5 Mindset Hacks for a Billionaire Mindset

5 Mindset Hacks for a Billionaire Mindset

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Becoming a blogger doesn’t begin with the success of your blogging business—it starts with you and a huge shift in your mindset. Which is why I want to tell you how to get some mindset hacks for a billionaire mindset.

The right mindset gives you a huge advantage when starting an online blogging business. To succeed you need to be creative, consistent, and resilient to keep moving towards the goals you have for your blog.

The good news is, you’re not stuck with the same old mindset you were born with. You can change your attitude and thoughts you have to become more like a successful blogger.

Developing the mindset of a successful blogging business owner starts with paying very close attention to your thoughts, habits, and day to day behaviors. Use these mindset hacks to eliminate your limiting beliefs and habitual patterns that are keeping you stuck and are hindering your blogging success.

In this blog post we will discuss 5 best mindset hacks for new bloggers.

Let’s jump in!

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1. Self Reflect and Develop a Growth Mindset

This past year I got so caught up in what other business owners were doing that I started to mimic their messaging, started to do things in my business only because they were.


Then I realized I needed to self reflect and develop a growth mindset.

I laid in bed four hours and hours one night thinking all about my business and what I could do to become better.

My conclusion was that I needed to rebrand my entire business.

I no longer aligned with any of the content that I was putting out there. I no longer liked the messaging in my blogging business that I was portraying to the world.

So I took a few days to think about the rebrand.

This self reflection and growth mindset allowed me to recreate a blogging business that I truly felt aligned with. It allowed me to attract more people to my brand, bring in more blog traffic, sign 3 new blog coaching clients, and a high ticket course this week alone.

Without the self reflection, I would have been stuck in the same place. Putting content out there I hated, copying others “$5k” marketing messaging, and doing strategies just cause other business owners said to.

What I realized is that the answers are within us all along. The words, the marketing strategies, the success….

It’s within us already and what we have to do is self reflect and develop a growth mindset.

Developing a growth mindset means you believe that you can change for the better. Learn to strike a healthy balance between self-criticism and pushing yourself to improve. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you have to believe you can learn to do it better, or try a different approach.

You need to always look for ways that you can improve your blogging business. The answer is within you, and you only.

This is what a blogging coach can help you with. A good blog or business coach will help guide you to find those answers by doing some reflection and soul searching and by helping you to develop a growth mindset so you always see where you can improve so you can hit the ground running.

2. Take Small Steps Daily

Starting a blogging business is a little overwhelming and almost ALWAYS leads to burnout.

Tell me, does this sound like you?

Blogging seemed so fun to you when you first started. You were so motivated to blog and you were so excited to get it off the ground.

You were obsessed! 

You wrote about what you wanted, you researched furiously on how to make it successful, and you had hope that you could make your blog turn into a passive income powerhouse.

Then the motivation disappeared little by little, you realized that blogging isn’t so easy as it seems to be and maybe it just isn’t for you. Maybe you can’t make money blogging and if you could then it probably wouldn’t be for several years.

So you quit. You no longer felt the desire to work on it. You weren’t as happy with the blog and as excited to blog as you were from the beginning.

Well let me tell you…you are NOT alone! This happens to ALL of us bloggers. Motivation comes and motivation goes. Especially in your first year! You’re trying to learn, grow, and stay on top of things and you work so hard at it in the beginning but when things get hard and you don’t see money, you run!

Girl, I. Get. IT!

This year I decided to take a very long, much-needed break. I lost my motivation to blog and it is okay. It happens to literally all of us at some point.

My advice to you as a new blogger? Take small steps daily to avoid burnout.

If you burnout, you will no longer want to work on your blogging business.

If you take smaller steps daily, like working on a little task at a time, you will always be consistent, never burnout and you will see success!

So when you go to schedule your day, think to yourself…

Small steps daily!

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3. Fall in Love With the Process

Listen, blogging is a long term game.

If you aren’t ready to HUSTLE your booty off for awhile to grow your blog, then don’t get into blogging.

You have to be patient.

Fall in love with the slow growth.

I don’t care what these gurus say…

About how they “grew their blog in just one month” because that ain’t possible!

It takes time, dedication, investing, consistency, learning, implementing, failing over and over, getting back up again, focusing on building a growth mindset for success….and so much more.

Be prepared to dedicate at least a year to growing your blog.

And please don’t get frustrated. It takes time.

If you want to make your blog a success, I highly recommend investing in blog courses, blogging coach, and maybe even a business and mindset coach.

Fall in love with the process of growing your blog every single day and have so much fun with it!

4. Embrace Failure

Want to know what?

I LOVE FAILING! And you should too!

Can you guess how many times I’ve failed in my blogging business?


Once? Heck no.

5 times? Well, way more than that?

I’ve failed at least 40 times so far.

I failed three blogs, a couple businesses, several course launches, Facebook lives, webinars….

You name it…I’ve failed it.

But you know what? Everytime I failed in my blogging business journey, I felt like I was taking a few steps back but really it made me learn so much about what NOT to do next time.

It’s just like a little baby learning how to walk. They try to stand, they fall but they get 10X stronger.

It’s the same thing when it comes to learning how to grow a successful online business.

You take some hard falls and they SUCK. But only the successful ones that truly make it to the success they want, are resilient and keep taking steps forward. They NEVER give up.

I’m going to fail so many more times and I am looking forward to what it’ll teach me.

You should get excited when you fail.

5. Lead With Purpose

The article in forbes says, “Running your business from a place of purpose can really move the needle in your success. When you are leading your business towards an authentic mission that you care about deeply, it will come through in everything you do, and your customers will notice.”

My purpose of this blog and business is to help people start a blogging business that they feel soulfully aligned with- that they are proud of forever.

This is the purpose of this blog because I once started a blog that I hated. I was fake, I did everything that the gurus told me to do and I showed up in a way that my ideal client and blog readers hated.

But I figured it out, you should only ever do things for and in your business that YOU feel soulfully aligned with. And that starts with your story and your purpose for your blog.

Ask yourself…

Why am I truly starting this blog?

Please don’t say “because I want to make money” because I know it goes deeper than that and so do you.

Tell me in the comments below if these reasons may feel more aligned with you….

  • You want to start a blog that you feel soulfully aligned with. A blog that you can feel forever proud of
  • You want mass amounts of people to read your blog posts so that you can empower those that you serve and grow.
  • You want to quit your 9-5 so that I can invest your heart into something that you truly love while still making money
  • You want to build a large community full of people who look to YOU for the answers and who will follow you and support you on your path to success
  • You want to feel what it’s like to be at the top, and you will feel forever grateful when you are there

There is a bigger purpose for why you are starting your blog…so when you work on your blog make sure you are always leading with that purpose.


The only thing that can stand in your way of becoming a successful blogger is your own mindset. 

Nothing else.

This is why mindset work is crucial for blogging.

How you go into your day and the thoughts you have about your ability to make it with your new blog is everything. 

If you can learn to master your mindset as a new blogger, you’ve won half (dare I say whole?) battle.

Mindest is truly everything.

Things are bound to get hard and challenging as a new blogger.

Heck, they are from the very beginning.

Life is  50/50 and it’s supposed to be that way.

We wouldn’t know what success felt like if we didn’t experience failures along the way.

By failing, we grow and evolve and that’s the whole purpose of living. 

Most people don’t keep going, they give up when things get hard, and therefore don’t turn their blogs into booming businesses.

You have to be willing to get uncomfortable and do the hard things. 

This is all about how you manage your mindset.

You need to develop a growth mindset if you want to have a successful blog.

If you start getting negative when the challenging times come, you are bound to quit on your blog.

Only the people who work daily on their mindset and never give up, are the ones who truly reach success.


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  1. I like to say that I’ve never failed. I just found ways that didn’t work for me lol. I started several businesses but lost motivation pretty quickly. Then I started my blog ministry and constantly get my motivation from the Lord to keep going. It’s only been 5 months but so far so good. Great post!

  2. Giada says:

    Great tips! I am a new blogger so I am definitely experiencing all of the ups and downs – let’s be honest: only the downs – of the blogging world…
    Despite that, every day I hold on to my WHY, and I immediately know that all the struggles I am facing are gonna be worth it 🙂

  3. Thanks for writing this. It came just at the right time for me. I’m a year and a half into my blogging journey and still not getting the traffic I was hoping to have by now. That along with other setbacks in life (3 weeks of covid) have me feeling discouraged and unmotivated lately. Figuring out what’s most important in my life. It’s good to know that this is a common state new bloggers go through. I do mindset work daily, but want to start loving what I write about again. I’m not making enough of a difference or directly helping anyone. Is that why you started coaching? I have certifications but haven’t started.

  4. Learning to like the process has been tough for me

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