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Someone lands on your blogs website

It’s time to build a website that will make you stand out and look like a professional blogger from the start.

Do they instantly know that you're a brand new blogger?

A simple blog website is just not enough. In order to stand out in the sea of other bloggers, you need more than just a Wordpress website.

You need a brand that means something.

Trade in the outdated for a design that showcases your true capability.

Blog of your dreams?


Make money blogging?

Double Check

Website you tried building yourself but you hate?


As soon as someone lands on your site they immediately judge your entire blog or business off of the way your website looks.

People really do judge a book by its cover. 

Scrappy at the start was cute, but you want your blog or business to look professional. You want to stand out.

It’s time for branding you’re obsessed with and a website you can’t wait to send your people to! 

A professional blog everyone’s always going on about? 

Your name’s written all over it.

ok, let's level it up

what people say about my designs

"My food blog website design is everything i wanted. gen really took her time and exceeded my expectations! mystomachhatesme.com"

- Cassie

"She took my scattered thoughts and pieced them together beautifully in the website that she created for me."

"wordpress was sooo freaking hard. i just couldn't do it without wanting to slam my laptop. gen really helped me design the blog i dreamed of for so long."

- Cyndi

- Theresa



Stand out!

Our expert design work = saying yes to...

Make money blogging. When visuals tell the right story, marketing gets a whole lot easier!

More time for the stuff you want to focus on - like your family, friends, selfcare, and other things you love.

A new growth chapter in your blogging business (moving up the ladder means moving on from the DIY).

Branding and a website that feels so damn magical, you’ll swear our team is made up of jeannie's in disguise!

It’s not just about the beauty of it...

We take design strategy seriously too!

Want to stand out in a sea of another bloggers with branding that makes you look like a PRO?


Our Signature



You got the content and marketing part looking good, but your website? Not so much...

You’re ready for a custom website that does the heavy lifting for you -
attracts blog visitors & turns them into customers or affiliate purchasers - and you’re ready for it right now!

Using the Showit platform, we’ll design a website that represents your unique style preferences and helps strategically build your blog at the same time.

You can choose to go fully custom with our Ascension Package, or scoop up the Elevation Package for a semi-custom design based on our exclusive GBD templates!

We’ve got all your branding bits covered, too, including brand colors, fonts, and your logo design.

Did we mention we’ll support you post-launch? Design revisions are, of course, included, but we also provide tools for after we’ve said our goodbyes. You’ll go home with recorded video tutorials showing how to make changes on your own, and if you prefer to be hands-off with your website we're here to make changes for you when you need down the road.

I'm ready to begin

What's Included in our Signature Service


Custom Showit website - either fully custom or a complete restyle of one of our GBD Showit templates.

Brand Refresh

Includes up to 8 designed pages

Custom Wordpress blog design

Mobile responsive website

Photography optimization


60 min website strategy planning call

Connect email marketing platform

Pop up promoting your opt-in

Branded freebie delivery

Base SEO for core pages

Connect Google Analytics + FB Pixel


Stock Photography from Adobe Stock provided by Girlboss Designer

Branded Newsletter Email Design Template

Website Reveal Graphics to Show off Your Launched Site!


Mood Board + Color Palette Design

Main Logo+ Alternative & Stamp Design

Brand Font Selections

Brand Style Guide

2-3 Branded Marketing Pieces

The DIY Package

The Accelerator Package

Get a Stupid Easy Blog Design Showit course  inside of the Blogging Ladies Membershipto learn how to design your own website!

Get 3 months of blog coaching + an entire 10 module blogging course + website design of your dreams.





i'm so ready

I'm all in

Interested in our starter DIY option?

A blog website design course and Done-for-you Showit website templates to take your blog from plain Jane to sparkle girl!

tell me more


How it Works

01. Let's get coffee

02. make it official

03. dive deep

04. design with intention

05. Strategize for success

06. pop the bubbly

Virtually, of course! After your inquiry lands safely in my inbox, I'll follow up with you to schedule a call via phone or Zoom video call. My goal is to serve you as best I can throughout your blog design journey, so we'll spend our time together exploring your goals, hearing all about your wonderful blog, and ensuring we're a match made in heaven. 

01. Let's get coffee

02. make it official

03. dive deep

04. design with intention

05. Strategize for success

06. pop the bubbly

Welcome to the community of #bossladybloggersdesign, friend! In order to reserve your project date in my design calendar, simply pay your first payment and we'll be well on our way to diving headfirst into creating an intentional blog design to empower you for blogging success.

01. Let's get coffee

02. make it official

03. dive deep

04. design with intention

05. Strategize for success

06. pop the bubbly

Before we start designing, we'll begin our journey together by delving deep into the heart of your blog. All custom design projects include  two 60-minute strategy sessions which will cover your blog's mission, values, ideal reader/customer, and more to help you create your dream blog. 

01. Let's get coffee

02. make it official

03. dive deep

04. design with intention

05. Strategize for success

06. pop the bubbly

After our first strategy call, we begin the design process by gathering inspiration, creating a visual mood board to represent the emotion, aesthetic, and experience behind your new blog. I'll guide you through the design process step-by-step, and each deliverable will be submitted to you for review before we move forward. 

01. Let's get coffee

02. make it official

03. dive deep

04. design with intention

05. Strategize for success

06. pop the bubbly

Once your design project is complete, I'll deliver a beautiful blog design pack with all the elements and the official web design. But that's not all! I want to see your blog thrive long after our time together comes to a bittersweet close, so every project I take on includes one 60-minute strategy session to plan your blog launch, strategize for success, and put your launch date on the calendar.

01. Let's get coffee

02. make it official

03. dive deep

04. design with intention

05. Strategize for success

06. pop the bubbly

Now is the time to celebrate, boss lady! All of our hard work has come together and it's time to raise a glass of something bubbly and toast to this new season of intentional blogging. 

Ready to dive in on your design?

 Book a complimentary call and we’ll figure out how to make it shine.

can't wait to chat

Stop Struggling to Stand Out!

 Check out some of our fave custom branding samples:

Please note: we only offer our branding service to our website clients and not as a stand alone service.



I'm just looking to make some updates to my current website instead of a redo, can you help?

do you write the copywriting for me?

how long does the process take?

I just need a logo or brand design, can you help?

do you offer payment plans?

Of course!

While we don’t work on platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, or Wordpress - Showit is our platform of choice - and if you’re open to making the switch (it’s super easy and totally worth it), we’d love to work with you.

We only offer website edits to our past clients.

All our packages are exclusively for full website designs only.

Our packages include design only - the writing portion of your website will need to be provided by the client.

We provide content planning docs to clients who are doing the writing themselves to help guide you - or can recommend copywriters if you choose to hire a professional instead!

It depends on the website! Typically our packages take between 4-6 weeks to complete from the time we begin the website design.

The actual timelines tend to shift a bit according to each individual client's response times for feedback and preparation.

We currently do not offer branding services as a stand alone service.

Any logo design services are offered as a part of our signature website + branding package only.

You bet! We have a few different ways to break up payments, and it's totally up to your preference which one you choose to go with.

Options include our typical 50/50% split, paying in full, or breaking the project total into even monthly payments which complete at the end of your estimated website timeline.

what people say about my designs

"I absolutely love my website and it’s reflective of my brand!."

- Heidi

designing a website...how hard can it be? ummm very hard for this old lady! So thankful gen took the reigns and designed a website that gets soo much feedback!

"I’m so grateful this absolute girl boss queen came into my life. She taught me to design my own website and now im a web designer myself! hellogiarose.com"

-Patti K.


Take the next step

Show off the value you bring to the world in a website designed with your unique vision in mind.

As a first step, click the button below to fill out our project inquiry form. We'll be in touch shortly after with the next steps to schedule your consult call!

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