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You might be dreaming to start a blog, maybe you’ve been blogging a few months, or it’s been a few years since you started. Wherever you are in your blogging business journey, you’ll probably be at once of these 4 stages:

Start- You want to start a profitable blog strategically and intentionally while being soulfully aligned

Grow- You want to grow your blog from 0 to thousands by using the best blogging strategies I’ve tested multiple times

Nurture- You want to nurture your audience with email marketing and free value so that they are ready to follow your blog forever and purchase what you have to offer

Make $$- You want to Bring your eBook, course, or membership to life with a blog Money framework and ascension model — and have wildly successful launches that bring In sales

In the podcast we will talk about all of these 4 stages! 

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Episode #7

Mistakes New bloggers make when monetizing their blog

Hey ladies! I’m back with another podcast episode geared toward helping you learn how to make money blogging by sharing you all of the mistakes I see new bloggers make when monetizing their blog.

Oh! Oh! And if you are new, make sure to go check out the post I published last week on how to make money blogging-the legit way. It dives super deep into all of my TOP secrets that I usually only share with my blog coaching clients.

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Hello, I'm Genasys

I Made A Lot Of Mistakes When I Started Blogging...

Just a few years ago I was just like you...struggling to increase my blog traffic and make money blogging.

I thought every blogger was posting income reports about how they made several thousand dollars this month besides me...

That's when I decided to do a few things that made my blog go BOOM!

Believe it or not- I've been in your shoes! Question is...

Are you ready to wear mine?

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