13 Blog Tips and Tricks I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blogging Business

13 Blog Tips and Tricks I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blogging Business

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Starting a blogging business for the first time can be such a bumpy ride. First, you feel like you have no clue what you’re doing but that doesn’t stop you. You look up blog articles on all of the blog tips and tricks and all of the blogging information you need to get your blog up and running. You follow the steps, get hosting, and then try to start a blog on WordPress. The whole time you’re thinking, “How hard can this be?”

You then find out that it actually isn’t so easy to start a blogging business. You realize that WordPress is pretty difficult to deal with and that everything you’re trying to learn about setting up a blog is actually pretty dang difficult.

You want to do everything the RIGHT way, but there are so many conflicting blog tips from a lot of bloggers and you are so unsure who to listen to. You just wish there was an easy step-by-step checklist and path that you could follow so you can stop thinking of pulling your hair out everytime you work on your blog.

And even when you finally get your blog up and running there are other things you feel not-so-confident about. Like writing your first blog posts, and how to make money from a blog, etc.

To be honest, girl, I GET IT. I was once in your shoes believe it or not. Which is why I wanted to share this blog post with you listing the 13 blog tips and tricks that I had wished I knew before I started a blogging business back in 2018.

Let’s jump in!

Blogging Tips I Wish I Had Known

1- Starting a Blogging Business vs. Starting a Blog

I worked on my first lifestyle blog for 2 years back in 2018, without ever making my first $1.

After hiring a blog coach, she quickly made me realize that starting a blog is one thing, but starting a blogging business is another. They are actually completely different.

Starting a blog could mean many things- A lifestyle blog where you talk about many different blog topics and blog categories or blogging as a journal to help others, etc. You usually try and make money from affiliate marketing or ads (which is very hard by the way).

But starting a blogging business is actually very different. When you start a blog as a business you will first develop a blogging business plan. You will also have blogging quarterly business plans as well. When starting a blogging business you will focus on selling one thing every few months such as eBooks, courses, services, coaching, or some other kind of digital product or service on your blog.

Blogging as a business means that you take blogging seriously. You have business goals like income goals, you work on your blog every single day like a regular 9-5 job, and you show up for your blog in a way that identifies you as the CEO. You also choose to invest money into your blogging business because you know that in order to make money in business, you need to invest money to make more money.

Starting a blog as a hobby is one thing but starting a blogging business is where the money is at. This is the main blog tip that I can give you. Start a blog business and not just a blog.

2- You Need to Take Blogging Seriously to Make Money

Another one of the blog tips and tricks I can give you is that you need to take blogging seriously if you are blogging to make money.

As a beginner blogger back in 2018, I never took blogging as seriously as I should have. I wasn’t consistently writing new blog posts, I completely ignored my email list and SEO altogether, and I didn’t care to even learn about how to brand my blog properly, building a proper blog website design, and so many other things.

I also tried to put my eggs in one basket and only try and make money from affiliate marketing and ads. This is why I ended up completely broke and never had made my first $1 in 2 entire years.

What I should have done to take blogging seriously and what you should too:

  1. Niche down – If you’re an expert in only ONE topic, Google will reward you as an expert in that niche and will reward you with more visitors because of it. Also, when you niche down, your audience will also view you as an authority and they will be more likely to buy your products and services.

2. Know Your Audience – If you want to take blogging seriously, you need to really get to know and understand your audience and who the ONE person you are speaking to within your writing. You need to conduct regular market research to know what your person is struggling with and what their ultimate goals are.

3- Branding Your Website – You need to develop professional branding for your website. Branding is making your reader feel how you want them to. Everything with branding is important like colors, fonts, logos, voice, visuals, vision, values, etc. How do you want to make a reader feel when they land on your site? Use brand psychology.

4- Building a Professional Website – A professional website design is more important than you think. First of all, Google will rank your site higher because it will be able to crawl your website better. And second, your audience will be more like to buy and hire from you because of the GREAT impression your website leaves. Please, do NOT settle for an ugly WordPress theme design. You can do better than this. Reach out to me and I’ll show you how.

5- Sell Something that Solves Problems – Every blogging business sells something that solves a problem and struggle that their reader has. This is how you make money. Solving problems for others.

6- Don’t Ignore Starting an Email List – It’s true what they say… The money is in the list. Which is why you need to start an email list from the very beginning. I know it may seem very hard and intimidating but I promise it’s one of the most important things to focus on every week for your blog.

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What you need to do is create a high converting freebie – something that your audience really wants and needs. They will exchange their email for your freebie. Then you will send them some welcome sequence emails and weekly newsletter emails.

If you have no idea how to start an email list, don’t worry. In my new Blogging Ladies Mastermind, I show you exactly how and I include done-for-you emails as well. Join the new mastermind here!

7- Content plan, Strategy, and Schedule – If you want to take blogging seriously, you need to organize your blog as a business. You need to have a content plan for atleast 3 months in advance and you need to have a scheduling system that works for you. The scheduling system will tell you all of your tasks that you need to do for that specific day. You also need to have a strategy and plan to make money.

I like to break this up into quarters. I sell one-two things each quarter and my content revolves around the thing that I am selling for that quarter. Want to build a strategic blogging schedule? Join the mastermind and get 27+ Clickup Templates and a Clickup masterclass that will show you how to organize your entire blogging business as a CEO.

A lot of new bloggers have this belief that blogging seriously means hours upon hours of work, quitting your 9-5 so soon, and that taking blogging seriously is something that you do once you make money.

But this isn’t the case. It’s actually the other way around. If you want to make money blogging, you need to take blogging seriously from the start, but this doesn’t mean that you have to go and quit your 9-5, or spend hours and hours on your blog when you just don’t have the time to do so.

If you have a strategic plan in place and a blogging schedule set up, you will only need to spend 5 hours on your blog each week. Doesn’t that sound awesome? This is one of the things I help my students and clients with in the Blogging Ladies Mastermind. Join here for just $67/month.

The best blog tips and tricks that I can give you today if you want to take blogging seriously are to 1. Develop a blogging schedule and 2. Have a strategic quarterly plan in place.

3- You Need to Know Your Audience Very Well

Understanding your audience, their needs, desires, and problems is key to building a relationship. Solving problems is an important component to creating a trusting relationship with your audience.

It all starts with really understanding your audience. Of course, this is vital to the success of your blog overall. You must know who you are writing for, what they want, and how to help them.

One of the first recommended steps to building your blog target audience is to develop a detailed description of your ideal reader. With this description in hand, you can build a blog that suits their needs and generates traffic.

The process was a bit abstract for me, but eventually I realized that someone like ME in the past is my ideal reader!

With that in mind, I always try to tailor my posts, links, and downloads for someone like I was in the past. It has helped focus the direction and cohesion of my blog.


As I mentioned, you want to get to know your ideal reader extremely well.

Understand their daily life, relationships, finances, likes, dislikes, and struggles.

These details will help you develop a list of problems you can help the reader solve.

Jot down a description of your reader and the hurdles they face every week. Start your help list with these challenges.

If you have no idea what they struggle with, then do market research! You HAVE to do market research very often in business and ask your audience what they struggle with on a regular basis. We will talk about how to conduct market research later on.


Use your daily struggles and challenges to help your readers.

If you struggle with time management, research solutions and share what you find with your readers.

Perhaps you are going through the “terrible twos” with your toddler.

As you work through the problem yourself, share solutions with your reader.

Example: I was struggling in the blogging field so as I learned, I documented and wrote about it. I wrote on whatever topic I learned that week and this allowed me to communicate my struggles with my readers and know how they felt too.


Reach out to your readers (more on how to do this in the market research lesson)

  • Email a select portion of your mailing list
  • Write a post and ask questions
  • Create a survey (Google Forms is terrific tool for this)
  • Include a comment form in your post and ask for responses
  • Share in Facebook groups
  • Poll your audience on the poll feature on IG stories


Now that you have your audiences feedback it is time to solve those problems.

There are many different ways to approach this:

My favorite way: Blog posts, Podcast Episodes, and Video Masterclasses

Its no secret that video is KING these days. Sure your audience will SKIM a blog post but if they listen to the podcast episode then they will get the FULL information.

If you offer a free masterclass within your posts, you position yourself as an authority, you educate them, you gain a email subscriber AND you funnel them into purchasing your product. More on this when we have our funnel week.

Solving problems or challenges for your readers will keep them coming back.

Suddenly you become a real person, with similar problems, and (most importantly) solutions.

Putting yourself in the reader’s place, you understand how much more you enjoy a blog or post that is relatable and helpful.

Your help and guidance can be funny, heartfelt, or serious – each of these makes you approachable.

And readers love that!

To read more about how to niche down and clarify your blog’s target audience, click here!

4- You Have to Niche Down

I see this everywhere in the blogging space – new bloggers starting a lifestyle blog, moms starting a mom blog, and they speak about every sort of topic like organization, cleaning, mom life, taking care of baby, breastfeeding, you name it.

However, you have to ask yourself, “What will make me stand out from every other blogger that is talking about the same thing as I am?”

If you’re talking about so many topics, you won’t stand out because you won’t be seen as an expert in ONE specific topic. Many blog readers will not be interested in sticking around and coming back to YOUR blog for help specifically because everyone else and their mother talks about what you do already.

When you don’t niche down, your readers won’t keep coming back for more and that is definitely not the goal for your blogging business, is it? Why waste your time writing about so many topics when you know this just doesn’t work?

Also, it will be extremely hard to get traffic over to your blog in the first place because Google won’t view your site as an authority in a certain topic. If you talk about ONE topic, Google will rank you higher in search engines because it will see your website as an expert in that topic.

The reason why I am ranked #1 on Google for many blog posts and website pages is because Google sees my site as an authority in the blogging coach topic. This is also why I receive so many sales and inquiries of people to hire me. My potential customer and client goes on Google and searches up “blogging coach” and they find my site in the number one spot. This not only builds trust with them but it also gets me insane amounts of blog traffic from the RIGHT people.

You can totally have tons of website visitors coming to your blog every week, but if it’s not the right audience who will purchase what you have to offer on your blog? Then there is no point in having a blog in the first place. And when you talk about so many different topics on your blog, you don’t attract that ONE specific person who will buy from you. See what I mean?

So I encourage you today to niche down to one specific topic that helps one specific reader who will buy what you have to offer.

Wondering how you can niche down and clarify your blog target audience? Read the post right here.

Make Money Blogging Action Plan Clickup Template
Get your free step- by – step make money blogging action plan. This is in the form of a Clickup template! It tells you the exact steps to take on a daily basis to make money blogging! 
Check your email, Boss Lady! 

5- Affiliate Marketing Sucks and Ads Shouldn’t be Used

Yup, you read that right. Affiliate marketing doesn’t work. It sucks and the same thing goes for ads. If you’re someone who wants to start a blog with the desired goal of making money, then ignore affiliate marketing and ads entirely.

Truth is, you can make money with affiliate marketing and ads but ONLY after you work on your website for several years, you build your domain authority, have written several blog posts that rank you in Google, and bring thousands (20,000+) pageviews to your blog every single month.

As a beginner blogger, that just isn’t realistic. It takes years to build a blog up to those blog traffic numbers, to rank high on Google, and to write hundreds of blog posts that actually rank.

Bottom line, you need a lot of blog traffic, content, and authority to make affiliate marketing and ad sales. And even if you do have that much blog traffic, you might make $1000/month from 20,000 pageviews per month. I don’t know about you, but $1000/month isn’t going to pay the bills and allow you to afford lavish vacations, now does it?

If you want to make money blogging, you have to think of your blog as a business and you have to sell something that solves problems your ideal reader has. There is no way around this. You will not “get lucky” with affiliate marketing and ads.

Plus, ads are extremely UGLY. They should never be used on a brand new bloggers website. For one, they are very ugly and for two, your bounce rate will be extremely high because ads make your website cluttered and very hard to navigate.

Once you have your blog domain authority built up, ranking on Google, and you have 100 blog posts on your blog, then you can start to incorporate the use of ads. But just remember, you will only make $1000 a month on ads if you have 20,000 pageviews a month or more. A realistic amount of blog traffic for a brand new blogger to a blogger who has been working on it for a year is 100-3000 pageviews per month.

I still don’t use ads and I hardly try and make money from using affiliate marketing. I do advertise the platforms that I myself use but I mainly do this within the courses and programs that I sell. I don’t really use any affiliate marketing here on my blog to try and make money because it just doesn’t work. It is ineffective.

The strategy I use that makes me 6 figures a year on my blogging business is by selling digital products and services on my blog. I currently offer The Blogging Ladies Mastermind and I also offer blog coaching services here.

But what you need to know is that I am not working several hours here on my blog. Some weeks I take the entire week and weekend off to just relax because I have a sales funnel in place and a content plan that has been created way in advance. I teach the sales funnel strategy that I use to get sales on autopilot inside of The Blogging Ladies Mastermind.

6 – You Have to Be Passionate For What You Blog About

Another blog tip from this list of blog tips and tricks is that you need to be passionate about what you write about.

Every blogger loses motivation from time to time. But if you’re someone who quits on your blog and leaves your blog to get dusty every single month to every 3 months, then it’s probably just because you simply aren’t that passionate about what you’re blogging about.

In order to keep the motivation going, you have to be extremely passionate about it. If you want all the blog post content ideas and to write blog posts quickly and to be in a state of flow, then you need to have a lot of LOVE for what you do.

If you don’t love it that much and aren’t super extremely passionate about it, then you will definitely lose motivation quickly, sit at your computer with nothing to write about, and leave your blog for months to collect dust.

You have to choose a blog niche that you have a major love for. If you can’t write about a certain topic every single week for FREE, then you need to choose a different niche or topics within that niche.

So how do you know that you are truly passionate about the niche and topics you have chose to blog about?

  1. If you could write several upon several blog posts with 1500+ words about the topic.
  2. If you could write all these blog posts without ever making money.
  3. If you truly love the meaning of WHY you are writing about this.
  4. If you always think about your blog.
  5. If you’re motivated to write more and more each week.
  6. If you don’t allow your blog to collect dust each week.

It’s simple, if you aren’t working on your blog and publishing weekly blog posts, then girl, you need to write about different topics that you can publish weekly content on.

Find something you love even more. You will have better blogging success this way.

7- You Need A Strategic Quarterly Plan

Every blogging business owner has a strategic quarterly plan.

They sit down at the beginning of each quarter and plan out the offer that they will launch for that month, the quarterly goals, the content plans, etc.

There are 4 quarters within a year.

Q1- Jan, Feb, Mar

Q2- April, May, June

Q3- July, Aug, Sept

Q4- Oct, Nov, Dec

In order to have a strategic plan in place to make money from your blog, you should be doing these key things:

1- Deciding on the Quarterly Goal : What would you like to launch? What product do you want to sell for those 3 months? How many email list subscribers do you want by the end? How many IG followers do you want to have? What will you focus on MOST for the next 3 months?

Example: For Q3 of 2022, I decided to launch the Blogging Ladies Mastermind for the very first time. I chose the dates of the pre-launch and the launch open cart dates and put it on the calendar. Then I wrote out the goals for that launch. How much money I wanted to make, how many IG followers I wanted to have, and email list subscribers I wanted to get before the end of the quarter.

2- Tasks Needed to Reach Those Goals : What sort of tasks do you need to do to accomplish every goal within the quarterly goal. Write down the weekly tasks, monthly tasks, daily tasks.

For example: Because I am launching The Blogging Ladies Mastermind, my tasks needed to be – sales page design, launching new freebies, posting twice a day to IG stories, nurturing my audience by writing new blog posts every single week, releasing masterclasses, running ads to get email subscribers ahead of time, writing emails, writing the launch emails, etc. So I wrote this ALL down and put it on the calendar.

3- Scheduling it : Now that you have a list of tasks that you need to complete every day, week, and month to reach those goals that you have set for yourself, you need to then schedule it on your calendar.

If you head to my Instagram and go to my “blog tasks” highlight, you will see how I set this up in Clickup or you can join the Blogging Ladies Mastermind to get the entire Clickup Masterclass and 27+ done for you Clickup templates to organize your entire blogging business.

Having a strategic quarterly plan with blogging goals will allow you to move forward quickly in your blogging business and see blog results fast.

Some other quarterly blog goals you could set :

  • Getting your blog off the ground
  • Focusing on SEO for 3 months
  • Building your Email List for 3 months
  • Selling a new offer
  • Writing 10 blog posts in a month
  • Etc.

Focus on ONE thing for 3 whole months and you’re guaranteed to grow and see results.

8- Branding and Website Design is More Important than You Think

A lot of new bloggers ignore this: Having a professional and high converting website design.


I see this all the time! New bloggers starting their blog on WordPress, having NO clue how to design it.

They often just design it to be “the best it can be!”

They have ZERO knowledge of how to build a blog design that will convert.

  • They ignore branding
  • Ignore copywriting
  • Ignore SEO
  • Ignore mobile design

I get it, you can’t do what you don’t know…

But Im here to tell you that having a professional, high converting website design is so crucially important for these key reasons:

Gives a Good First Impression- If you land on an ugly website that has no branding or design aspect, you’d be jumping right off the site in 3 seconds, right? But what about a beautiful website? You’ll stay around, grab their freebies, and consume the content and maybe even look at their products!

Helps You Rank on Search Engines like Google- SEO is not all about putting keywords inside of blog posts and writing once a week. It’s actually much more than that. Your whole entire blog design plays a huge role in whether Google will rank you or not. From structure, copywriting, page meta titles and descriptions, page content and SO much more.

Makes You Seem Credible and Approachable- If you land on someone’s site who has a beautiful professional design, you will have more trust in that brand. You will think, “she really knows what she’s doing. I LOVE the colors. She seems very knowledgeable. I’ll go check out what she sells!”

Helps to Get Leads and Convert Sales- When you have a professional blog website design, it will be built in a way that takes your potential client or customer on a journey. Each page should have a specific goal. To get someone on your email list or to get someone to purchase or sign up to your services!

Measure Up to Competitors- Do you know how many times someone has said that they decided to work with me or buy something I had simply because I have a professional and beautiful website design? They worked with me because my site was the best, most impressionable, and my copy was good!

It’s time to change your blogs design to look like a PRO, boss lady.

If you want to design a better, high converting website that gives a good first impression and ranks you high in search engines, then join The Blogging Ladies Mastermind. Inside, you will immediately get access to 7+ beautiful blog website templates and an entire EXTRA blog website design course.

9- You Have to Be Willing to Invest Money

Unfortunately, starting a profitable blogging business costs money. You will have to pay some start up costs like hosting, buying your domain, website platform, email marketing platform and more.

Here’s a list of all of the things I pay for as a 6 figure blogger :

  • Hosting – $65/year
  • Domain – $20/year
  • Showit – $29/month
  • Canva – $12.99/month
  • Clickup – $18/month
  • Teachable – $39/month
  • Later – $18/month
  • Calendly – $15/month
  • Flodesk – $19/month

Now, you probably won’t need all of these as a beginner blogger but you will definitely need the important ones like hosting, domain, Canva, and Flodesk! However, these are investments that you HAVE to make to run your blog.

But what about investments that you need to make to learn how to blog in the first place?

There a few KEY investments that you need to make. Here’s what I recommend:

1. Investing in a Blogging Coach

2. Investing in a Blogging Membership or Mastermind

3. Investing in a blogging course

Listen Boss Lady, I’ve been in this industry a long time. So hear me out when I say that you do need to invest money in your blog education.

Did you know that 95% of blogs will never ever make their first $1?

Discouraging? Nope! Here is why….

Most people who blog try and go at it alone. They have no idea that in order to be successful, they need a little helping hand.

Honestly, I don’t know ONE successful money making blogger who did it on their own.

They hired a blogging coach, they invested in blogging courses, they had a support group, etc.

They also worked on their blog for years! 

You’re probably thinking, “wow, Gen, you’re saying I have to invest money I don’t have AND work on it for years before I see an income from my blog?”

No way! But what you do need is the right tools, strategies, and frameworks so you can scale fast.

For example: I just started blog coaching with a client of mine and within her first TWO calls with me, she already booked her first client! And another blog coaching student of mine sold 23 eBooks to her audience already!

You may not have the knowledge right now but if you grab someone’s hand who has years in this industry and invested $20,000 in their blogging business, then you will definitely make money faster than you would if you do it alone.

If you’re ready to wear my shoes, then take my hand and book a free blog consultation call here.

It just comes down to two large questions: Is this for me? and Can I invest in myself? 

I know making an investment, especially in yourself can feel so scary. 

My advice to you: feel the fear. Do it anyway. 

That’s what Julie did. I remember when Julie came to me, she was so scared that blogging just wasn’t going to work for her. That she would start yet another blog and it would just sit and collect dust and never get published. But Julie ended up taking the leap.

  • Despite the fear, she joined the program and invested in herself.
  • She showed up to the blog coaching calls, despite the fear.
  • She re-designed an entire new professional website design and moved into blogging about something she actually loved, despite the fear.
  • She started out exactly where you are,

With anything you’re investing in, I believe there should be a return on resources. Whether that be time, money, or energy. You’re either going to make your money back.

Get your energy back or save energy.

Get more time back.

Save yourself the frustration.

There’s always a return.

For you in The Blogging Ladies Mastermind, your return is a minimum of getting your blog off the ground, increasing your blog traffic, and making passive income blogging by selling a digital product or service.  

I believe in you, All that’s left is for you to believe in yourself. Join the Blogging Ladies Mastermind>>>>

10. Always Learn More and Try New Things

There’s one big thing that all successful people have in common: They’re constantly learning and trying things. 

I am where I’m at today because I’ve never stopped learning. I’ve never stopped trying to expand my potential – and that is the biggest opportunity for anyone. 

When you invest in yourself and your knowledge, you can change your life. 

It’s not a question of, can you make this work? 

It’s a question of, will you learn what you need and take little steps to make it work? 

If you wanted to learn to play the piano, you’d get a teacher and they’d show you where to place your fingers and which keys to press down on. You’d practice what they told you and you’d start to get better and better. 

It’s the same with making money with a blogging business… 

If I teach you how to create a course or a membership or a digital product and I broke it all down for you and show you what to include and how to do it, you’d be able to do it. 

If I teach you how to start a HIGHLY profitable blogging business, how to stand out, make sales, and grow your traffic to thousands per month, you’d be able to do it. 

Becoming an amazing lady blogger, creator and seller is just about learning a skill set. 

When you learn the skills and then practice them you’ll be able to make money on your terms, doing something you love. 

You’ll be able to build a blogging business that makes you money even while you’re playing with your kids or on vacation – I know this, because I’ve done it and I know there’s nothing special about me. 

I’m just a person who had a dream to do something and so I learned what I needed to in order to make my dream my reality. That’s all I did. I learned and I practiced.

So often we make it so much more complicated and we stop ourselves from creating the blogging business and life we truly want. You don’t have to keep stopping yourself. You’re just one little decision away from being about to learn all you need to build an incredible and profitable blogging business. 

You can do this and I’d love to help you throughout the entire 6 months inside The Blog Monetization Mastermind.

No more playing small.

No more feeling stuck because you don’t know what to create or what to focus on.

No more dreaming of doing your own thing, but procrastinating because you’re not sure what the next right step is.

It’s time to take action.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and create.

You can do this and I’m here to show you how 🙂

P.S. Here’s a run down of what’s happening when you join:

Here’s what we’re going to cover in the 6 months:

Phase One: Start it! Go through the Blog Accelerator Program course and get your blog off the ground once and forall! This will teach you all about how to niche down, your audience, your branding, how to design the most STUNNING stand out website, and how to write the best blog content + write consistently.

Phase Two: Set Up The Blog Monetization Method! In this phase we’re going to be creating your digital product offer, starting your email list, creating the best freebies, writing your welcome sequence, writing your sales sequence, and set up an automated sales machine that will allow you to make passive income blogging!

Phase Three: Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog! Now we need to drive traffic to your blog and sales funnel! So we will focus on updated 2022 blog traffic strategies that will drive massive traffic to your blog! I’ll show you how I get tons of traffic from Pinterest, how I rank my website on the #1 page AND spot on Google, and how to get traffic from social media.

Turning your ideas into streams of passive income, so you can make money while you play with your kids, go on vacation or even while you sleep IS possible… it’s just about learning HOW to do it and I’m going to show you 🙂


  • 6 months of weekly group blog coaching calls
  • 6 months of live FB Q and A calls
  • Monthly Content reviews
  • 3 courses, The Blog Accelerator Program course, The Blog Traffic Lab, and the Blog Monetization Method
  • Group voxer support
  • Resources like workbooks, checklists, eBooks, done for you templates, written for you emails, and SO much more!

I’m so excited for this! If you have any questions, hit reply.

See you inside! >>>

11. Always Go Back to Your WHY

Whether you have been in the blogging game for two days or two years. You know that moment.

That moment when you figure out that what you’re doing isn’t working, so it’s time to do something else. It’s the LOOOONG hours of scrolling through Pinterest and reading all of the blog posts of ways to make money or thinking about how to make your blog into something tangible.

Then, you make the choice, you decide to launch a blog, or just tell someone you are doing it. That first moment of excitement with a rush of what and how am I going to do this.

The reason why you started can evolve over time is not talked about enough. It can be at first wanting the freedom to just replace your 9-5 income, stay home with your kids or just create a side hustle.

As you start going through your own blogging business journey, you change. It’s the facts about being a business owner which sometimes your why changes.

Starting out with my online blogging business, I just wanted freedom to make money. To know that I could control my income without working more hours or overtime.

Then, as the confidence grew, my why started to develop to start becoming a wealthy woman because other people believed in me.

Listen, this time of year is when blogging business owners start giving up. It’s common, when summer is slow and the holidays are coming, I need to just make more money or do something else. In reality, you just have to focus on the first piece of your why.

Your why doesn’t have to be to the save world, it could simply be to stay home with your kids or spend more time with you family. The things about money is that it is not a metric of your success if you are working the same hours you were working before or resenting your family.

The marker of success in your blogging business and life will be how you feel about your own life.

Do you have time to grab coffee with an old friend to just catch up on a Wednesday morning?

Do your days feel like you are getting enough time with your family/friends?

Whatever you choose, lean back into it. Your blogging business will grow, you will be the person for the job and if your why has changed lean into it.

Everything in life is in a season. The same way the trees grow bigger and change, you are allowed to the same thing. Including changing why you started your business

And once you know your WHY… all you have to do is take action on it.

Take action and let your dreams become reality.

12. Don’t Neglect Your Email List

Growing an email list is crucial to your blogs success and you need to be focusing on your email marketing every week/day.

The main reason why email marketing is important is because it is yours.

With social media, you have to try (really hard) to get your posts seen. You have to post consistently, use correct hashtags, do a ton of engagement, and more.

But even then, not all of your followers are going to see your post, read it, engage, etc.

You will have a WAY higher engagement rate on your emails than on social media. People want to open emails that have valuable content that they want to read.

If someone subscribed to your email list, it’s because whatever you offered them, they liked it enough to raise their hand and sign up.

Just think of it like this–Your email list will be FULL of people who have an interest in what you’re writing about and in what you have to offer.

On social media, not everyone will have the same interest. They won’t be dying to read your blog post anytime soon.

Instead of focusing on writing a social media post, write some good emails to your list containing blog post links. People will be more likely to come back to your blog and read more of your blog posts than clicking the link in your Instagram bio.

New bloggers tend to be very intimidated by email marketing for their blog.

This is one of the main problems I see new bloggers have. In fact, even I had this problem when I was a new blogger.

I knew how to start an email list, create freebies, and send them, but I had ZERO idea what to even write to my email list. I started one but I never sent them regular, weekly emails.

If you’re a new blogger and have no idea how to manage your email list, no worries because every blogger has this problem. But good news! You’re lucky you have me to teach you how!

Click here to read how you can start a wildly successful email list full of loyal blog readers.

Make Money Blogging Action Plan Clickup Template
Get your free step- by – step make money blogging action plan. This is in the form of a Clickup template! It tells you the exact steps to take on a daily basis to make money blogging! 
Check your email, Boss Lady! 

13. You Need a Blogging Coach

Is this you?

You know you are meant for more but you feel stuck.

You see others starting a successful blog and making money but you don’t know where to start.

You have tried to sell things on your blog before and increase your traffic before but with minimal results.

You get started, but then get distracted.

You have the best intentions but lack focus.

You are worried you will give up or your blog will FLOP.

I know how you feel because I once felt the same but I realised…

I needed help.

I needed a structure.


I needed the knowledge.

I needed someone to show me the exact steps.

I needed clarity.

I needed confidence.

And, I knew that if I was to have all of those things and start to REALLY make money blogging, the kind of money I knew I was capable of making, CONSISTENTLY, I had to get professional help from a blogging coach.

There is that saying by Tony Robbins,

‘If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results’’

Tony Robins

SO MANY lady bloggers have really tried…

Lots of people took action, started their blog, got their domain, tried to design their website but gave up.
Some people promised themselves to launch their blog to the world… but the majority of them will lose motivation and never get past just coming up with that idea.

Other people sat back, listened, learned, took lots of notes and felt super motivated and inspired… but the majority of them will never do anything with that information.

Tons and tons of blogs are sitting collecting dust.

and the worst part? 98% of the blogs that are still running, have never even made their first $1.

After working with thousands of lady bloggers over the past 10 years, I’ve seen it over and over again.

Getting excited to start a blog and make money! woohoo!

Oh no, I can’t get my website up.
Ugh, I can’t write blog posts.
I give up. Blog collects dust – money wasted.
Get’s inspired again!
Woohoo! finally going to do something with my blog.
Gets it launched.
Never makes money.
Collects dust again.

And the cycle repeats.

That’s exactly why I wanted to create The Blogging Ladies Mastermind…

So that more amazing lady bloggers could actually make their blog a successful reality… no more getting stuck!

Come spend the next 6 months with us and we’ll walk you through everything you need to do.

We’ll help you start your blog, increase your traffic and monetizing by launching your digital product, course or membership, and we won’t let you get stuck in the awful cycle I said above.

I have also created the Mastermind to be more affordable so that EVERYONE can get coached from a blogging coach. (:

Well there ya have it, Boss Lady! My best blogging tips and tricks and what I wish I knew when I first started my blogging business.

Have questions? Comment below!

Make Money Blogging Action Plan Clickup Template
Get your free step- by – step make money blogging action plan. This is in the form of a Clickup template! It tells you the exact steps to take on a daily basis to make money blogging! 
Check your email, Boss Lady! 

Hey, I'm Genasys!

Blogging coach for ladies who want to turn their blog from passion to profits and make a high income doing what they love.

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