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I craft eye-catching, unique blog websites for ambitious, go-getter lady bloggers who are ready to make a splash.

Not only will your site look amazing, but I'll also be your personal blogging coach, guiding you to turn your blog into a thriving and profitable business.

is this you?

You're a go-getter lady with a passion for blogging.

You want a blog that stands out and reflects your unique style.

You're serious about turning your blog into a profitable business.

You value having a coach to guide you through the process.

You're ready to invest in yourself and your blogging future.

some of my current projects include...


Your Highly Stunning and Profitable Blog!

A full custom Showit website design and 6 months of blog coaching to launch your brand with a bang, skyrocket your growth, and turn your passion into profit.

what's included:

Brand Identity

  • Brand brief questionnaire + kick off call
  • Visual identity: brand spirit, mood board, fonts, colour palette
  • 2-3 logo versions
  • Brand Board

Fully-Custom Website Design

  • Site map development
  • Bespoke design by an expert designer
  • Up to 10 unique website pages (eg. home, about, work with me, podcast, blog, etc.)
  • Website launch tech + testing
  • Post-launch 1:1 course trainings  for Showit + Wordpress

6 Months Blog Coaching 

  • 1 Blog Coaching Call per Week for 60 Mins
  • Slack messaging support Monday-Friday
  • A Blogging Membership with 5+ Blogging Courses 
  • Client Portal with Project Plans 
  • A fully customized roadmap 
  • Session Notes, Homeworks, and All Call Recordings 
  • Weekly Friday Progress Reports 

Here's what we do together:

how it all works



2-3 weeks

Get ready for the party of planning your blog brand's look! Imagine diving into a world that's like Pinterest exploded – with all the coolest colors, snazziest fonts, and gorgeous graphics you could dream of. You'll spill the beans on your blogging biz and dreams in your brand brief, and I'll be all ears!

  • Moodboard - Where we will be able to see the whole mood of the site with images and colors!
  • Logo Designs - The starting point to any blog website! 
  • Brand Board – Where your vision comes to life and you say "OMG, this is SO ME!" (ie. your brand spirit, mood board, colours, fonts, and logos)

Copywriting and photoshoot


on your own time

Okay, let's roll out the red carpet for your content creation extravaganza! This is where you grab the mic and spotlight to tell your brand's story in full color and sound. You're not just dressing up your brand; you're giving it a voice and a face that screams 'you'!

In this phase you'll get: 

  • The Ultimate Checklist: This isn't just any list; it's your backstage pass to all the copy and photos your site needs to shine. And hey, while I'm the wizard behind the design, I've got some tricks up my sleeve – like killer templates and guides to help you nail it.

  • Copywriting Templates: No need to stare at a blank page like it's a scary monster. With these templates, you'll be whipping up words that sing, dance, and sell your brand like hotcakes.

  • Brand Photoshoot Guide/Worksheet: Get ready to strike a pose with this step-by-step guide that'll walk you through planning your photoshoot. It's like having a personal stylist and director all in one, making sure every shot tells your story perfectly. Lights, camera, action – let's make you a star!




Hold on to your hats, because it's go time! Every sprinkle of magic we've mixed together is about to turn into the main event – building your website! All the brainstorming, planning, and dreaming we've done? It's about to pay off big time. We're not just throwing glitter at the screen; we're crafting the most strategic, jaw-droppingly awesome website ever. Get ready for lift-off! 🚀

Alright, with the design vibes totally nailed down, it's time to unleash our creative superpowers on the rest of your site! I'll whip up the whole shebang and send it your way. Then you can sprinkle your feedback and revisions like fairy dust before we throw the doors open to your brand-spanking-new digital digs. We're talking full-on housewarming party for your online space! 🏡✨

All Other Pages

Okay, get set for the next dazzling duo – your About and Services pages (you know, the "Work With Me" or "Here's My Fab Stuff for Sale" page)! Once they're in your hands, you'll give 'em a once-over and make sure we're strutting down the right sparkly path. These pages are like the sequins to your homepage's disco ball – absolutely essential to keep the groove going! 🕺✨

About Me Page & Services Page

Alright, picture this: I'm about to pass you the glitter baton with your shiny new homepage. You get to take a gander and let me know your thoughts on all the snazzy design bits and bobs. This is where your brand flutters its eyelashes and comes alive! We're setting the stage here, my friend – the vibe we craft for this page will be the heartbeat for every other inch of your site. Get ready to sparkle! ✨


No stress, I've got your back! When we jump on our Kickoff call, I'll lay out the red carpet and show you exactly how to dish out your thoughts and give the thumbs-up to your website pages. 

  • Website check in calls each week 
  • Blog coaching calls to talk about target audience, niche, copywriting, and more.
  • Full Monday-Friday Slack Support for Q's




website launch 


1 week

Once we tie the bow on your totally custom Showit website, decked out with your brand-spanking-new branding, snappy copy, and picture-perfect photography, it's ready for the world to see! In this grand finale phase:

  • My squad and I turn into tech detectives, examining every inch of your site – no pixel left unchecked! 
  • You'll also have a Showit course where you'll become a Showit design wizard, learning all the ins and outs to tweak and update your site post-launch.
  • Plus, you'l get some site mockups to share with the world! 

Cue the confetti and chill the bubbly – it's celebration time! 🍾🥂 Let's toast to your fabulous new blog website and all the amazing adventures that await you.

6 months blog coaching


60 mins per week for 6 months

Strap in for an epic blogging adventure with our weekly coaching sessions! You'll get the insider secrets, personalized strategies, and cheerleading you need to transform your blog into a profitable blogging business. 

Here's the sparkling lineup:

Each week you will get 1 blog coaching call per week for 60 minutes. 

During our call, we'll dive into the session notes, strategize side by side, and join forces to achieve the ultimate blog results. It's all about teamwork and tailored tactics to make your blog profitable!

The ultimate goal? To make sure your blog hits the ground running flawlessly from the start. We're talking no do-overs, just straight-up blogging success!

The daily support system is like having a blogging guru in your pocket! From Monday to Friday, you've got exclusive access to me through Slack messaging.

It's your direct line for asking any and all questions that pop up as you navigate the blogging world. Whether you're puzzling over a post, seeking SEO wisdom, or just need a quick tip on turning phrases into magic, I'm here to coach you through it with a message. Think of it as your secret weapon for daily blogging brilliance – no waiting, just instant coaching to keep you moving forward.

The Blogging Ladies Membership is your all-access pass to a ton of mind blowing blogging knowledge. 

  • 5+ Educational Courses: Dive into an ever-expanding library of courses covering every topic under the blogging sun, from crafting killer content to mastering the art of monetization.

  • Monthly Educational Bundles: Each month, unwrap a new bundle packed with fresh insights, strategies, and resources designed to keep you at the top of your blogging game.

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Join forces with fellow bloggers in weekly group calls for that extra layer of coaching, where we tackle common challenges and celebrate wins together.

  • 173+ Member Community: You're not just joining a membership; you're becoming part of a vibrant community of over 173 blogging ladies. Share stories, exchange ideas, and grow alongside like-minded bloggers.

  • And More: The perks don't stop there – with regular updates, bonus materials, and surprise goodies, your blogging journey will always be filled with new surprises and learning opportunities.

It's not just a few tips and tricks; we're talking a full-blown educational powerhouse with everything you need to make your blog a success!

Client Portal: Your Command Center for Blogging Success

  • Homework Assignments: Sharpen your skills and deepen your knowledge with tailored homework that complements each coaching session, ensuring continuous growth and progress.

  • Session Notes & Recordings: Never miss a beat with detailed notes and recordings from our calls. Replay, review, and relive our strategy sessions whenever you need a refresher or an extra dose of motivation.

  • Custom Roadmap: Your blogging journey is unique, which is why you'll receive a customized roadmap. Broken down month by month, it outlines your overall monthly focuses, further divided into actionable weekly tasks. This clear, step-by-step guide ensures you know exactly what to tackle and when, keeping you laser-focused on your path to blogging stardom.

Step into your personalized client portal, where organization meets innovation. This isn't just a dashboard; it's the heart of your blogging operation, designed to keep you on track and inspired every step of the way.

Ready to turn your blog into the talk of the town?

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P.S. This call is all about good vibes and zero pressure. Think of it as a fun chat to see if we click. If we're a match made in blogging heaven, I'll zip the details your way.

And if not? No sweat, girl! We'll part as friends, no strings attached. So why not take the leap? Let's talk and find out if we're ready to make some blog magic together!

Alright, let's talk about the golden ticket to your blogging empire – and guess what? It's got your name on it! 

For the all-inclusive price of (BOOK A CALL FOR INVESTMENT), you're not just getting a service; you're investing in a whole life transformation.

But hey, I get it, we've all got budgets to juggle. That's why I've whipped up some super flexible payment plans that'll have you strutting down Easy Street. So, let's make your blog sparkle without breaking the bank! 💸

2 easy payments of

The Split Decision Plan

12 monthly payments of 

The Monthly Maven Plan

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PAID in full

The One-and-Done Plan

don't see an investment that is do-able for you? no problem! book a call and we can chat about a payment plan that fits your budget! 

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Enjoy an extra month of blog coaching support! That's one more month of answers, tweaks, and peace of mind on me!

Jump to the front of the queue! Get your project started faster and bask in the VIP treatment.

How about an exclusive bonus that adds even more sparkle to your full payment? Pay in full and you'll unlock the "Blogger's Deluxe Pack" – a special bundle of extras designed to supercharge your blogging success.

Here's What's Inside: 

Pay in Full to Get the New Blogger's Deluxe Pack

you'll get a Full Custom ClickUp Build for Bloggers. This isn't just any old project management setup; it's a fully tailored system designed to streamline your blogging workflow and keep you organized like a boss.

An entire years worth of blog design updates and add ons! Need help fixing or adding something to your site in the future? It's on me! 

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Wave goodbye to the facepalms and hello to high-fives! It's time to strut your stuff with a blogthat makes you want to shout your URL from the rooftops, not hide it in the closet.

With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of strategy, I turn 'meh' blogs into mesmerizing masterpieces. I'm not just in the business of making pretty websites; I'm here to architect empires.

Armed with a keyboard, an eye for design, and a heart full of hustle, I've spent years studying the alchemy of successful blogging. From SEO sorcery to content that converts, I've mastered the spells that will enchant your audience and fill your treasure chest.

Hey there, I'm Genasys, the digital dream-weaver and blog-building virtuoso you've been searching for! 

But why choose me as your blog coach and designer? 

Because 'good enough' isn't in my vocabulary. I'm all about the extraordinary, the exceptional, the 'oh-my-stars-this-is-amazing' kind of results. If you're ready to level up from lackluster to legendary, then I'm your gal.

Together, we'll craft a blog that's not just a platform, but a launchpad for your highly profitable business. So if you're done with playing it safe and ready to invest in a blog that's as ambitious as you are, let's make some internet magic and show the world what you're made of.

See What the 1:1 Blog Coaching Clients Say...

Are you ready to flip the script on blogging?

To not just start a blog, but launch a profit-making powerhouse that sets the internet ablaze?

Take the leap and hit that button to book your call with me.

We're talking big dreams, bold moves, and bankable results. This is where your journey from dreamer to boss lady blogger begins.

Let’s do this – together, one step at a time!

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Skip the call, Email me ASAP to get started immediately.


my goal as a blog coach is to help you build a profitable blogging business the way you wish to.

Your input is crucial! I believe in collaboration. Throughout the design process, I'll regularly seek your feedback to ensure the end result aligns perfectly with your vision and goals. 

How involved will I be in the design process?


6 months allows us to work together through the entire lifecycle of your blog – from initial concept to established online presence. It ensures we have the time to implement changes, analyze results, and fine-tune your strategy for sustained growth.

Why is the blog coaching program 6 months long?


Blog coaching goes beyond just design – it's a personalized journey to help you discover your unique voice, create engaging content, and build a strategy for long-term success. It's not just about a pretty website; it's about building a thriving online business.

How does blog coaching benefit me?


Frequently Asked Questions

I ensure your blog's profitability through personalized monetization planning,  diversification of income streams, product creation like eBooks, courses, etc, and offering services or coaching. However you wish to make money, we can make it happen. My goal is to equip your blog with the tools needed to generate meaningful income over time. I help you to build a legit business that makes money using exactly what I have done to build my own. I have tested all the strategies and know what works and what does not.

How do you ensure my blog will stand out?


Absolutely! I provide comprehensive training courses and ongoing support to empower you with the skills needed to manage and update your blog. My  goal is to make the transition seamless, even for those with limited technical experience.

What if I'm not tech-savvy? Will I be able to manage my blog after the design is complete?


Consider this an investment in the future success of your blog. This package includes not only a stunning website but also invaluable coaching to help you navigate the blogging landscape. I offer flexible payment plans to make it super accessible for you. If you want to discuss this, book a call. 

I'm concerned about the cost. Can you break down the investment?


View Behind the Scenes of Your blog coaching client portal

Want even more info? 

see the client portal 

Blog Coaching & Website Design
Blog Coaching & Website Design
Blog Coaching & Website Design
Blog Coaching & Website Design
Blog Coaching & Website Design
Blog Coaching & Website Design
Blog Coaching & Website Design
Blog Coaching & Website Design
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We will work on during blog coaching:

  • Hosting 
  • Blog and Domain Name 
  • Niche 
  • Brand identity 
  • Core Values 
  • Website Strategy 
  • Website copywriting 
  • Freebie opt in creation  + strategy 
  • List building strategy 
  • Welcome sequence emails 
  • Nurture sequence emails 
  • Creating a signature offer that sells 
  • Sales funnels
  • Automated sales emails
  • Blog content calendar 
  • Blog post writing 
  • Blog post structure 
  • SEO strategy
  • Setting up Pinterest 
  • Pinterest strategy 
  • Creating and scheduling pins 
  • Social media strategy (Instagram) 
  • Getting clients for coaching or service 
  • Client experience 
  • How to do Discovery / sales calls
  • How to create courses, ebooks, templates to sell
  • How to run live launch campaigns  
  • Etsy shop 

Ready to get blog coaching & transform your blog into a thriving money making business? Let's make it happen!

Schedule your free blog coaching consultation call now and take the first step towards a beautifully designed blog and a profitable online business. Book your call and let's turn your vision into reality!