Read This if You Struggle to Increase Your Blogs Pageviews + How to Fix It

Read This if You Struggle to Increase Your Blogs Pageviews + How to Fix It

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Are you a new blogger and are struggling to increase your blogs pageviews?

When I first started blogging, I would literally check my Google analytics every hour to see if my blogs pageviews have increase.

I was obsessed with blogging and the only thing I wanted more in this world was my blog traffic to skyrocket.

I read tons and tons of blog posts on “how to increase blog traffic” “how to get 10,000 pageviews a day” and honestly, these posts seemed great! Follow these tips and WALA! My blog traffic should increase!

However, this wasn’t the case for me. All of these “traffic tips” and “blog traffic hacks” just weren’t working for me.

It was disheartening and so frustrating to see no increase after weeks and weeks of posting blog posts, doing SEO work, creating pins for Pinterest, etc.

My blog pageviews were at a stagnant 10 a day.

This eventually made me feel like no one liked ME or that no one cared about my business besides my mom (thanks mama, you’re the best!).

And what did it come down to at the end of the day? Why wasn’t my pageviews increasing?

It was my strategy.

I didn’t realize that all of these blog posts I was reading about increasing my blog traffic were strategies that worked for bloggers like 5 years ago! The blog posts I was studying were outdated!

So then I began to search for updated content, I began investing in blogging courses, business courses and programs, and I hired a blogging coach of my own.

The amount of information I had learned about increasing traffic the RIGHT way was mind blowing!

After I implemented these updated strategies my blog traffic skyrocketed and I am now receiving thousands of pageviews per day and my website is ranked #1 on Google for several blog posts, blog website pages, and more!

So if you want to learn the updated 2022 strategies on how to increase your blog traffic….

Then keep on reading, boss lady!

Why You’re Struggling to Increase Your Blogs Pageviews


Understanding your audience, their needs, desires, and problems is key to building a relationship and getting regular blog traffic . Solving problems is an important component to creating a trusting relationship with your audience.

It all starts with really understanding your audience. Of course, this is vital to the success of your blog overall. You must know who you are writing for, what they want, and how to help them.

One of the first recommended steps to building your blog audience is to develop a detailed description of your ideal reader. With this description in hand, you can build a blog that suits their needs and generates traffic.

The process was a bit abstract for me, but eventually I realized that someone like ME in the past is my ideal reader!

With that in mind, I always try to tailor my posts, links, and downloads for someone like I was in the past. It has helped focus the direction and cohesion of my blog.

You want to get to know your ideal reader extremely well.

Understand their daily life, relationships, finances, likes, dislikes, and struggles.

These details will help you develop a list of problems you can help the reader solve.

Jot down a description of your reader and the hurdles they face every week. Start your help list with these challenges.

If you have no idea what they struggle with, then do market research! You HAVE to do market research very often in business and ask your audience what they struggle with on a regular basis.

Use your daily struggles and challenges to help your readers.

If you struggle with time management, research solutions and share what you find with your readers.

Perhaps you are going through the “terrible twos” with your toddler.

As you work through the problem yourself, share solutions with your reader.

Example: I was struggling in the blogging field so as I learned, I documented and wrote about it. I wrote on whatever topic I learned that week and this allowed me to communicate my struggles with my readers and know how they felt too.

Reach out to your readers:

  • Email a select portion of your mailing list
  • Write a post and ask questions
  • Create a survey (Google Forms is terrific tool for this)
  • Include a comment form in your post and ask for responses
  • Share in Facebook groups
  • Poll your audience on the poll feature on IG stories

Now that you have your audiences feedback it is time to solve those problems.

There are many different ways to approach this:

My favorite way: Blog posts, Podcast Episodes, and Video Masterclasses

Its no secret that video is KING these days. Sure your audience will SKIM a blog post but if they listen to the podcast episode then they will get the FULL information.

If you offer a free masterclass within your posts, you position yourself as an authority, you educate them, you gain a email subscriber AND you funnel them into purchasing your product. More on this when we have our funnel week.

Solving problems or challenges for your readers will keep them coming back.

Suddenly you become a real person, with similar problems, and (most importantly) solutions.

Putting yourself in the reader’s place, you understand how much more you enjoy a blog or post that is relatable and helpful.

Your help and guidance can be funny, heartfelt, or serious – each of these makes you approachable.

And readers love that!


  1. Survey your audience, get to know them, their struggles, and their goals.
  2. Create content that solves those problems.

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If you aren’t writing blog titles that hook the reader in to click and read the blog post, then you can kiss all blog traffic goodbye!

Truth is, blog headlines are extremely important and something I tell ALL my blog coaching clients to focus heavily on and really think about before publishing their post.

This is anther reason why you need to know your audience extremely well. If you know them well, you can create he best headlines that will hook them and make them read more of your blog post.


Make the value clear!

Make sure your title informs the reader what the blog will be about, and what value it will bring to them. What problem or dire need are you trying to solve within your post?

To be honest, no one cares to read a blog post that talks about how you walked your dog this morning. You need to be helping your audience solve a dire need or problem that they are having.

Your blog audience will only spend the time to read your blog post if you communicate the value of it within your title.

Examples of value written posts:

  • How to posts
  • Guides
  • Educative ones
  • Lists
  • And more.

For an example: The title that I have wrote for this post is: If you’re struggling to increase your blog traffic then read this + how to fix it.

It clearly communicates the value. If my audience is struggling to increase blog traffic, they will click the post to read how they can fix it.

Make it catchy

Use an alliteration, a play on words, or a controversial statement to catch readers’ eyes. Questions/how-to statements are good ways to draw them in too.

Sneak a keyword in

If it fits naturally, put your keyword in the title. This will improve your post’s SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is how we make our blog pages and posts appear higher in search engines and get more traffic to our website.

These days, almost all search engine traffic comes from Google so it makes the most sense for us to write our content according to Google best practices.

When it comes to headlines for your blog post titles, Google always wants you to use your most important keyword within the title.

Google also wants you to use that in the very front of your blog post if you can as well as the very first sentence of the blog post.

Keep it under 65 characters

Long titles can not only overwhelm readers, but search engines too. After 65 characters, search engines will start to cut your title off. 


In order to increase blog traffic and get your audience to keep coming back for more, you need to have a professional website design and brand.

Most bloggers look up posts on “how to start a blog” and find that they have to start a blog on Wordprss.

While I do think that WordPress is a great platform to start a blog on, I also think that it is very difficult to most new bloggers.

Designing a professional looking blog with is extremely difficult. Even for me, as a website designer.

What I recommend is to buy a nice Showit website template.

Showit is my absolute favorite way to start a blog and the professional website templates that you can purchase from some website designrs are absolutely gorgeous.

I have placed 7+ Showit website templates that are gorgeous inside of The Blogging Ladies Mastermind if you want to check it out! I have also included a Showit + WordPress blog website design course within the membership as well.

You can join Showit for a whole month for free right here! I highly recommend you at least try it.


  1. Choose the proper platform. If you aren’t super techy-scratch WordPress go with Showit WordPress integration! All the business owners use Showit these days. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!
  2. Read this post about how to look like a professional blogger from the start!


Pinterest LOVES people who actually use their platform. They want daily activity and they want to see that you’re adding valuable content to their platform on a weekly basis. Don’t think that scheduling your pins is as effective as using the platform as a pinner. You can have a scheduler running in the background, but make sure that you’re also checking in and pinning manually a few times a week.

Are you wondering why your pins aren’t getting the attention they deserve? Well, I might know why, and it’s because you ain’t staying consistent.

I know all too well how this goes. Not so long ago I was just like you. I was frustrated. I had been pinning my blog’s content on Pinterest for a few months and I was barely getting any traffic, and no one ever repined my pins.

I heard so many bloggers talk about how Pinterest was driving hundreds of visitors to their sites every day.

So I thought, great! I’ll just pin my blog post image, sit back, wait for it to go viral, and it will start sending me butt loads of traffic. Fan-freaking-tastic!

But wait a minute… It’s not so fantastic when your mom’s the only one that repinned your latest blog post. You think, “why can’t I figure this shit out, what am I doing wrong?”

Well, my dear, I am going to let you in on a little secret…

I finally figured it out and now Pinterest drives almost 60% of the traffic to my blog.

Before we get into anything else, I want you to realize that Pinterest is a visual search engine. Notice I said visual because this is the exact reason why you’re not getting any repins and barely any traffic from Pinterest…

Your pinnable images suck! That’s the #1 reason your pins aren’t getting noticed.

The second reason, and just as important, for traffic, is a click-worthy headline that causes curiosity and makes people want to click through and actually read your content.

And the third reason, is consistency. But I’m talking consistency for atleast 3-6 months before you give up!

So here’s the secret formula: An amazing image + a click-worthy headline + consistency = massive traffic from Pinterest.


  1. Beautiful Pinterest pins! You can buy them on Etsy for cheap!
  2. Click-worthy headline
  3. Blog posts that solve readers problems
  4. Consistency!


Pinterest probably isn’t working for you because you are not using updated 2022 Pinterest strategies that work.

A lot of bloggers search in Pinterest for blog educational articles but they don’t realize that a lot of the pins you see are from years ago.

In order to get the right information when you are searching on Google and Pinterest, is to only read articles that have been written and published in 2022 or else you might get false and outdated information.

So what is the 2022 Pinterest Strategy?


Step 1: Write New Blog Posts Consistently

Step 2: Create a Spreadsheet With all Your Blog Post Titles and Links

Step 3: Create 5 New Pins for Every New Blog Post You Publish

Step 4: Create 1 Fresh Pin For Each One Of Your Blog Posts Everyday and Schedule 5 Fresh Pins/day in Tailwind

Step 5: Join The Blogging Ladies Mastermind if you want to learn my Pinterest scheduling secrets and shortcuts. In the course/membership, I teach you updated 2022 Pinterest strategies that have gotten my blog members and clients insane results!


Truth is…there’s a lot to understand about SEO and it takes a whole lotta practice and time to get it right. There’s a strategy to it. You can’t just follow Yoast SEO and post a few keywords and rank your post. There’s way more to it then that.


Standard Blog Post SEO Guidelines

First of all, I want to cover some standard guidelines when it comes to implementing SEO on your blog posts.

-You want to have at least 1000+ words of HELPFUL content.

The reason why I say HELPFUL content is because Google’s new algorithm is really looking for content that educates your ideal blog readers. They want your ideal blog readers to come to your website and leave with a really good understanding and knowledge on the topic that they came to your website for.

-3 + Images with ALT Text

You want to have as many images as you can because the more you have, the longer a user is going to stay on your website and consume your blog content.

97% of people will bounce off of your website if there are no images that help them to understand the blog post, inspire them, etc.

-Inbound and Outbound Links

You want to be inserting these 2 different types of links. Inbound links are links that go to different pages or blog posts on your own website and outbound links are links that lead to pages or posts on different websites.

-Keywords in your Blog Post Title, Introduction paragraph, and a Good Density Throughout the Post

Keywords are the “search terms” that your ideal readers are using when they look up something in search engines. You want to find the keywords that your ideal reader is using to look up things and insert them throughout your entire blog post.

-Use Yoast SEO Throughout the Blog Post

A lot of new bloggers have this misconception that Yoast SEO will magically help them rank their blog post. While this may help guide them to implement SEO on a blog post, it will not rank your blog post if you don’t correctly pick good keywords and use the strategies that I will show you today. Yes, even if your Yoast SEO light is Green.

-Target ONE keyword.

When you do your keyword research (I’ll show you how in a minute) you want to target ONE keyword/keyphrase.

ONE keyword also means different synonyms of the keyword.

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I’m not going to lie but this is the one thing in my blogging life that I struggle with massively – blogging consistently.

But if you take a peek at all the successful bloggers in your niche, you’ll notice that they have one thing in common.

They blog consistently.

Most of us start with fire and passion. When we just create a blog, we churn out blog posts faster than we can say “cheese cracker” but eventually life catches up with us and we are unable to keep up.

So, what happens?

We burn out.

You tell yourself, “I’m only a week behind, I’ll catch up next week!” And before you know it, 3 months have gone by and your blog is growing cobwebs.

Raise your hand if you’re as guilty as me.

It’s never too late to become consistent. There’s still hope for all of us. So, let’s get down to why it is important to be a consistent blogger before answering the how.

  1. It makes you look like a gosh darn professional
  2. It will boost your SEO and increase your traffic
  3. It will help with Brand Awareness


  1. Understand why you’re blogging in the first place
    Remind yourself why you’re blogging every time you feel like giving it up and starting something else.

This will most definitely give you that much needed motivation you require to sit down and complete your blogging tasks for the day.

  1. Use Theme Days
    Theme days are one of my favorite ways to blog consistently.

Mondays: Pinterest day (Creating pins, scheduling them for the week)
Tuesdays: Email Day (Writing emails, creating workflows, advertising new freebie for list building)
Wednesdays: Social media marketing day (Creating IG and FB graphics, writing posts)
Thursdays: Blog Post writing day (Writing blog posts, editing old blog posts)
Fridays: SEO day (SEO research, updating website SEO, SEO audit day)

If you break it up into theme days, the tasks can be easier and less daunting.

I only spend MAX 1-2 hours a day on important theme day tasks!

This will save you a lot of time. You can use this time to focus on other high value tasks that will bring you closer to your goals quickly!

Isn’t that a neat trick?

You can thank me later.


Growing an email list is so crucially important is because its YOURS. You own it and you don’t have any competition trying to tear you down like beating algorithms.

An email list will also have a WAY higher engagement rate than social media will. More people will open your emails and click on your links than they would if you were to post something on Instagram.

Pssstt, Instagram doesn’t even show your posts to half your readers.

You also need to think about your email list like this- Your email list is FULL of people who raised their hand and chose to receive emails from you. They are interested in you and your content.

But the way to increase your blog traffic?

Start an email list, get subscribers, and write weekly emails leading back to your weekly blog posts!

This is how you build loyal blog readers that will keep coming back to read even more of your content and purchase your products and services.

When it comes to blog traffic you will have cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads

Cold lead- Someone who just landed on your site and discovered you for the first time. They aren’t ready to buy your paid products yet.

Warm lead- Someone who signs up to your freebies and is starting to get to know you, consume your content, and comes back for more occasionally.

Hot leads- The people on your email list who are SO READY to buy everything you have to offer and are eagerly waiting for your next product that you launch! They read EVERY blog post post, consume all the content you ever create and keep coming back for more.

The goal to keep blog traffic increasing? Get them to become hot leads! Make them obsessed!


  1. Get them on your email list.
  2. Write a weekly valuable email that makes them come back for more!
  3. Turn em into hot leads!

How to Increase Blogger Traffic: Final Thoughts

In summary, I grew my blog traffic by over 500% by…

  • Writing blog posts that gave value to my readers
  • Focusing on SEO
  • Staying consistent on Pinterest
  • Showing up daily in FB Groups
  • Collaborating with other bloggers
  • Doing more of what worked and less of what didn’t

Even if you’re discouraged, I promise you can grow you’re blog traffic! I was right where you are once too. Don’t give up!


An 8 week beta blog coaching program for female bloggers that is looking to focus heavily on the needle moving pieces that grow a blog on a day to day basis. If you’re ready to get thousands of eyes on your blogging business then this is for you!


  • Increasing your blogs pageviews 
  • Growing on social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
  • The needle moving day to day tasks needed to grow 
  • Growing your email list 
  • Getting infront of new audiences, partnerships


6 Figure Blogger Secrets Free Masterclass
Learn how to start and grow your blog to 6 figures. I’m sharing my EXACT blog monetization strategy. Sign up below!
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Blogging coach for ladies who want to turn their blog from passion to profits and make a high income doing what they love.

  1. I think this has been the most complete guide to increase blog traffic that I have ever read. Thank you very much!

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