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How to Start a Blog

My ultimate guide on how to start a blog website for beginners – strategically and intentionally.
This post may be long but it will be so packed with the best information on how to start a blog website the right way.

We’ll cover all the basics and I’ll guide you through every step you need to take in order to successfully start a money making blog.

Start a Blog in 2022 using these simple steps

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Must Listens

The Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

Learn the best tips that I have for boss lady bloggers.

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Everything to Include in a Blog Post

Learn everything that you need to include in a blog post.

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Money Making Blogging Mistakes

Find out if you are making these blog monetization mistakes.

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"I was just like you. Struggling & desperate to make money blogging."


Blogging coach and website designer for lady bloggers all around the world.

The focus in the beginning was to make money blogging with affiliates: used what others have done and accepted pennies while I grew my blog traffic. I also focused on ads: "passive income" that lead me obsessing over algorithms and waiting the long game for my traffic to increase. These "strategies" only left me destined to fail. 

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