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6 Figure Blogging business owner with over 5 years of experience coaching bloggers around the world.

Clients hire me for blog coaching services and blog website design to help them start, grow, and monetize their blogging business to success!

"I love to see my clients face when they finally make money blogging."

my story

I started broke AF in my Aunts basement with a 2010 Macbook and 0 knowledge at all.

The focus in the beginning was to make money blogging with affiliates: used what others have done and accepted pennies while I grew my blog traffic. I also focused on ads: "passive income" that lead me obsessing over algorithms and waiting the long game for my traffic to increase.

And while I was told that these were profitable ways to grow my blog - relying on these strategies alone left me destined to fail.

I finally realized that If I wanted to make money fast, I needed to focus on business strategies which consisted of offering services and products and using my blog to expand my reach, show my expertise and sell more.

By changing this strategy, I immediately started to make money blogging.

👉 I started making over $3,000 a month 
👉 I took my boyfriend on an all inclusive vacay in Punta Cana
👉 I purchased a beautiful home 
👉 And I built my way up to 6 figures

I figured it out...and I want to help you too.

my mission

Recognizing a gap in how bloggers try to monetize a new blog, I set out to create:

A unique approach - combining blogging and business strategies, implementable action plans, and blog systems and frameworks to truly help you turn your passion into high income months.

Never been seen before, affordable blog coaching that is fully customized to your blog and business. This ensures that you will be put on a fast track to make money blogging (the right way)

Blog coaching strategy sessions that give you a quick relief to your blogging struggles. We dive deep into 60 minutes of strategizing. Get a fast action plan after your call and homeoworks.

At Boss Lady Bloggers....

We want to ennsure that you get the results you are looking for.

While other blog coaches are offering small, few month packages, we offer our blog coaching programs at a minimum of 6 months so you can truly start a profitable blogging business and see the success you desire!

Here is how I can help

blog coaching services


Blog Coaching Strategy Sessions

A 60-minute private session that combines both blogging and business strategy to provide you with fast action steps to blogging success.


Group Blog Coaching

Boss Lady Bloggers signature group blog coaching program that combines weekly group blog coaching and course content plus a community of 70+ ladies! 


Private Blog Coaching Mentorship

Weekly blog coaching calls designed to help lady bloggers get fast action results and turn $0 into thousands. This is for those who are truly ready to change their life. 


Website Design for Lady Bloggers

I offer a combination of 1:1 blog coaching services and website design for lady bloggers who want to uplevel and have a beautiful website that stands out.

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