Avoid These Make Money Blogging Mistakes

Avoid These Make Money Blogging Mistakes

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Make money blogging mistakes

As a beginner blogger, it can be hard to know which direction you need to take in order to avoid all the “make money blogging mistakes.”

This is clearly the biggest thing you want to avoid because you started a blog solely to make money and live the life of your dreams.

However, this blogging industry has changed big time. The whole business industry is changing actually and a lot of the articles that are out there on “how to make money blogging” are extremely outdated.

These blog posts about “how to make money with blogging” are leading you in the wrong direction by telling you old money blogging strategies that USED to work. However, these strategies don’t work anymore unfortunutely.

When I first started blogging, it was SO easy to make pins, publish them to Pinterest, get a ton of traffic and make money blogging. But I’m here to tell you that this just doesn’t work anymore. You can’t just post a blog post, market it, and make money from it.

Honestly, I REALLY wish that is was so easy like it was before but it’s not.

So today, I want to be straight up and honest with you and tell you the make money blogging mistakes of 2022.

Then I’m going to tell you what you actually need to be doing instead to make a lot of money blogging – I’m talking quit the 9-5 money, lavish vacations, and freedom to spend more time with your family money.

SO let’s jump right on into it, sha’ll we?

The Make Money Blogging Mistakes You Could Be Making

1 – You’re a Simple Mom Blogger

Ugh, I know. This is going to bother A LOT of mamas out there. But I’m okay with that because I am a blogging coach for a reason. I love to be straight up and honest and not sell you a whole bunch of fluffy BS.

I’m here to show you how to actually make money the REAL way and lead you in the right direction.

SO yes, you’re making a huge mistake if you’re a simple mom blogger who share “mom tips”.

I see this ALL OVER Instagram lately. Moms who start a blog to help other new moms.

Which is GREAT! But how can you turn this into a sustainable business?

Truth is, you can’t unless you truly stand out and sell something that other moms out there want and need.

I’m about to be a new mom myself – Due November 2022 and what do I need?

Not blog posts with a whole bunch of ads and affiliate marketing links in them.

Not freebies that give me basically no value at all.

I need courses that show me how to breastfeed my baby. Courses on how to take care of my baby in the first few weeks.

I need 1:1 support and coaching from someone on a weekly basis while my baby is here.

And who is offering this kind of service? NO MOM! Can’t find hardly anyone who is doing this to be honest.

I see so many mom bloggers on Instagram who are struggling to make money because they post affiliate links to products for moms. But do you know how many other mom bloggers who are also doing the exact same thing? What honestly makes you stand out?

This just doesn’t work to make money anymore. Lifestyle, mom blogging, just doesn’t work to make a LIVING.

So many mom bloggers dream of staying at home with their baby and they think that by mom blogging they will make enough money to do so and it’s just sad to see because it’s just not the case.

So my advice to mom bloggers: Offer a product and service for moms.

Here are some ideas for mom bloggers :

-Course on breastfeeding

-Course on taking care of a newborn baby in their first weeks

-A course on feeding a baby at 6 months

-A course on feeding a toddler

– 1:1 breast feeding consulting

– 1:1 coaching for moms who are just having a baby. We new mamas need support!

– A course on postpartum depression

– 1:1 consulting for postpartum depression

– A membership for moms that covers all of these topics

And no, we as new moms don’t need eBooks. I wouldn’t buy one. We need support! We need videos, courses, lives. We need connection with other moms. We need supportive communities.

So what are you going to create that will actually help me and other new moms?

In order to make a lot of money in this industry these days, you have to be willing to stand out and you have to offer GREAT products and services to moms that are actually helpful, supportive, and mind blowing and honestly, truly life changing.

Just food for thought.

2- You’re Still Trying to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing and Ads

In 2022, you have to start your own business to make money blogging.

Inserting affiliate links and popping ads all over your site is an OLD money making blogging strategy that USED to work when the Pinterest algorithm was easier to rank on.

This is honestly why 99% of blogs don’t ever make their first $1 – and why most bloggers quit in their first 3 months to a year.

New bloggers see tons of blog posts about “how to start a blog” on Pinterest.

They binge the subject, including how to make money with a brand new blog.

And what do these blog posts tell you? Make money with affiliate marketing and ads.

Then new bloggers wonder why they are spending so much time writing blog posts, inserting links, and praying that they make money – only to see CENTS each month.

Using affiliate marketing and ads to make money from a blog in 2022 is destined to leave you to fail – and fail HARD.

When I was a beginner blogger, Pinterest was GREAT. It was so easy to get a ton of traffic over to your blog. Like 100,000 pageviews easily.

I was using the same strategy that you are. Inserting affiliate links, posting and praying to make money. And guess what? Every single month left me with $0 to CENTS made for a whole entire 2 years!

Yes, for two whole years I believed that I could make money blogging with affiliate marketing. HAH. No.

What actually makes money is by starting a business. Offering digital products and services that solve a problem that your ideal reader has. There’s no way around this.

And sometimes even after I tell new bloggers this they STILL try to start a lifestyle blog and make money blogging by using this strategy. Then they come to me a year later and ask “Gen, why isn’t this working? I’ve made $0 in a whole year.”

Well yeah, girl, no wonder! I told you it doesn’t work!

Businesses that work these days?

  • Virtual assisting
  • Coaching like business coaching, life coaching, blog coaching, mindset coaching, etc.
  • Selling courses
  • Masterclasses
  • Digital products
  • Website design services
  • Social media managing

ANYTHING that helps solve a problem that someone has.

SO what are you going to offer your audience? And how are you going to make this a legit, sustainable business?

3- You Don’t Have a Make Money Blogging Strategy

Another mistake that I see in the blogging industry is failing to have a legit strategy.

New bloggers tend to be all over the place. Blogging inconsistently, not having a legit plan, and not having any sort of direction.

Blogging with no plan and no strategy will leave you destined to fail.

So what strategy do you need to have?

First of all, you need to have a system set up that tells you what to do every single day as a blogger. If you want, you can head over to my Instagram and see exactly how I do this.

Next, you need a quarterly 90 day plan. Simply write down something that you want to accomplish in the next 90 days. Like getting sales, growing your email list, launching a new product, growing social media, getting your blog off the ground, etc.

Then you want to take that ONE plan (for example, growing your email list to 1000) and then make a huge list of 100 actions you can take to make that goal of yours happen.

Take those actions and schedule them on your calendar. AND THEN DON’T THINK TWICE ABOUT IT.

Actions for growing an email list could be :

  • Creating 5 new freebies that your audience really want and need
  • Running pinterest ads to freebies
  • Writing blog posts that relate to these freebies
  • Getting traffic to those blog posts
  • Advertising your freebies daily on Instagram stories
  • Doing masterclasses to get email sign ups
  • Collaborating with other bloggers to get infront of new audiences and grow your email list

And so many others!

Set a goal, make a 90 day plan, write out your actions you can take and then EXECUTE and don’t think twice about it.

Use all of your energy you can to reach this specific goal.

Another example? My 90 day goal for this quarter is to launch new programs for bloggers, make an impact and make sales.

So what actions am I taking on a daily basis to make this happen?

  • I’m offering SO MUCH free value
  • Growing my audience of bloggers
  • Writing valuable blog posts weekly
  • Helping bloggers for free
  • Getting people on my email list to sell to
  • Talking with bloggers in the dms
  • Building my community
  • Putting together launch dates and launch assets
  • Doing a ton of market research for these products
  • Doing beta tests of the programs
  • Creating the program slides
  • Creating the course videos
  • Creating freebies
  • And so much more!

This is what it means to have a plan and direction and then stick to it.

But without a legit plan? You will never reach the goals you want to on your blog.

You can keep saying that you want a successful blog all you want to but until you set a plan and take action on it, you will stay stuck forever.

Do you really want to never make money blogging?

Or do you want to set a plan, work hard, towards it, and reach that dang goal?

You decide.

4- You’re Not Selling Any Digital Products and Services on Your Blog

I covered this a little bit in the sections above but I put it here too because it’s so extremely important to make money.

If you’re not selling anything that solved a problem that your ideal reader has, then you’re making a huge make money blogging mistake.

Like I said, affiliate marketing and ads don’t exactly work anymore unless you have thousands of followers and thousands of pageviews.

And no, sponsorships don’t work these days either. Sorry. Not sorry. Atleast not for newbies who don’t have blog traffic – and A LOT of it.

If you’re going to be a money making blogger, you have to start a business.

Your blog posts serve TWO purposes.

  1. To showcase that your the expert in your niche
  2. To get people on your email list so you can sell to them a digital product or service

That’s it.

So you need to really think about what kind of BUSINESS you want to start and how your blog posts serve a purpose.

Blogging doesn’t work anymore.

Blogging businesses do.

So what kind of things can you offer?

  • Coaching
  • Virtual assisting
  • Website design
  • Social media managing
  • Courses
  • EBooks (not dumb ones that don’t solve a legit problem)
  • Templates
  • Masterclasses
  • Any other type of consulting/ services

Honestly, courses, coaching, and services are what makes money now a days.

You want to have a legit business strategy.

This is exactly what I teach to my 1:1 blog coaching clients. I combine business and blogging strategies so that they can build a profitable business that makes them enough money to work from home.

If you’re a simple lifestyle blogger, maybe now is the time to think about what legit business you should start and what kinds of digital products and services you can offer because affiliate links and ads don’t work anymore.

5- You Haven’t Built a Sales Funnel

If you’ve been offering digital products and services on your blog but you haven’t built a sales funnel that sells them on the back-end so you can make passive income, then you are making a huge make money blogging mistake.

Let’s say you’re trying to sell a small eBook. You can write blog posts around your eBooks topic, then offer a freebie within those blog posts that relate to your eBook and blog post, and then get people onto your email list, they get an automated series of welcome emails, and then they get put into a sales sequence that sells the EBook.

Everything is automated to make sales without really lifting the finger to sell it.

The only thing you have to do? Write the blog posts, create the freebies, and then drive traffic to your blog.

It’s seriously as simple as that!

Ofcoarse, a sales funnel isn’t going to work unless it’s an actual product that helps your audience and it’s actually something that they want and will pay for. But that is why we do market research and test the funnels and then tweak them based off of the data.

This is exactly what I help my 1:1 blog coaching clients do inside of my blog coaching programs. I help them figure out what product or service they can sell, what content to create, what freebies to offer, how to increase their blog traffic by thousands, how to set up their sales funnel and how to make money passively with digital products and services.

If this is something you need help with, all you have to do is book a free call with me right here and we will talk all about:

  1. What you’re struggling with
  2. Your Goals
  3. How I can Help You
  4. What next steps you need to take to reach your goals

Sound like a plan? Book your free call.

Are you making any of these make money blogging mistakes? Comment below!

Have a lovely day beautiful boss lady blogger! <3


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