How Genasys At Boss Lady Bloggers Makes 6 Figures Blogging

How Genasys At Boss Lady Bloggers Makes 6 Figures Blogging

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Hey ladies, welcome back to another episode. In this episode, I’m gonna be talking to you guys all about, The exact strategies that I’m currently using to make money blogging and to make money in my business. And I’m gonna be talking all about how much money that I’ve made in my business, as well as how much money that I’ve already made this week alone.

So if you wanna hear all of this, then stay tuned. So the first thing that I wanna say is that I have, I literally did not plan a script for this episode. This is just going to be me talking on a whim here. I’m just gonna. Talking, okay, how I wanna talk, but there’s like no plan. I’m literally just sitting here holding my baby and I was like, Hmm, maybe I should do a podcast episode on that.

So here I am recording this. So what do I wanna start with? What are the strategies that I use in my business to make money? So right now I have a few different strategies. The first one that I use is I am using sales funnels to make money in the backend without any of the heavy lifting. I don’t do anything at all to get people.

To, to, to pay for my programs or whatever. Okay? So what do I do is I am writing blog posts, bingeable, irresistible blog posts that people will read. That’s very valuable to my target audience, that helps them, that solves problems for them, et cetera. So I write these blog posts. I offer freebies within these blog posts.

That freebie is going to be directly related to the topic of the blog post. For an example, I’m writing all about, you know, how to make money right now because I’m launching the blog monetization method program. Okay? So all of my blog posts are gonna be about how to make money currently right now.

Within that blog post, I have a freebie that’s a 30 day make money blogging action plan. And so people will sign up to this freebie, then they will get put into a welcome sequence. The very first email that they get within this welcome sequence is, They get the freebie deliverable, okay? They get the link to join to get access to the 30 day money action plan of freebie.

That’s the very first email within this email sequence. Then they will get another email a day later that talks about who I am, the story of the boss, lady bloggers, et cetera. Then the next email, they get another freebie, a little upgrade. They get this whole sequence of welcome emails, welcoming them to my brand, to my business, and then once they get warmed up to me who I am, then I will be putting them into a sales sequence.

Now, this sales sequence will sell an easy yes offer. An easy yes offer is an irresistible offer that your audience will not be able to say no to. So the offer that I am currently selling with my Easy yes offer is the Blog Launch Lab. Because this is a $27 program right now, it’s going to be increasing, but this is what I’m selling within this automation right now, $67.

And if they want to, join before the price increases, then they can. So this sells that easy Yes. Offer. One thing that I do too is I do upsells. So when they go to the checkout link, two checkout from this, you know, $27 blog launch lab program, then they will get an offer to get a blog strategy session with me.

And they book it for an easy price of $37 more. So they’re ended up paying 90 something dollars because of that easy Yes. Upsell. So they get, they already get the easy yes offer, but then they’re like, wow. A strategy session, a whole strategy session with Jen. To pick her brain for 30 whole minutes to strategize for my blogging business or answer any of the questions that I have.

So they upsell and, you know, you can use this exact strategy, take them through this whole sales funnel, and then give them, you know, the Easys offer that they cannot say no to. And then upsell them to like a strategy session or whatever you wanna upsell them to, to another easy. Yes. And then, and then, uh, yeah, so that’s like a strategy that I’m currently using.

Um, another thing that I could do is like, you know, that I could do, I’m not really doing that, but within the strategy session, I could say, you know, if you wanna join my blog coaching program than you totally could and you can, you can always upsell them inside of the blog strategy session too. Okay, so that’s one strategy that I’m using using sales funnels.

Another strategy that I am currently using is I’m selling on the front end of my business. Now, what I mean by this is I’m live launching programs. I’m talking about my programs within my podcast, within my blog post, I am on Instagram stories every single day talking about my program. I am selling this program everywhere, on the front end of my business, within my Instagram content, with all of my content.

So I have, you know, You know, all of these different platforms that I sell this program on, I’m selling in the front end. Now, the next strategy that I want to talk about is I’m selling on the back end. So I am currently building relationships in the dms with my target audience. And if they talk about, you know, their pain points or what they’re struggling with, if they reach out to me and ask what my program is, I’m gonna be pitching my product in the dms in the back end of my.

So I am building these relation genuine relationships, and if I feel like there’s a program that’s going to be a good fit for them, then I simply sell it. I, I simply talk about it. Um, so that is like another strategy that I’m using. I’m selling on the back end. So let’s, the three different strategies that I’ve already talked about right now.

Sales funnels, selling in the front end, like live, launching my offers and programs, creating new programs and talking them about them on the front end of all of my social media platforms. Number three, I sell on the back end by building relationships with people, genuine relationships, and. You know, just talking about my programs and saying, Hey, if you want, like this is a perfect program for you.

I think this will really help you. Maybe you would like it, and that’s what you could do too. Now, it doesn’t always have to be a program. If you’re selling an ebook, you could say, Hey, I have this ebook. I think this would really, really help you out. Here you go. You know, here’s the link. If you, if you would like that, or you don’t even have to give a link.

You could just be like, you know, I could tell you a little bit about it if you’re interested. Um, and just like lead genuine about it, like it’s all about helping people. It’s not just like, stop thinking about, you know, pitching your sales programs to people as sales, okay? It’s not about, you know, making money or it’s not about sales.

It’s about helping people. Your programs are, whatever you’re going to be building or whatever you’re gonna be offering is going to help solve a problem or should help solve a problem. For your ideal target audience. So stop thinking about this as sales and start thinking about this as just helping people.

Just saying, Hey, I have this offer for you. You know, like, here’s the price on it, here’s the details of it. If you would like it, you can totally join. If not, then no worries. We can still have this relationship and I can still help you out in other ways. You know what I. So that is what I’m currently doing.

Also to diversify my income because it’s so, so, so important to diversify your income. I am doing affiliate affiliate marketing, so you know, that’s not what you should be doing, like as a sole strategy. So you don’t wanna just do affiliate marketing and ads because you need abl a lot of blog traffic. You know, make money in that way.

Like you’re only gonna be making like cents to dollars or nothing and affiliate marketing and ads as a beginner blocker. So don’t think that you can just take the lazy route and just insert affiliate links and bam, you’re gonna make money cuz that’s just not gonna work out for you. I’ve tried it like for two whole years in my first like, you know, blogging journey.

I read these blog post articles about. Okay. You can make money in all of these different ways, but okay, affiliate marketing was the easiest Soap, bam. Wow. I can just enter links in my blog post and make money. Really? Okay. That’s the strategy I’m gonna use cuz that’s the easiest. And you gotta start thinking about that lazy mindset.

Okay. I’m just gonna tell you that it as it is, girl, that is the easiest. Like that seems like the easiest way, but it’s not because you’re just gonna be struggling through it. So what you wanna do is you wanna diversify your. And you wanna create products, digital products and services, or just digital products or however, or like a membership or however you wanna structure your business.

Um, make sure you diversify your income. So on top of selling digital products and services and memberships, for me, I am. Am diversifying my income by by doing affiliate marketing as well. On top of that, I don’t use ads cause I don’t believe that you need them at all. Like I just don’t like them on my website.

I think they’re just horrible. But that’s just my opinion. Um, So I’m using affiliate marketing and I’m using just links that I u like platforms that I use, or digital products that I use. I am offering, like I’m giving the links to, you know, people I’m recommending these products or um, platforms to people.

So for an example, Um, within my programs I talk about email marketing. So I have an affiliate link for Flow Desk, which is the email marketing tool that I use. So I’m gonna say, Hey, this is a, in a link, I’m gonna get paid for this program. Cuz you always wanna be, you know, straight up and upfront that you’re gonna be making some kind of monetary value from them purchasing from your link.

But I’m. Telling them about Flodesk and you know, giving them my links. So that’s another way that I make, you know, a pretty good amount of sales from doing that. From recommending my clients to flow desk, from recommending, um, you know, people who join my circle community. Um, I’m also recommending that like within my programs, So, you know, I have people who are purchasing flow desk and then I like from my link and then I get, you know, a mon monetary value from now.

Another thing that I’m doing is site ground. So I host my website on site ground and I also recommend my blog readers and, um, my inside of my blog programs, I insert my site ground affiliate link. So I get paid, you know, commission from that as. But these are the programs that, or like these are the products that I am using, these are the tools that I am currently using.

I would never insert affiliate marketing links if I don’t actually. Use that or if I don’t actually like, believe in that, you know what I mean? Like a lot of people are just inserting links wherever, just to make money from those per, from those products, but you actually use them like Amazon, for example.

I see so many bloggers trying to insert just so many different products that they don’t, they, they, they clearly don’t use or they clearly have never used and it. Yeah, don’t do that because you’re not gonna be building trust with them and they’re not gonna post, they’re not, they’re not gonna purchase from your link because why?

If like, they know that you’re not even using it. You know what I mean? So, and then always be straight up in front with people. Tell them that you get the monetary value if they use their link and if they like you, they’re totally going to use your link because they wanna help you out as a business owner.

So, yeah, that is the four ways that I’m currently making money in my business. I’m gonna just give you like a little recap. So number one, I use sales funnels. Number two, I sell on the front end. I live launch new programs, and I sell my products on the front end through my content. Number three. I sell in the back end.

I build relationships with people in the dms. I talk to people and I pitch my programs and my, and my products and my services to people. If I feel like it’s a great fit, I’d be like, Hey, if you want this program, this is what I have to offer. This provides a solution to your current problem, and I think that this could be a good fit for you.

And if your budget allows, you could totally. And then they probably say, yeah, sure or no, blah, blah, blah, whatever, you know? Um, so that’s the third way, fourth way I diversify by adding in affiliate marketing by, you know, offering links to the tools that I currently use and that I currently recommend. So, um, now I wanna talk about how much money that I make in my current, um, business.

Last year I did $106,000 in sales, 106. This week alone, I made $6,000. This month alone, I am projected to make over $12,000 in my business from selling these programs and from doing all of these different strategies that I have said in this podcast. Um, so that is how much that I’m currently making. If you want to see my Stripe account, you can totally.

If you wanna see proof of this, I can totally show you that. But, um, I did $6,000 this week in sales alone, and I feel so, so proud to say that. And in the monetization program, the blog monetization method program that I’m currently selling right now, I’m gonna teach you all of these different strategies that I use as well as other strategies that I’ve used in the past that have.

Super, super well for me and for my clients. So we talk all about, you know, the prep work first. Then we talk about how to build a standout website design that is not only pretty, but is designed for conversions to make money. Okay. There’s a different, there’s a, there’s a certain way that you have to design your website in order to guide somebody, a blog reader.

Through a journey to have them pay for your products and services. Like you have to think about it as a journey. Okay. To the call to action or to the main goal that you want somebody to take. So then we’re gonna be talking about creating that binge bingeable irresistible blog content that people are going to binge.

Like they’re gonna just read and read and read and read, and then they’re gonna be like, oh my gosh, I love this content. This is so helpful for me, for helpful for me. And then they’re gonna get inside of one of like, they’re gonna get one of your free. And from that freebie, they’re gonna be put into a welcome sequence.

So we’re gonna be talking all about how to build this automated sales funnel. I’m gonna be giving you welcome sequence email templates, and I’m gonna be giving you, um, sales funnel like templates, and all of the emails are gonna be done in written for you. Inside of this program. Um, so we’re gonna be talking about how to build this sales funnel out.

Then I’m gonna be talking all about how to live launch your offers, how to create an easy yes offer. So we’re gonna be creating that offer together. Whatever you wanna sell, we’re gonna be creating together, and then we’re gonna be talking about how to live launch your offers. Front end, we’re gonna be talking about how to make sales in the back end, and we’re gonna be talking about how to make sales through the automation funnel.

Then we’re gonna be talking about how to diversify your income through ads and um, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. And then we’re gonna be talking about how to scale your blog. So how to hire out, you know, a team when you want to, if you don’t have time to do tasks for yourself. I’m gonna be showing you how to hire.

Um, who will, you know, take care of these tasks for you. And then I’m gonna be showing you how to dive deep into all of the data so you can tweak it, so you can tweak everything to make more sales in your blogging business. So if you are interested in this blog monetization program that. I am currently selling.

Then make sure you go into the, um, show notes below and you apply for this program or you can book a call. So if you wanna book a call with me, we will get on a call together and do like a little coffee chat and just talk to see if this program or another program that I have will be a good fit for you.

And we will talk to, you know, get to know each other, get, let me get to know your blog and your business, um, or if you want to start one. Totally cool too. We’ll just have a conversation about this and I’m gonna say, Hey, this program is a good fit. If you wanna join it, cool. You can join. Um, if not, then awesome.

That’s awesome too. You can totally join my Circle community and you’ll still get so much free value from me. And then, um, yeah, so like if you wanna join that Blog Monetization Method Program, you can just apply by filling out a Google form in the show notes below, or book that call with me. So, Um, that is all I have to say for you today.

This was like totally, um, like not planned. I just literally sat here and just came up with the idea of talking about how I make money in my business. And so, yeah, this was not planned. But yeah, I hope that it was like helpful for you and, um, yeah. So that’s all I have to say. Have a good one. Bye. Bye.

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