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...aka your new blogging coach BFF ready to collaborate with you in transforming your passions into a wildly successful blogging business. During those moments of doubt about turning your blog into a success, I'll be right there by your side, holding your hand and reminding you that if I could do it, so can you. I'll guide you every step of the way.

"I want every blogging lady on this planet to know that she CAN build a successful blog business doing exactly what she loves."

Hey, I'm Genasys, and I'm a blogging coach, website designer, and the CEO of Boss Lady Bloggers. I provide lady bloggers like you the tools and resources you need in order to turn your biggest passions into a profitable blogging business empire - one that makes money and gives you the freedom to work from home.

My blog coaching clients are multi-passionate lady bloggers and true visionaries. They see what their future could be like as a successful blogger and are dedicated to actually making it happen. 

And when I'm not helping them slay their goals and step into the true blogging business CEOs they are, I'm taking care of my 1 year old baby boy and making the best memories with him. 

Being a mom AND blog coach business owner is hard and not for the faint of heart but I am here to show you that if I can do it amongst the chaious, SO CAN YOU. 

My journey to success began when I recognized that real progress wouldn't happen unless I dedicated myself to building an actual business around my blog.

As a blogging coach for nearly eight years, I can honestly say that my path to creating a thriving blog and business wasn't an overnight success. Picture a 19-year-old girl residing in her aunt's basement, having already faced credit ruin, yet fueled by the dream of starting a lifestyle blog instead of going to college.

I wanted to do something different

However, after investing two years of intense effort into my initial blog, I reached a point of surrender. Despite diligently following all the tips and strategies from blogging gurus, I couldn't understand why they weren't yielding results for me. Their promises of "making money blogging with affiliates and ads" seemed elusive. In reality, even though I had successfully grown my blog traffic to over 5000+ pageviews per month using Pinterest, the monetary returns were minimal – mere cents to nothing.

What I want you to take from this story is that trying to make money using affiliates and ads is the SLOW way to make money...

...there's a faster and better way.

I eventually ditched ALL the guru "strategies" and went on a journey of testing out my OWN frameworks. 

and what did I find? 

I needed to treat blogging as an actual business that sells MY OWN offers and this was a pivotal moment in my journey towards making money from it.

Understanding that successful businesses invest in themselves and create their own products and services propelled me to take a significant step. This realization led me to enlist the expertise of my very first blogging coach.

With her guidance, I made the bold decision to let go of my lifestyle blog and stepped into a new journey of creating a new business – Boss Lady Bloggers and I started offering blog coaching services of my own. 

Over a span of three months, we worked tirelessly to reshape and redefine this venture. The result? A substantial achievement of $4000 in earnings.

This transformation marked a turning point for me. By offering my own blogging course, membership, personalized blog coaching, and website design services tailored for lady bloggers, I not only found success but also experienced the profound impact of turning my passion into a thriving business.

Now? I help lady bloggers build profitable blogging businesses the RIGHT way just like I did with blog coaching.

I help them throguh blog coaching step into being the blogging business CEO they want and need to be, share their story, create clear blogging systems they can scale with, and eliminate the fear that threatens to hold them back so that they can generate massive imopact and income.

My blog coaching clients not only have beautifully designed brands and blog websites but ones that are stuctured in a way that guide their perfect target audineces to their products and services.

They create their own digital products like eBooks, planners, templates, courses, memberships, and even start coaching businesses of their own. 

Whatever you desire, we can make it happen for you! 

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160+ members

83+ blog coaching clients 

$6 figures/year generated

And the best is still yet to come... stay tuned!

Lot's of business re-structure 

Major shifts and growth after lots of lessons learned 

Niched down to helping bloggers with Monetization 

First 6 figure year


Got pregnant with baby boy in Feburary 
Had my baby on 11/11/22

Took a lot of time off for maternity leave


Opened a Membership for Bloggers 

Sold blogging courses 

Continued to offer 1:1 blog coaching and web design services 

Made $50,000 


Finally decided to hire a blog coach

Made $4000 in 4 months

All inclusive vacay to Punta Cana, Sports car, and my own luxery apartment


Still blogging while working on the side 

Sort of growing the blog but nothing was working

Miserable as could be but atleast I had a creative outlet 


Car gets repoed & Moved to my aunts basement 

Frustrated with my life 

Had zero purpose

Found blogging


Boss Lady Bloggers didn't just happen overnight, it started with a teenage girl searching for her lifes purpose. Here's my journey...

Through the years

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