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Have you been blogging for a little bit now and wondering “how can I finally make money from my blog?”. So you looked it up on Google and Pinterest. And wala! It says…

“Make tons of money blogging with affiliate marketing” 🙄

“Make tons of money with ads popped all over your site” 😖

“Make tons of money with brand deals! It’ll be great” 😶

Most bloggers and biz owners prance around from strategy to strategy that they see others using, rather than thinking about the long term and their ability to control scale.

With most blogging businesses, the focus is first on affiliates: use what others have done and accept pennies for a sale here and there until you have traffic. Then once you have traffic your focus is on ads: “passive income” that leads you obsessing over algorithms and waiting the long game for traffic to increase.

And while these are profitable ways to grow a blog – they are not the fastest. Even worse?

Depending on your niche, relying on these strategies alone leaves you destined to fail.

And then you wonder why you are making cents and not thousands 🤷‍♀️

Sure, they’re making money with ads, affiliates, partnerships and brand deals. They DO have success with the methods they’re selling you. But catch this: often the way that they grow exponentially in less time… by selling their own digital products and services

That’s probably why no matter what you do… you think nothing is working when it comes to making money from your blog!

…affiliate marketing might make you money in the future but you need thousands and thousands of blog traffic coming in daily!

…ads may make you money in the future but here’s the truth : they are UGLY, no one likes them, they will hold back your growth and you need tons and tons of traffic to make 5 cents.

…brand deals are great, but let’s be honest, free products and vacations don’t feed your kids and pay the bills now does it?

To be honest, I made the same mistake you are. I tried making money with affiliates and ads for 2 whole years and wound up with a whopping $200 made ONLY. You can expect these results too if you are focused on solely these 2 methods of making money.

Fast forward to 3 years of blogging and I decided to make my first digital product which then turned into an entire membership for lady bloggers- The Blogging Ladies Mastermind. And now I’m making sales left and right and make 6 figures blogging.

This is why I decided to make this blog post for you today. Because I want you to fail no more and start heading toward blogging success and make actual thousands of $$ instead of cents.

The way you can do that is by selling your own digital products. Here’s how…


Before you can create a digital product to sell, you need to figure out what you are going to create and sell! This is usually the hardest step and a lot of people stop here because they just don’t know what they should create!

For me, I created a mastermind where lady bloggers can go to learn anything and everything they need to about how to start and run a successful blog that makes money. I figured out what bloggers main struggle was and that was getting started, keeping the motivation, and making money so I created an entire membership that solved all of those problems they faced.

Think about what you write about and who your audience is, and figure out what they struggle with! What solution can you provide them with?

A great way to find out what your audience struggles with is to ask them!!! Ask and you shall receive! For me I asked things like, “what do you struggle with most when it comes to blogging?” 

If your niche isn’t business, DO NOT WORRY! You can still create and sell a digital product!


  • any “how to” ecourse 
  • Printables (planners, trackers, journal pages, etc.) 
  • Digital planner 
  • Ebook (write your own book!)
  • Stock photos if you are a good photographer 
  • Digital graphics for social media 
  • Templates
  • Textures, fonts, other blog branding items 
  • Memberships (for example, Style Collective, The Blogging Ladies Mastermind)

Use your creative mind to come up with something spectacular because I know you can!

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Now that you know what you want to create as your digital product, it’s time to bring that digital product to life! 

You might be wondering where the heck do I create this digital product to sell?

If you are wanting to create an e-course I suggest Teachable! I use Teachable and love it. They make it extremely easy to use and they have tutorials on how to use it which comes in handy if you aren’t as tech savvy because I definitely wasn’t! They also have pretty reasonably, affordably plans!

If you are wanting to create printables, planners, templates, I suggest checking into Canva! I love Canva because they have SO many template options that are easily customizable for creating printables and worksheets! Their app does glitch from time to time which really frustrates me but besides that, I really do enjoy using them! I also use Canva to create my social media and Pinterest graphics!


Another step that many struggle with! “How much should I charge for my digital product?”

To be honest, even I struggled with this! I wanted to keep the cost reasonable and affordable since I know what it’s like to want to take an e-course but realizing the cost is too much. There are PLENTY of e-courses out there on the market for $100+ or even $500+ but I really didn’t want to charge that much unless I felt it was fair.

I won’t lie, it took me a while to create my e-course because I did type everything out and I used graphics rather than video. However, since it wasn’t video, I felt like my e-course should be under $100 for sure.

I thought to myself, what would I be willing to spend on my e-course. 

When I first created my e-course I priced it very low at I think $20. I thought this was reasonable, but as it sold more and more, I received feedback. A lot of people told me they were shocked that I priced it so low! This is when I decided I needed to be more fair to myself. I updated and re-launched my course for $37.

I feel very content with my price and I won’t be raising it unless I create an update with video!

When you come up with your price be fair to the buyer, make sure you are providing value for the cost BUT ALSO be fair to yourself! If you put in a lot of time and effort, of course that matters when it comes to the price! But what really matters is value. How valuable is your digital product compared to the cost?

** NOTE: Don’t be afraid to look around the market to see how others are pricing their digital products.


Before you launch your course you want to create a sales page that will increase your chances of making a sale! On teachable you can create a sales page but I found it even more beneficial to create a sales page on my actual website!

I easily did this by designing it on Showit starting from a Sales Page template I purchased!

Every sales page should include PROOF. In my opinion, how trust worthy is a course without PROOF that it will give you results.

This is where I see many bloggers lack. They create a product to sell, whether it be a “start a successful blog” course or a “Pinterest” course and they don’t show ANY results or “proof”

What I found helped increase my sales is the fact that I show proof that I actually make money from digital products and I regularly make lots of sales and have gotten other students results as well. Without proof, your audience might hold back on purchasing.

Note** For the sake of your brand’s reputation, don’t lie to your audience to sell a product. If you don’t actually get blog traffic from Pinterest then don’t make a course that is about growing your blog traffic with Pinterest. Focus on creating a digital product that is honest and stay true to that. That’s how your product will sell!

You should also try to include reviews of your product on your sales page! In the beginning you might be thinking, how can I get someone to review my product without them purchasing it first?

Here’s where it’s time to think like a brand!!! When I first created my Blogging Ladies Membership, I offered it to a few people for a free month in return for a review. This helped build my reviews in the beginning. Not to mention it helps get your product out there when you are first getting started! If your product is good and gives results, I promise it will start to spread word of mouth! 

Here’s an example of my sales page for my mastermind so you can have a better idea of what I do!


Before I actually launched my product I made sure everyone knew about it! You could call it a “pre launch!” I would mention how I was creating and launching my product on all of my social media accounts. I also mentioned it in my Facebook group! 

You can also send out an email to your subscribers letting them know about your digital product launch date! Even use your launch as an opportunity to get more subscribers!


Now it’s time to LAUNCH your digital product! So how do you make it successful?! It really depends on your sales page and your connection with your audience! 

Does your audience trust you? If they don’t trust you then chances are they probably won’t purchase your product. However, as I said earlier, showing proof, results, and reviews will help increase that trust! 

Once you are ready to launch, mention it on all your social media platforms! Instagram, Facebook, twitter! Create a Pinterest pin for your product and set up some inexpensive Pinterest ads! Email your subscribers and offer them a promo code! 

When I first launched my membership I had a discount code! I know a lot of people say don’t mark your product down (know your worth and stick to it) BUT everyone has their own way and this is what I did and it worked for me. I also like to have seasonal discounts! I’ll usually do a promo each new season. 


Now that you had your launch, don’t give up or forget about it! Continue to promote your product!

I try to create blog posts that relate to my digital products so that I can promote my product!

For example, this post you are reading is about digital products which is what my membership helps you do!

I also always create new Pinterest pins every week. Pinterest is a great way to sell your products! Don’t sleep on it!

Make sure to create a link to your product’s sale page on your website’s homepage too! 

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At the end of the day, if you want to successfully create a digital product to sell, you want to build a connection with your audience and potential customers. Go out of your way to be personable and engage with your audience! Create content that provides value. If you are creating valuable content then you are already starting to build that trust with your audience! Create free content that offers solutions so your audience knows what to expect if they were to purchase from you!

If you don’t make a million sales from the start it doesn’t mean your product sucks, it might just mean you need to re-think your marketing strategy! You got this!!!


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