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Absolutely, you do. However, you find yourself at a standstill, attempting to monetize your blog solely through affiliate marketing and ads, following the advice of various 'blog gurus.' Yet, it's not yielding the results you hoped for.

You're someone who envisions building a real business, making money by selling digital products or coaching services. You recognize this is the right approach, but the question remains – HOW?

do you want to make a lasting impact & earn an income?

Join the best membership for 
lady bloggers

Hey you! I'm genasys! A blogging coach, website & brand designer for lady bloggers like you!

Listen lady...

only to find themselves still searching for success. But the secret ingredient isn't in the latest hacks or shortcuts...

it's in building a solid foundation and a thriving business around your blog. 

I've seen countless bloggers trying all the tricks and strategies out there...

finally be able to launch your blog

You want to launch your blog the RIGHT way the first time instead of going 1000 miles in the wrong direction and having to change everything later on.

Grow your blog traffic without struggling

You'd rather ditch the struggle and focus on legit business strategies that you know will get results.

monetize with your own offers

You know that the right way to monetize your blog is through selling digital products and services. You just want the step by step action plan.




I KNOW that you have a big desire to...

Monetization is essential, and you aspire to turn your blog into a full time income.

But, deep down, you know you don't have the slightest clue what the right steps are to take to reach that goal of yours.

That's where the membership steps in – providing not just guidance on monetization but a comprehensive roadmap  to transform your blog into a sustainable income source. Let's bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement, turning your blogging dreams into a thriving reality.

Tell me if this sounds just like you...

And I hear you loud and clear, lady

You're pouring hours into your blog, but the returns aren't matching the effort. Despite following the advice of so-called experts, your monetization attempts feel like stumbling in the dark.

The frustration is real as you juggle between affiliate marketing and ads, only to realize that the promised income isn't materializing. The desire to turn your blog into a full-time income source is strong, but the roadmap is unclear.

You're passionate about creating and selling your own digital products or coaching services, knowing it's the key to sustained success. However, the challenge lies in not having a clear, actionable plan to turn that vision into reality.

Hey blogging lady

I vividly remember the struggle of investing two long years in attempting to generate revenue through affiliate marketing while desperately trying to grow my blog's traffic.

There were moments of frustration and self-doubt as I followed the advice of various experts, only to find myself stuck in a cycle of minimal returns and stagnant growth. The promised breakthroughs seemed elusive, and the dream of turning my passion into a full-time income felt more distant with each passing day.

It was in this struggle that I discovered a crucial truth - success in the blogging world is not just about traffic numbers or following the latest marketing hacks. It's about building a real, sustainable business around your blog. This realization led me on a journey of exploration, testing, and learning.

Through trial and error, I honed strategies that transformed my blog from a mere platform into a thriving business. I found the missing link wasn't in the next big shortcut or elusive hack; it was in developing a solid foundation and adopting a business-centric approach.

Now, I'm thrilled to share the insights and strategies that turned my blogging journey around. The struggles were not in vain; they were the stepping stones to a more profound understanding of what it truly takes to succeed in the competitive world of blogging.

I'm Genasys - blogging coach, brand & web designer

After trying for years to get blog traffic and make $I finally figured it out - 


listen lady...

Creating a real business that sells what you uniquely offer is the key. Many "experts" push the idea of making money through affiliate marketing and ads, but they don't highlight how tough it can be. Interestingly, they're making their money by selling their own stuff too. HAH!

the blog traffic & income strategies that you're trying currently will never work because...

You're missing such an important piece of the puzzle.

You're trying to monetize the blog with generic methods like affiliate marketing and ads without considering the unique value proposition and strengths that set the blog apart.

You've been failing to recognize the significance of crafting and selling personalized products or services, which often leads to relying solely on methods endorsed by others without understanding their own brand and audience.

You're overlooking the fact that successful bloggers not only generate income through affiliate marketing and ads but also build a sustainable business by strategically selling their own products. Neglecting the business side of blogging can hinder long-term success and financial stability.


The main things you will learn are:

How to start a blog & launch it

Want to finally start a blog to not only share your heartfelt message but also to make profits that allow you to get the freedom and flexible life you desire? Inside, I teach you step-by-step how to start a blog the RIGHT way. 


 he Bloggers Profit Path membership

How to build systems

Everytime you sit down to work on your blog you seem so unfocused. You jump from task to task and have no clue what tasks you really need to complete that day to get results. Inside I show you how to build systems so you know the tasks you need to work on that get results.


branding & website design

You're either trying to design a good looking blog website on Wordpress and are about to pull out your hair because it's just SO hard... OR you DIYed an ugly blog that definitely doesn't get results or make anyone REALLY want to stay on your website. Inside you'll learn how to design a beautiful brand and web design that CONVERTS.


Blog traffic & monetization

Inside, you'll learn all the tips, strategies, and action steps to growing your blog traffic using SEO, Pinterest, social media, podcasting, etc. AND you'll learn how to monetize your blog with creating and selling digital products and services. ZERO FLUFF stuff. The WHAT & HOW.


your step-by-step roadmap from blog beginner to selling digital products & services and finally becoming a money-making blogger.



Finally hit publish on your dream blog

does your head spin when you try to work on your blog?

you tried to DIY but you HATE it

2 of the biggest struggles & goals of lady bloggers...

this membership is designed to change your life

I've ensured that this ...

  • Gives you the TRUE HELP. Step by Step. Guidance. Not fluff like other blogging courses you've purchased that never got you results.
  • Helps you create digital products and services and ACTUALLY sell them effortlessly. 
  • Gives you the ability to AFFORD it.
  • PROVEN METHODS that work. I know they do because I use them daily. 
  • Tons of support  directly from me - a blogging coach, We have monthly blog coaching calls. Get Q's asked, feedback. and validation. As well as the step by step roadmap.

this is my new membership dedicated entirely to helping you share your message & make an income

This IS for you if:

You have a message to share with the world that truly means something & you want to help others

You want to show up authentically, genuinely, and humble. 

You're ready to put in the work to follow the step-by-step roadmap and action plans I give you to get blog traffic  & income

You want to be apart of a community of like minded lady bloggers & also enjoy contributing to the community 

If you're looking to get rich quick. There are no "get rich quick" schemes here.

You want to "fake it till you make it" instead of being real and authentic.

You don't care about having a message to share. You just want money and that's it.

You don't like being in a community and contributing to it.

This is NOT for you if:

I highly recommend gen's programs to anyone looking to start and monetize their blog.

karen - moneyandmarriage.net


Yup, you heard that right!  For the next 48 hours only you only pay $22 / month. Price increasing after the 48 hours. Here's what you get...


Monthly new educational masterclasses on topics of blogging, brand and design, blog traffic, sales and more! 

Monthly blog coaching calls - show up live to strategize together.

5 blogging courses that play as a step by step roadmap for you to go from beginner blogger to money- making BOSS.


But wait.... this isn't JUST a membership...

Courses that help you start, design, organize, grow, and monetize your blog to success!

you get 5 blogging courses inside too.

blog launch lab

Your Go-To Blog Launch Course When You're Ready To Start A Blog With Intention, Strategy, And A Step-By-Step, Easy To Understand Learning Framework. Learn ALL of the best blogging foundations to get started in the best way.

course 01

Niche, market research, target audience

Blog, domain name, and website  hosting

Your blogs branding, website design & copywriting

Writing your first blog posts and how to make them so awesome!


stand out blog design

Someone lands on your blog website.. Do they instantly know you're a brand new blogger? YIKES. A simple website is not enough. In order to standout as a blogger you need more than just a DIY Wordpress design. As soon as someone lands on your site they immediately judge your entire blog or business off of the way your website looks. People really do judge a book by its cover. 

course 02

Getting started with Showit Wordpress integration 

Making your website standout from the rest 

Navigating the backend of Showit and getting your website launched

Bloggin g with Wordpress 


blog organization lab

THE COURSE THAT TAKES YOU FROM HOT MESS EXPRESS TO BLOGGING SUCCESS. Everytime you sit down at your desk you need to know exactly what you need to work on that will get you RESULTS. This is your productivity course.

course 03


Organize your blogging biz with Notion & Notion Templates

Organize Your Blog With Clickup & Clickup Templates

Organize Your Blog With Milanote and your life

SOPs, Schedules, Action plans, how I organize my 6 figure biz

blog traffic lab

The only course for lady bloggers that deeply addresses blog growth strategies and that focuses on 2023 marketing strategies that will skyrocket your blog traffic in today's market that is specific to YOUR blogging business goals.

course 04


How to SEO optimize your website and blog content to rank on Google

Pinterest Secrets for the 2023 algorithm & how to set it up

How to get traffic from social media & Podcasting 

The best organic strategies to actually get a lot of blog traffic

blog monetization method

The best blog action plan course that teaches you how to actually monetize your blog using digital products and services & setting them up on automation to make passive income blogging. This is a true step-by-step roadmap for monetization.

course 05


How to create irresisteble offers that people will actually buy

Set up automated sales funnels to make passive income

Diversify Your Income with Affiliate Marketing 

Live Launching and Selling Your Offers 


fill out onboarding survey & first steps

join the bloggers profit path membership

Join us by clicking any "Enroll Now" button! I am so excited for you to hop inside and dive into all of the courses and show up to the coaching calls so I can truly help you!

dive deep into the courses you need & show up to calls

When you join, you'll fill out a short little onboarding survey. Then you'll write a little introduction post and watch some tutorials on how to best use the membership platform!

Pick the course you need the most and start learning. But most importantly, start taking action and start IMPLEMENTING what you're learning. Show up to all of the calls for best results!

How does it work??

Here's what happens when you join the membership...




Wait there is more!


done-for-you blog website templates & sales page templates 

Is designing your own blog website that looks REALLY good making you want to pull out your hair? No worries. The Standout Website Design course will help you design your dream blog. AND you get done for you website templates & sales page designs done for you.

notion mini course with done for you notion templates

The mini course on Notion is alone worth $97. And the templates are worth even more. This helps you organize your blog so that when you sit at your desk you know the tasks you need to complete to get RESULTS.

sales emails done for you to sell your offers 

Emails are the hardest thing. You want to use email marketing to sell offers and nurture your blog audience & grow a loyal blog audience but what the heck to write? How do you even write these emails?
Well, you don't. I wrote them for you.



Get the membership, courses, calls, and all content inside

Most popular


cancel anytime


Get 1:1  Blog Coaching  monthly calls  along with the membership

just $20 more!


cancel anytime



Prices Raising in Febuary! 




You will learn so much more

More details on what you get...

Monthly blog educational masterclasses - you get to choose the topics 

Monthly group blog coaching calls - get coached and let's strategize together

Community of 160+ blogging ladies who are on the same path as you!

5 courses on how to start, design, organize, grow, and monetize your blog to $1000 + months

Done for you blog website templates, done for you sales page templates 

Done for you welcome emails, sales emails and more

Step-by-step processes. This is your roadmap to success. ZERO FLUFF.

Extra hidden bonuses inside! 

You get content, tons of support by a blog coach, done for you templates, step by step processes, and so much more.



Not enough for you? Enroll as a VIP and get even more!

1:1 blog coaching call with me for 40 minutes every single month as a VIP member.

1:1 slack messaging support once per week to ask me questions privately.

Private client portal. Here is where you will go to see your custom homeworks and action plans that I give you .

Opportunity to upsell to brand and website design to ensure that you REALLY standout. Fast turn around rate.

Only $57/month
Cancel anytime




private awesome community of 160+ members


Guest expert live workshops

tech tutorials to overcome all the tech headaches

Even more free stuff!

Become a  member and get the discount for $37/month.



per month



per month



per year

RICING options


All the course content & masterclasses inside 

All the group blog coaching calls, bi-weekly office hours, and goal calls

All bonuses - Templates, extra masterclasses, and more


Get 3 months free when you pay annually.

All the course content & masterclasses inside 

All the group blog coaching calls, bi-weekly office hours, and goal calls

All bonuses - Templates, extra masterclasses, and more


Get a 1:1 blog coach + membership included with subscription - cancel anytime

1 Monthly 1:1 blog coaching call with Gen for 60 minutes.

Private client portal for homeworks and action plans assigned to you

Daily slack messaging support to ask me Q's privately through the week


14 day

Money Back Guarantee


If you are not completely BLOWN AWAY by the content and experience of your education inside The Magnetic Bloggers Club, simply send an email to hello@bossladybloggers.com for a FULL refund. NO hurdles. NO Hiding. NO questions asked.

**NOTE :** If the ONLY thing holding you back from actually taking action and investing in your blog and business is a fear of “will this work for me?” or “how can I trust this is right for my blog and business?” I encourage you to re-read my words above. I will honor this guarantee without exception, because I am committed to giving the best experience possible to my students. And if we are not a right fit, I am here to rectify the situation.



YES! Absolutely! You can cancel monthly AND VIP anytime. There is NO commitment to continue if you don't want to. Just note that when you cancel, you lose access to the courses inside and you won't be able to join at the price you did because it will be raising.

can i cancel anytime?

You will get everything you need inside of the membership to grow a successful blog. BUT if you would like more of an intimate 1:1 support from a blogging coach weekly, then definitely join the VIP.

will the regular or vip be best for me?

YES! There are lot's of lessons inside that cover SEO.  We talk about on page SEO, website SEO, blog post SEO, and offpage SEO. I will teach you the strategy I use to rank #1 on Google.

do you talk about seo inside?

Not all of the courses are finished. But that doesn't matter because there is SO much content inside for you to go through that you will stay VERY occupied. I will release new lessons monthly!

Are the courses finished?

YES!  There are courses inside, monthly new masterclasses, and calls weekly. BUT, it's all based on your OWN pace. It doesn't matter how long it takes you... what matters is that you actually IMPLEMENT what you learn.

will this still work if I don't have a lot of time?

Each course has 5 modules with several lessons.
Click HERE to see for yourself a behind the scenes tutorial of the membership & courses.

how long are the courses inside?




 eady to finally build a successful blog biz?