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You’re a blogging coach, brand AND website designer??
You're likely curious about how I landed in this role. Well, believe it or not, I still ponder that sometimes. Picture a high school senior who flunked one class—digital arts. Yep, this lady couldn't even design a pencil to save her life. That's when I stumbled upon the world of blogging, and let me tell you, it was far from easy. I wrestled with it for two years, trying to grow and monetize my blog. It wasn't until I finally hired a blogging expert that everything clicked and took off.

I'm Genasys but you can call me Blog Coach Gen

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If you need some encouragement to work with gen for blog coaching and design... do it! She's fantastic! I have learned so much from her already!


If you want to start a biz and make money...you need this!


I feel confident that I am finally headed in the right direction!

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