Finding your blogging niche will allow you to stand out in a sea of other bloggers writing about the same thing as you.

To be successful in blogging, you want to be as unique as possible in all aspects of your blog especially in your blog content and honing on one specific, detailed niche can help you do that.

For an example: A lot of bloggers are writing about Traveling these days. But if you get more specific and instead just write about traveling, you can write about what it’s like to travel with a loved one, a friend, or by yourself. You would stand out a lot more than if you were to blog only about traveling like everyone else is.

Your blogging niche is also a way to speak to one person, one customer, one ideal client and this is very important to know who that person you will talk to will be before you start writing content.

So ask yourself these questions…

-Who do I want to read my blog?

-Who will my valuable blog content serve?

-Who do I want to buy my products?

-Who do I want as a client?

Defining your blogging niche will also help you rank higher in search engines and it will also help you write about content you think your ideal reader is searching for which is key to ranking higher in Google. Google loves niched blogs.

Think of it like this-it is also better to have 100 people who love your blog, love you, and love the content you are writing than 5,000 people who don’t.

It doesn’t matter if you have tons of people coming to your blog or not, if the right people are not reading your content because it’s all over the place with so many different blogging niches than you will never build the engaged, passionate community you need for a successful blog.

Different Types Of Niches

There are different types of niches you can choose from:

Audience Focused: For specific audiences – e.g. moms, retired persons (we’ll touch base on this more soon!)

Industry Focused: For example, marketing or legal, etc.

Subject Focused: Specific to a subject matter such as books, DIY, etc.

Consider these when you’re trying to figure out how to choose a blog niche that’s right for you.

Why You Need To Keep To One Niche

The next key step in figuring out how to choose a blog niche is to understand the difference between a category and a niche.

What happens when you want to write on many topics, and therefore more than one niche?

In this case, you’re looking more for a category than a niche. So for example, you want to be a “lifestyle blogger”.

The problem is, not everybody wants to read all of the topics you’re writing about.

You’ve also got a better chance of people sticking around and checking out your site if they are interested in your topic. They know what to expect from your site!

It’s also much easier to brand yourself as an expert in something if you’re focused on one niche.

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Specify Your Audience

Now that you’re thinking about one niche, you have to go even further.

Let’s say you’ve chosen to write about fashion. That’s a pretty broad niche subject under the lifestyle category.

Who is going to be reading your fashion blog? Who is your key target audience, and what are the key issues with which they need help?

Now you know that you’re writing your fashion blog for, let’s say, women over 40. Your topics will appeal to women who are interested in style for a mature woman. Specifying your audience will ensure you create content that will appeal to it.

This is how you’ll:

  • Grow an interested base of readers
  • Be able to easily position yourself as a niche expert
  • Grow your newsletter subscription list/social media following
  • Gain followers that have the potential to turn into customers!
  • Specifying your audience helps you define your niche better.

For example, this blog is about blogging tips. My specific niche is new and intermediate bloggers who are struggling to get to the next level with their blogs!

How To Choose A Blog Niche

So how do you choose a blog niche? And which one is the best for you?

Here are a few things to consider and ask yourself when looking at blog niche ideas:

  • What is your favourite subject?
  • What is a subject that you feel you’re very knowledgeable about?
  • What is the niche subject that you can talk about for more than 30 minutes?
  • Is your niche subject on that has a relatively decently-sized audience?
  • Is your niche subject profitable?

This last question will require a bit of research – however, all blog niches can make money!

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How Do I know My Blog Niche is Profitable?

Whether you are blogging for money or not, blogging is not free. We have a lot of expenses that come with blogging like web hosting, email management (Get Flodesk for 50% Off), automation systems like Tailwind and more blogging expenses like investing (because that’s important).

Deciding on whether the niche you chosen is profitable is very important so we can make money and cover all of these expenses.

So how do we know if our niche is profitable?

The first thing we can do is market research to find if people are even searching for the topic we want to write about. You can search on Pinterest Trends and Google Trends to gather this information.

If you search for your niche and both of those are saying that the topics you want to write about are decreasing then I would pick a different niche that has been increasing over time.

In order to make money blogging, you need people to come to your blog so you can make money with affiliate links, products, services or however you want to make money with your blog.

Blog traffic is key to making money so it only makes sense to write about things that people are searching for and need.

  • -What problems does people need solved?
  • -What information do they need?
  • -What are they regularly searching for?

The Most Profitable Blog Niche / Niches

Every blog niche can be monetized. There are no excuses! However, some are more profitable than others.

Factors that make them more profitable are:

  • How big of an audience you have for your niche?
  • How valuable are your services and products to your audience? Do they help solve a big, important problem they can’t solve easily by themselves?
  • Is it a niche in which there are fewer experts? I.e. is there a demand for information/support you can provide?

With these points in mind, let’s look at the top 10 most profitable blog niche ideas – in no particular order!


Anything to do with money is a HOT topic. People want to save money, make more money, spend and invest wisely. If you’re a financial whiz and have the credibility to speak about how to make and save money, this will be a lucrative blog niche to choose.

This is a broad niche topic that can be fine-tuned into other areas such as:

  • Frugal living
  • Cryptocurrencies and NFTs (the latter is going to be HOT for 2022)
  • Retirement saving and finances
  • Budgeting
  • Personal finances and financial indepence
  • Investing
  • Fitness

These are some of the top, most profitable blog niches! The desire to get fit and healthy means people will spend money to get the support they want.

Fitness blogs are especially great if you have a coaching/instructor business or you’re looking to create products to promote.

Here are some of the best niches for the fitness category:

  • Specific to the type of fitness: yoga, pilates, cross fit, running, etc.
  • Specific to age group: fitness for Gen X, Fitness for Millennials, etc.
  • For different needs: Losing weight, for endurance, etc.
  • For types of people: busy professionals, busy moms, college students
  • Fitness product reviews
  • Diets and diet program reviews
  • Holistic living, mind & body wellness, etc.

This is one of the best blog categories and really, you can find an audience that’ll love what you’re writing. Not to mention, there are many ways you can monetize a fitness blog.

Food & Drink

Recipes are ALWAYS on demand. People love to get inspiration for meals, and tips on how to cook things.

Consider how there is a cult around celebrity chefs. Food is a hot topic – no pun intended. There are several ways to make money with a food blog: ads, publishing cookbooks, a pay-to-view video series on a cooking/baking theme, and even services (e.g. consulting on nutrition, healthy meal plans, etc.).

  • Healthy Recipes
  • Convenient & Quick
  • Regional Cuisine
  • Food Types (specific)
  • Specific to readers – family, vegan, university students, busy professionals, etc.)
  • Preparation style (e.g. BBQ, baking, sous vide, etc.)
  • Purpose driven: losing weight, prepping (canning & preserving), etc.

Get more fantastic food & drink niche ideas from Niche Helper.


This is a huge blogging niche that is extremely popular. People love to be style-inspired.

Although Instagram may seem like a great place to focus on for fashion, if you want to be a trendsetter, a fashion blog will be your best choice.

When people Google you, you’ll be easier to be found!

So what kind of niches in fashion should you focus on?

Specific to readers – fashion for men, women, specific age groups, needs (e.g. univerity/college aged women, for women over 40, etc.)

Type – e.g. high couture, cheap chic, celebrity fashion, street fashion, etc

  • Shopping blogs
  • Personal style blogs
  • Fashion critique, fashion news blogs
  • Don’t forget the sister topic of beauty and hair. These two can also be niched down into:
  • Beauty tips for different age groups
  • Nails (huge topic – super popular on Pinterest)
  • Skincare
  • Hair styles
  • Healthy hair

Home Decor

This is a HUGE niche topic and it can be very profitable. There are many people looking at interior design and home decor blogs. Consider how many vision boards are made by checking out blogs!

Here are some of the best home decor blogs to consider when choosing your blog niche:

  • Specific to the room, e.g., kitchen designs, bathroom designs, bedroom designs, office decor, etc.
  • Regional decor – Scanidanvian interior design blog, Japanese interior design blog, etc.
  • Specific to style: minimalist, farmhouse, modern farmhouse, boho chic, luxury, traditional, etc.
  • Expertise: e.g. flooring blog, wallpaper, painting, etc.
  • Type of living: wellness living decor, small living, green living
  • Budget-friendly decor


  • Closet experts
  • Interior design and home renovation trends and news
  • DIY Blogs
  • Related to home decor but really on a separate category are DIY blogs. These span more than just the home, but also creating things and crafts.

Let’s start with the top blog niche ideas for DIY:

  • Home renovations how to’s
  • DIY construction (e.g. building homes, build your own tiny home etc.)
  • Anything related to a specific focus – DIY carpentry, DIY flooring, DIY indoor gardens, DIY home decor
  • Budget-friendly DIY
  • DIY crafts and gifts
  • DIY winemaking, beermaking, etc.
  • DIY preserves
  • DIY sewing, knitting, etc.
  • The opportunities for DIY are endless! And you can monetize them all with “how-to” videos, ebooks, courses, etc.

Business, Marketing, Sales

Tied closely to financial are business and marketing. These cover a broad range of blog niches on anything to do with making money, marketing and sales.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Starting A Business
  • Starting An Online Business
  • Productivity & Time Management
  • Freelancing & Consulting
  • Career and HR
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Sales Strategies


Gaming is HUGE. Since it not only has a younger audience but also an older audience that grew up with video games, it is a big moneymaker for many. There were 2.6 billion people playing video games in 2016, and that number probably has jumped greatly since the pandemic hit.

Consider all the ways you can monetize a gaming site: affiliate links, sponsored product reviews, YouTube video ads, ebooks/cheatsheets, membership communities, etc.

Here are some of the biggest niches in gaming:

  • Specific to genre/game: first person shooter, etc.
  • Game walkthroughs
  • Game reviews
  • Game development and game news
  • Console and accessory reviews
  • Streaming channel blogs (Twitch, etc.)
  • Traditional board games (did you think it was only video games?)


There’s a whole lot of money that goes into planning the perfect wedding. There’s also lots of time spent trying to figure it all out. Unless somebody is working with a wedding planner, it can be a challenging experience.

This is why wedding blogs are extremely popular. The one thing to note is that once your key audience gets married, they won’t be a returning visitor… hopefully.

However, you will get a steady stream of interested readers if you do a good job with SEO.

So what are the specific niches?

  • Wedding planning
  • Wedding dresses
  • Wedding accessories
  • Honeymoon planning and travel tips
  • Types of weddings: traditional, modern, unique, etc.
  • Destination weddings
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This is a very broad category, however, you can choose whatever your specialty is, and start sharing your knowledge with others.

Education sites are best monetized by courses, ebooks (and workbooks) and affiliate links. You can also offer coaching and tutoring services.

Since there’s been an influx in online learning, it’s a popular category. You can hone in on a specific niche that’s perfect for your expertise:

  • For kids: math, science, reading and writing, etc.
  • For specific industries: marketing and sales, social media, digital marketing, real estate etc.
  • Test and exam-taking tips and tricks
  • Specific online platforms (e.g., learn how to use XYZ)

Monetizing Your Niche Blog

With every blog, there’s a way you can monetize it! It just comes down to whether you want to do it actively or passively.

Active Ways To Monetize Your Niche Blog

  • Coaching
  • Tutoring
  • Consulting
  • Freelance services (e.g. virtual assitant – VA, copywriting, etc.)
  • Sponsored posts (pitch and write)
  • Passive Ways To Monetize Your Niche Blog
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Printables and templates
  • Workbooks
  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Access to content libraries
  • Video series access (e.g. YouTube how to videos)
  • Digital content (stock photo/videos, music and sounds, presets, etc.)
  • Your own affiliate program

Can I Make Money With My Niche Blog?

The answer is yes, but ONLY if you treat it as a business.

The lie that all these blog articles are telling you is…

“Make money blogging from affiliate marketing.”

“Make money blogging with ads.”

And it’s just simply not true.

Even though I do think affiliate marketing and ads are a good way to make money on the SIDE, I know that its not how ANY extremely successful bloggers make money.

So how do they make money blogging?

The answer is….they start a business. All of them sell products and services on their blog.

They live launch the products by showing their faces on Instagram stories, writing regular Instagram posts, they do LIVE Facebook trainings in their Facebook groups, they hold webinars, and they INVEST to learn all of the business marketing and sales strategies.

They make money from affiliate marketing by putting links in their posts. But do they make a living from only doing that? NO WAY.

PRO TIP: I highly recommend every blogger use Canva PRO, as it’s a fantastic way to produce beautiful content for passive monetization opportunities (printables, templates, etc.)

Solving Problems

Do you agree that every business around you solves an issue that a customer might have?

This is the core to every successful business: Solving problems for their specific ideal customer.

What I see often when I am scrolling and reading new bloggers blog posts is that they are talking way too much about what they did that day, their life, and too many stories shared.

Blogging is not for you. It’s for your ideal reader. It’s to help and serve them through your content and has nothing to do with you.

If you want to blog about yourself and your life, why not just journal? Blogging is not journaling and this is not going to make you money, sorry to say.

Now, am I saying that you cannot ever share your stories? No. I think you should share bits and pieces of yourself and your life in the content that does serve your audience.

Do you really think Haleigh, who is scrolling on Pinterest, wants to read a blog post all about how you walked your dog this morning? Not really.

But do you think that she might be looking for some valuable content that could serve her life, motivate her, inspire her, educate her? YES!

So when you sit down to write your blog posts, you need to think about what Haleigh (your ideal reader, customer, and client) may be searching for.

This is the niched blog content you want to write.

Choose The Right Niche For You And Get Started Today!

If you’re still not sure about your niche, it’s a good idea to mull it over. Take time to consider your strengths and weaknesses.

What makes you excited?

What topic are you passionate about?

Picture yourself a few years from now – will this niche topic still interest you and fit with your lifestyle (e.g. will your fitness blog for university students need to evolve into one for busy professionals?)

Once you have an idea of your niche, the next step is to truly understand your audience. What drives them? What are the big key issues that they need help solving?

For more on how to get started with a blog, take my FREE Start A Blog Course, which includes several key tools you need to fine-tune your blog’s mission.

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