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But your Google analytics STILL looks as defeated as Amber Heard.

You’ve read all the “tips and tricks” on how to increase your blog traffic….


You might as well just give it all up right now!

You can't seem to get your blog off the ground, your blog traffic isn't increasing even after following all the blog guru marketing strategies, and you have made cents to nothing in affiliate sales.

You're blog is failing and you know it.

Truth Talk

These struggles can make any blogger want to quit.

  • You struggle with how to get your page views to increase. You don't have a strategy to gain more page views.

  • You struggle to get your blog off the ground- it's been collecting dust

  • You wish you actually had something to post and share. And deciding on your niche has your head spinning.

  • SEO and keyword research is boring and doesn't' work for you

  • You're trying to create a few blog posts that are good enough to be of value, and figure out the exact problems I solve- or which problems to focus on.

  • You worry that the time you invest will not be fruitful (that it will be wasted or you'll fail) & that you will wish that you just spent it with your family. You have so little time with your family as it is.

if this sounds familiar...

Let me know

If you could wave a magic wand...the results you desire would be...

  • TRAFFIC (& money)

  • Make a full time income ASAP from my blog

  • I would automatically go from starting my biz to making a full-time income, because making the time to work on my biz while still at my day job is extremely difficult

  • to write a blog that my ideal clients would read and subscribe to and eventually hire me.

  • A well laid out website, that is attractive and helpful to viewers and generates passive income.

  • An established blog with very high monthly views and an income that could support my family.

  • *Any* revenue from my blog

  • More time to spend with my family

But getting these results feel so impossible for you.... and I get it.

I was working full-time in the corporate world, spending 40+ hours a week of my life forcing myself to sit and do work I hated, constantly checking the clock to see if the day was over yet.

I got absolutely sick of it and ended up in a depression.

I had to take control of my happiness again. SO I quit my job, moved out of my apartment, and back to my aunts basement.

That's when I found the world of blogging. I had started a blog for the very first time in 2018 on my 2010 Macbook.

I started out probably right where you are.

But I brushed off my disappointment and started over with a new blog called Boss Lady Bloggers (formerly The Media Gal).

This time, I was going to take all my failures and lessons learned the hard way and do things completely differently. (Keep in mind, I had quit my job, so I HAD to make this work and FAST.)

I invested in some courses, made a plan, built my NEW blog from scratch in a week, and developed a blog income and blog traffic strategy. 

That's when something incredible happened.

I completely abandoned my first blog. It was a total flop.

From failure to my entire life changing in just a few weeks..

I started making sales and increased my blog traffic by 300%

That's not all.

From there, I went on to make $1000 in my first month from my blog.

 I knew I had finally figured out the basic formula for successful online blogging business, and that it would only grow from there.

And GROW is exactly what it did..

In fact, my blog income TRIPLED in my second month!

In just my 4th month, my income tripled again, putting me over the $10,000 a month mark! This was the month that I started implementing a SEO strategy, and my blog traffic (and therefore, my sales) skyrocketed.

I have now built a framework that increases blog traffic AND income that works for anyone that follows it! 

Your all access pass to blog traffic + income

The only fast action plan deeply addresses blog growth strategies and that focuses on 2022 marketing strategies that will skyrocket your blog traffic in today's market that is specific to YOUR blogging business goals.

And that’s why I’m so excited to let you in on... The Blog Growth Lab

drumroll please

Spend more time with your family and less time working on the blog. You already don't have a whole lot of time to spend with them.

work less hours

Know exactly what problems you solve for your audience, what niche you need, and write killer blog content that gets people to convert!

write killer content

Stop attracting robots and broke people who just want freebies and actually attract those who are ready to buy from you!

attract the right fans

Create passive income by designing an entire sales funnel that sells your products and services on autopilot. I've tested this funnel and it works!

create passive income

Increase your sales by following a simple blog income action plan.

increase your sales

Finally increase your blog traffic and stop stressing about checking your Google analytics everyday and seeing a big fat 0.

increase blog traffic

Effortlessly increase your blog traffic and income in just 8 weeks!

the blog growth lab designed to


  •  8 core modules - 8 weeks of taking action

  •  40+ video lessons

  •  Video tech training

  •  Lifetime access

  •  Templates + swipe

  •  3 key marketing videos

  • Voxer Messaging Access

  • Homeworks and Accountability each week

  • Hands on Action taking experience

($1997 Value)

The blog growth lab

What's Inside The Blog Growth Lab

week one

The Prepwork

  • Your blogs why
  • The audience- who do you want to help?
  • Your blogs niche
  • Market Research
  • Studying competitors
  • Choosing your blogs name
  • The things that will make an audience binge

What You'll Learn Each Week in The Blog Growth Lab

lets dive in deeper

week two

Design a Website to Convert

  • Why do you need a high converting website for blog traffic?
  • How will you monetize?
  • Design a website to convert- your sitemap
  • Design your website in ONE Day
  • BONUS- signature blog website template to convert
  • Copywriting for your website

What You'll Learn Each Week in The Blog Growth Lab

lets dive in deeper

week three

Design a Sales Funnel + Setting it Up in Flodesk

  • Your funnels design
  • Freebie #1
  • 5 Part Nurture Sequence
  • Freebie #2
  • Sales Sequence

What You'll Learn Each Week in The Blog Growth Lab

lets dive in deeper

week four

Bingeable Blog Content

  • Creating a strategic content plan that relates to your offer
  • Blog Post Structure + Link and Form Placement
  • Writing Blog Posts the Correct Way
  • Coming up with New Ideas

What You'll Learn Each Week in The Blog Growth Lab

lets dive in deeper

week five

Get Traffic to Your Funnel from Pinterest 

  • Pinterest Biz Account set up
  • Claiming your site
  • Pinterest SEO for 2022
  • Creating Pins that Convert
  • Scheduling with Tailwind
  • Creating Pinterest ads
  • Scheduling secrets for 2022

What You'll Learn Each Week in The Blog Growth Lab

lets dive in deeper

week six

Rank your website #1 on Google + SEO for blog traffic

  • SEO beginner basics
  • Everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t about keywords)
  • Blogging your way to the top of Google
  • Implementing Site-Wide SEO
  • Analytics 101: Breaking down the data

What You'll Learn Each Week in The Blog Growth Lab

lets dive in deeper

week seven

Get blog traffic to your funnel from IG

  • Ig BIZ account
  • Your first IG post
  • How to write the best IG content
  • Write a month of IG content in one day
  • How to design the BEST IG feed with Etsy + Canva + Later
  • Strategies to Drive traffic to your blog from Instagram

What You'll Learn Each Week in The Blog Growth Lab

lets dive in deeper

week eight

Start a Podcast for Blog Traffic + Authority

  • Start Your Podcast for FREE
  • Equipment you need
  • Editing your episodes
  • Creating an intro
  • Creating your podcast weekly content
  • Podcast SEO
  • Getting Blog Traffic from Your Podcast With this Simple Trick

What You'll Learn Each Week in The Blog Growth Lab

lets dive in deeper




"I feel like this was specifically created for me! I always learn so much from your content so of course I had to sign up for The Blog Growth Lab right when I heard about it! I have really been struggling to grow my traffic. Can't wait to get started with this."

"I have bought literally dozens of 'blogging' courses in the past and yours is one of the very few I'm actually finding myself taking action with. Especially since I get 1:1 blog coaching help after each module to answer my questions."

"I cannot believe how affordable this is! With what you have included you could have charged well over $3000 for this program. $400 was SO worth investing! I am already starting to get SO much transformation and results."

This course is a great way to get your blog off the ground, get blog traffic fast, and grow your income. You will also get 1:1 access with a blog coach.

what if im new to blogging?


Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find this program useful within 30 days - get your money back! All I ask is that you show that you have put in the work and actually gave it your best shot.

what's your refund policy?

This program is for anyone who is struggling to increase their blog traffic and income. If you would like to see better results with updated 2022 strategies, I recommend you join.

what if i've been blogging awhile?

This is an 8 weeks program where we will focus on one module each week at a time. After you watch the course modules, you can book your 1:1 call to get all of your Q's answered and we will dive deep into strategy that is customized for your blogging business.

do i get access to the modules immediately?

  • Sales emails written for you 
  • Sales page templates designed for you 
  • Sales copy writing template 
  • Tutorials on how to set up your funnel 
  • Ads to your funnel
  • + so much more 

Bonus #2  done-for-you sales funnel

  • The Blog Accelerator Program Course 
  • Monthly new masterclasses, eBooks, and Workbooks
  • Tech Tutorials 
  • Canva Templates 
  • Website Design Templates 
  • + more 

Bonus #1  3 free months inside the blogging ladies membership

In Addition to The Blog Growth Lab Course, You'll Also Receive...


Although I cannot promise that you will see results because this is a brand new program that is being tested, I can promise that I will put my FULL efforts into helping you reach the best success with this program.

If for any reason you're not satisfied with the Blog Growth Lab, I will offer you a refund after 30 days. I just ask that you can show me that you've done the work and put in the effort to actually see the results. 

Our Promise

30-day guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

30 DAY


8 weekly payments

pay weekly


one payment

best value

Increase your blog traffic and income in just 8 weeks!


This program is regularly $800. what you'll pay today:

"There has never been a better time to change your life and start strategically executing so you can make your dreams come true."

We all wish that we could magically wave a wand and get thousands of pageviews and income every month.

But to get to that lucrative place, we need to take stock of where we are at TODAY and resolve to take take the actions that will get us to where we need to go. Otherwise we self-sabotage and stagnate for yet another year....And since you're reading this......

I absolutely do not want that for you.

I don't want you to look back in 6 or even 12 months from now feeling so burnt out from trying to increase your traffic and income on your own  wondering what could've happened if you only took action.

I want you to get the traffic and income that you deserve for all the hard work and time you put in.....and I want you to look back and thank yourself for the decision you made today.

Still thinking about it?

Here's the deal...


I know you are!

xo, Genasys

When I first started blogging, I would literally check my Google analytics every hour to see if my blogs pageviews have increase.

I was obsessed with blogging and the only thing I wanted more in this world was my blog traffic to skyrocket.

I read tons and tons of blog posts on “how to increase blog traffic” “how to get 10,000 pageviews a day” and honestly, these posts seemed great! Follow these tips and WALA! My blog traffic should increase!

However, this wasn’t the case for me. All of these “traffic tips” and “blog traffic hacks” just weren’t working for me.

It was disheartening and so frustrating to see no increase after weeks and weeks of posting blog posts, doing SEO work, creating pins for Pinterest, etc.

In the last 7 months, I have created a 6 figure blogging biz, and I want to help you do the very same.

Here’s why this is so important to me...

My blog pageviews were at a stagnant 10 a day.

This eventually made me feel like no one liked ME or that no one cared about my business besides my mom (thanks mama, you’re the best!).

And what did it come down to at the end of the day? Why wasn’t my pageviews increasing?

It was my strategy.

I didn’t realize that all of these blog posts I was reading about increasing my blog traffic were strategies that worked for bloggers like 5 years ago! The blog posts I was studying were outdated!

So then I began to search for updated content, I began investing in blogging courses, business courses and programs, and I hired a blogging coach of my own.

The amount of information I had learned about increasing traffic the RIGHT way was mind blowing!

After I implemented these updated strategies my blog traffic skyrocketed and I am now receiving thousands of pageviews per day and my website is ranked #1 on Google for several blog posts, blog website pages, and more!

So if you want to learn the updated 2022 strategies on how to increase your blog traffic…. Go ahead and join this program! The price will be increasing to $800+ next time I launch it.

  • Done-for-you sales funnel emails 
  • Designed sales page template for you 
  • Sales page copy template 
  • Step-by-step tutorials of setting up your funnel 
  • Easy to implement 

done for you sales funnel

After each week of watching the action taking modules inside of the course, you will book a 1:1 blog coaching call with me to go over strategy and answer all of your Q's.

8 blog coaching  calls with gen

When you jump inside, you will get access to 8 modules full of action taking step-by-step work using a framework that I've helped several clients increase traffic and income.

8 core modules + 8 weeks of taking action

Enroll in The Blog Growth Lab today and you'll get instant access to:


You'll be able to make passive income doing something you actually enjoy- while hustling no more. You'll also be able to spend more time with your family + give them the life you want to.

Let's increase your traffic and income, shall we?

How will your life change when you increase your blog traffic and income?

one more thing


8 weekly payments

pay weekly


one payment

best value

Increase your blog traffic and income in just 8 weeks!


This program is regularly $800. what you'll pay today:

  • 1:1 blog coaching calls each week 
  • homework 
  • accountability 
  • 8 core modules 
  • 40+ video lessons 
  • action taking experience 
  • Voxer messaging support 
  • blogging ladies membership 
  • Extra blogging course 
  • + SO much more!