It's time to throw away everything you've learned about blogging and listen to some real and raw, honest advice from a blog coach.

Ever had that gut feeling that something's off in the blogging world?

I get it. It irks me to no end when I see new bloggers being fed by the blogging coaches the fairy tale of making big bucks with affiliate marketing.

And seriously, who decided that is the only way to start a blog? Not me.

Alright, buckle up new bloggers....

I'm laying it all out on the table because I don't believe in beating around the bush.

Here's the scoop:

Let's get real: 

If you're just starting, forget the noise about affiliate marketing being your golden ticket.

Real blogging success means running a business and selling your OWN stuff.

And don't even think about wrestling with the complexities of WordPress; start fresh on Showit for a blog that looks pro from the get-go.

and that's what we'll do together,through blog coaching and blog site design!

No WordPress Headaches

Say goodbye to the frustration of designing a professional blog on WordPress. We'll start effortlessly on Showit, where your blog looks sleek and polished from the word go. Oh, and when building your site, we prioritize profits over pageviews. Your website is designed to drive sales, not just reads.

Profit, Not Pennies

Forget the chump change from affiliate marketing and ads, bleh. I'll show you how to turn your blog into a cash-generating powerhouse, making real money from selling your own offers. Together, we'll craft an offer so irresistible, your readers can't help but say 'heck yes!' 

Boss-Level Business

I won't just guide you on blogging; I'll mentor you into a blogging business owner. Get ready to boss up lady, ditch the hobbyist tag, and run a blog that's a serious money-making machine that brings in constant leads and sales while you sip on that nice brew in the morning. This is my life. Want it to be yours?

No more cookie-cutter websites either. We build a jaw-dropping, user-friendly Showit website that turns visitors into devoted followers. Say goodbye to the headaches of WordPress, and hello to a blog that looks pro from day one.

Blogs Site Design on Showit

Forge a blog brand that screams YOU. We dive deep into your niche, personality, and vision, creating a magnetic brand that stands out. No cookie-cutter brands here – just a unique identity that resonates with your audience.

Blogs Branding

My 3 Step Framework:

I'm not just throwing you the keys; I'm riding shotgun. For the next six months, get personalized blog coaching that covers everything from content strategy to monetization. Let's turn your blog into a business and keep the momentum going strong.

6 Months Blog Coaching




Create a killer brand, a money-magnet website, and launch a blog that's all about selling YOUR stuff. (or let me handle it for you)

See What the 1:1 Blog Coaching Clients Say...

Get Started:

Hey Gorgeous

As a blog coach, I'm on a mission to empower lady bloggers like you by providing a step-by-step roadmap to launching your blog, grow traffic, & make money.

start a blog

design your brand and website

organize and systemize for productivity 

grow your blog traffic 

monetize your blog with your own offers

Blogging planners, workbooks, templates, masterlcasses and mini offers to help you turn your blog profitable!

Shop Mini Courses + More

My signature blog coaching service is a combination of blog coaching & Website design!

Blog Coaching and Web Design

A membership + 5 blogging courses + blog coaching calls for lady entrepreneurs

The Blogging Ladies Membership

Lady blogger, Are you ready to finally monetize your blog and get the results you are SO ready for?

In this free masterclass, I will show you the foundations you need in order to make your blogging business a huge success. You're going to learn: 

blogging business foundations 

the time is now


FREE masterclass where I guide you through the essential steps to establish the foundational elements that will propel your blog to financial success.

the mindset shift you need to make

how to systemize your blog biz

the only 3 things you need to grow 

the biggest mistakes you're making

what will actually make you money

You will receive a workbook that will help you implement everything you will learn during the masterclass. 

Plus, you will get access to The Blog Lady Hub - A free resource library + commumity that is filled with tools, videos, workbooks, and resources which are designed to help you uplevel your mindset and create a plan of action to start, grow, and monetize your blog to the amount of success you desire.  

My Biggest Goal ?

to help you....

set up your blog the right way, the first time, with blog coaching & blog site design services.

my clients have

a blog design of their dreams 

started successful coaching businesses 

opened up successful shops 

sold digital products 

grown their blog in just a few hours per week

the reviews

meet the 1-1 blog coaching clients

Karen Hackman

Kaylin B.


financial coach

selfcare coach

health coach for moms 

"I recommend anyone looking to start a profitable blog, to sign up with Gen to get blog coaching!"

"Gen actually helps you turn your blog into an actual business."

"Through Gens help, I am now confident that I can grow a successful blog."

A blogging coach is a professional who provides guidance and support to individuals or businesses looking to improve their blogging skills and achieve their blogging goals. The role of a blogging coach is to offer personalized advice, strategies, and feedback to help clients create and maintain successful blogs.

What is a professional blogging coach?

ready to hire a blogging coach?

Benefits of hiring a professional blogging coach

Expert Guidance: A blogging coach typically has experience and expertise in the field of blogging. By hiring a blog coach, you gain access to their knowledge and insights, helping you navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Avoid Blogging Mistakes: A blogging coach can help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that new or inexperienced bloggers may encounter. This can save you from wasted time and effort, as well as help you maintain a positive trajectory toward your blogging goals.

Time Savings: Learning to blog effectively on your own can be time-consuming. A blogging coach can help streamline the learning process, saving you time by focusing on the most relevant and impactful strategies.

As a blogging coach, I will help you start a profitable blogging business that makes money in 2024.

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