How to Launch a Blog Successfully

How to Launch a Blog Successfully

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Launching a successful blog can be so intimidating and can definitely bring up so many mixed emotions like excitement, intimidation, uncertainty, frustration (ha, that’s a big one), and more. In today’s blog post, I’m going to be covering the 10 steps you need to take and how to launch a blog successfully. And yes… I do have a freebie for you. Wanna know what it is? Check it out below.

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1. Do Your Research Before Launching a Blog

Launching a Blog Successfully can be a huge learning curve. There’s SO much to learn and sometimes it’s impossible to know what you even need to learn.

A lot of bloggers jump in SO fast and they either start focusing on the wrong things, fall in a rabithole, or they find out down the road that blogging isn’t for them (after they invested money).

You’re lucky you’re reading this post cause I’m about to lay it down for ya and guide you in the right direction and you’ll learn how to finally launch a blog successfully.

I could just tell you that you need to research and just leave it at that. But I promise I’m not going to be that cruel today.

The first thing you need to research is how long it actually takes to make money blogging, especially if you don’t have a blogging coach teaching you and guiding you.

I will give you my answer but I also recommend that you go and look at other blog posts and get other opinions on this as well. Research doesn’t mean you look at one post and you have your official answer.

Blogging can take a while to make money as a beginner. There is SO much to learn and SO much you need to do to build your blog.

If you don’t know my blogging story- I blogged for 2 whole years and barely made any income to show for it. This is because I had no knowledge of what I needed to do on a daily basis and I didn’t even know what I needed to learn. I definitely didn’t have a good learning strategy at all.

A lot of new bloggers think that they can make money super fast by themselves, which isn’t true at all.

My solution? My blog coaching program is designed with a strategic learning framework that is proven to make you money quickly. I will fill your head with all the knowledge you need.

You definitely can learn to blog by yourself by scrolling for years and years on Pinterest like I did, but trust me when I say that most bloggers quit before then. Can you imagine blogging for 2 years or more and never make $1?

With my blog coaching program, that will not happen girlfriend. It’s gonna be me, teaching you how to blog and how to make money blogging faster than you could ever do it alone.

Another thing you need to research is what other bloggers are doing. What are they blogging about? What do their websites look like? How often do they post? What freebies are they offering to their audience?

I’m going to just tell you this once and you can take it or leave it. But there is a TON of competition in the blogging world and you have to find a way to stand out.

So how can you stand out?

-A professional blog site design

-Writing unique blog posts

-Having a unique and professional brand (logo, colors, etc.)

-and more.

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You need to find ways to stand out because trust me when I say that new bloggers get drowned out if they don’t take things seriously.

The next thing you need to research is the daily tasks and time it takes to build a successful blog because I promise you it’s not what you think.

A lot of new bloggers think that you can write a blog post and woohoo you get tons of traffic and your blog grows like wildfire. Girl, trust me when I say that I wish this was the case.

You will be spending around 10% of your time writing the blog posts and 90% promoting, creating pins, creating graphics, creating freebies, doing SEO research, etc.

I know I probably said a lot that would probably frighten you and you probably even said in your mind- ehhh, do I really want to blog then?

Blogging is hard work but it is SO fun and so amazing and there are so many great things I can say about it.

But do your research. Don’t spend money start and launch a blog if you’re not ready to spend a whole lot of time, tears, frustration, laughter, and many more emotions on it.

2. Create a Plan for Launching a Blog Successfully

In order to launch a successful blog, you need to have a plan.

But guess what? I’ve already made the whole entire plan for you. Launch your blog in two weeks by using my Launch Your Blog swipefile freebie!

Find it in the Resource Library!

This freebie will give you an exact timeline to follow to launch your blog. It has everything you need to do and tackle before the launch day!

FREE Start a Blog on the Right Foot Masterclass
Ready to start your blog the right way, the FIRST time? Sign up to the FREE 60 min masterclass! BONUS: Learn how to brand and design your blog website! 
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3. Find Your Niche

Once you have a plan for launching your blog, then it’s time to find your blogging niche.

I won’t touch on this here because I have already written a post for you – How to Find Your Blogging Niche-The Ultimate Guide.

4. Know Your Ideal Reader Avatar

Before we learn how to launch a blog successfully, you will need to have an understanding of who your ideal reader avatar is.

An Ideal Reader Avatar is the one perfect person you are talking to in your writing. This can also be known as an ideal client avatar and an ideal customer avatar.

We want to know who this person is at their core because this will help us know how to write to them and what to write to them about.

So how do we get to know our IRA?

First, you want to write down some traits that your IRA could have like….

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Career Choice
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Where they shop
  • Pets?
  • Things they worry about
  • Core beliefs
  • Dreams
  • Biggest Problems
  • Dreams and wishes

Now you will build a person, or character, who embodies everything you listed out above.

You are going to give them a name and a full identity. You can even find a stock photo of someone online who fits this description.

The idea is to know your ideal reader SO very well in your head that you can easily empathize with her and step in her shoes at any moment’s notice.

You want to be able to anticipate what she likes, what she needs, and how she feels without thinking twice.

5. Brand Your Blog

Branding is something that most new bloggers never think about. It’s honestly the most crucial thing you need to focus on before launching your blog.

I won’t touch on this too much here because I also have a blog post titled- How to Brand Your Blog the Right Way. It will tell you everything you need to know about branding your blog.

Branding is….

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Writing Voice
  • Photography
  • Core Values
  • Fonts
  • And more

It’s so crucial that you focus on branding even before you start your design process. Check out this post when you’re ready to brand.

6. Design Your Site

In the first paragraph of this post, I mentioned that you might feel a little frustraited before launching your blog.

You will mainly feel that frustration with the website designing process if you chose to DIY.

You can totally try to design your own site…but remember when I said that you need to stand out from the crowd? Girl you need a professional design from the start.

There are several ways to design your site without the frustration and so you can stand out. Here’s some options for you…

If you do choose to design your own blog site, then I recommend watching some Youtube videos. That’s the best way to learn. If you’re still very frustrated, no worries! Remember there are always alternative options!

7. Write Blog Posts

Yay! You’ve designed your website and now it’s time to start writing some blog posts!

It’s a good idea to have a lot of posts written before you launch. I like to have as many as possible because it’s relaxing to know that your posts are already done in advance and you can focus more of your time on promoting your new blog.

Some people say to just launch with one or two posts, but personally, I think it’s a good idea to have at least 10 blog posts published and 5 blog posts scheduled for the future. 15 blog posts total.

This will get rid of the “newbie blogger” look and give people more of a reason to stick around, sign up to your email list, and read more posts. Plus, you will actually have content to promote during your launch so yay! Viewers already!

I know writing 15 blog posts seems like a lot. But trust me when I say it’s worth it. But if you’re just too excited to launch your blog then go ahead and launch with 5 but be ready to make up for it by posting more frequently when you first launch.

8. Get Social Before You Launch Your Blog

Social media is another thing you want to focus on before launching your blog to the world.

You want to open your social media accounts before your launch because…

-You want to build a little fan base so you can have people to launch your blog to.

Without social media, you have no blog launch. So get on it and start focusing on building relationships.

You want to also provide value before you launch so they are eager to know what more you will have on your blog!

Instagram is a great way to create excitement. About a week before you launch your blog, start posting on your stories and use the countdown timer!

You could even host a scavenger hunt on your blog for new readers and the first one to find it get’s a prize!

9. Start Your Email List

When I say this is the number ONE thing to focus on every single week, I really mean it.

Having an email list is so crucial but I won’t tell you much detail here since I already have a post on How to Start and Grow Your Email List so read it when you’re ready. I don’t leave a detail out.

10. Start on Pinterest

Pinterest is the best way to get blog traffic. You’ll be spending a lot of your time creating new pin graphics to promote your blog content.

There is a lot to learn about Pinterest so I will save this for another post. But there are a lot of other blog posts that explain how to use Pinterest to get blog traffic.

11. Launch Your Blog

Yay! Now it’s time to launch your blog!

During the launch week you want to do a lot of engaging with people on Instagram and on blogging Facebook groups to spread the word and get eyes on you! Make sure to download the done-for-you launch plan! Then follow along with this posts and the blog post links within!

Share, share, share all of your blog posts! Create those Pinterest pins and start publishing them daily!

There is so much to learn when it comes to starting a blog. But it is so much fun at the same time!

Make sure to be responsible for your blog learning. Create a strategic learning framework for yourself and if you don’t know how, then we can create one together! Book a single blog strategy call by clicking here or check out my 3 months blog coaching program here.

Have you launched your blog yet? What questions do you have? Let me know in the comments below!

FREE Start a Blog on the Right Foot Masterclass
Ready to start your blog the right way, the FIRST time? Sign up to the FREE 60 min masterclass! BONUS: Learn how to brand and design your blog website! 
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