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Email Marketing vs. Social Media- What is more important for your blog?


As a blogging coach, a lot of my clients ask me if email marketing is even a thing in 2022. They say, “Well isn’t social media more important?” So today we are going to compare the controversial topic- email marketing vs. social media.

“So what is more important?” you ask.

If you have a blog that is specifically about helping people with social media, then yes…social media is very important to you because people on Instagram are your targeted audience.

If you are a social media manager, coach, etc. and you are helping people succeed in the social media world, then yes, social media is important to you.

But I will always stand by my final answer, email marketing is far more important to your blog than social media and I am going to tell you why.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Growing an email list is crucial to your blogs success and you need to be focusing on your email marketing every week/day.

The main reason why email marketing is important is because it is yours.

With social media, you have to try (really hard) to get your posts seen. You have to post consistently, use correct hashtags, do a ton of engagement, and more.

But even then, not all of your followers are going to see your post, read it, engage, etc.

You will have a WAY higher engagement rate on your emails than on social media. People want to open emails that have valuable content that they want to read.

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If someone subscribed to your email list, it’s because whatever you offered them, they liked it enough to raise their hand and sign up.

Just think of it like this–Your email list will be FULL of people who have an interest in what you’re writing about and in what you have to offer.

On social media, not everyone will have the same interest. They won’t be dying to read your blog post anytime soon.

Instead of focusing on writing a social media post, write some good emails to your list containing blog post links. People will be more likely to come back to your blog and read more of your blog posts than clicking the link in your Instagram bio.

How to Start Email Marketing for Your Blog

New bloggers tend to be very intimidated by email marketing for their blog.

This is one of the main problems I see new bloggers have. In fact, even I had this problem when I was a new blogger.

I knew how to start an email list, create freebies, and send them, but I had ZERO idea what to even write to my email list. I started one but I never sent them regular, weekly emails.

If you’re a new blogger and have no idea how to manage your email list, no worries because every blogger has this problem. But good news! You’re lucky you have me to teach you how!

Click here to read how you can start a wildly successful email list full of loyal blog readers.

Is Social Media Even a Little Important?

Social media is always nice to have for your blog. It shows readers that there is a real human behind the blog–and a human they like, too.

The most important things to focus on as a new blogger is…

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Pinterest
  3. Writing content your ideal reader wants/needs
  4. Focusing on SEO
  5. Learning something new everyday

You have extra time to focus on social media, then go for it!

But is it really a necessity?

Not really.

In the past couple months I decided to take a break from my social media because I was juggling too many things…and to be honest, I still have the same amount of pageviews as I did when I used social media.

I also still make the same amount of money.

The next time you decide to engage on Instagram to try and grow your account, ask yourself, “is this really necessary? Do people even click the link in my bio to read my blog posts?”

If you’re answer is no to those questions, then send an email to your email list with an eye catching subject line and see how many people click to read the blog post!

Find this post helpful? If you have any questions about how you can start your email list, all you have to do is email me at hello@bossladybloggers.com and I will answer any questions you have for FREE!

Learn all about my affordable blog coaching program HERE.


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6 Figure Blogger Secrets Free Masterclass
Learn how to start and grow your blog to 6 figures. I’m sharing my EXACT blog monetization strategy. Sign up below!
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