PODCAST: If You Want to Make Money With Your Blog, DO THIS

PODCAST: If You Want to Make Money With Your Blog, DO THIS

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Hey blogging ladies! Welcome aboard the journey to transform your blog from a hobby into a money-making powerhouse. I’m Genasys, your host and blog coach, guiding you through the essentials of starting, organizing, growing, and monetizing your blog.

Today’s focus is on making serious cash with your blog in 2024, and I promise only real, honest advice here—no fluff. My unique approach revolves around selling digital products and services, not just pocket change but a substantial income that turns your blog into a legitimate business. Plus, I’ve got expertise in leveraging Show It, the platform that’ll elevate your blogging game.

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Make Money Blogging: Expert Advice for Starting Afresh

If you’re keen on monetizing a brand-new blog, listen closely. This month in The Blogging Ladies Membership, we’re diving into ClickUp, the tool for stellar organization and planning your blogging business. Expect courses on using ClickUp effectively, whether you’re new to blogging or looking to streamline your processes.

Organization is crucial; without content plans and schedules, your blog’s growth could stall. Inside the membership, I’m revealing my methods for daily task management that leads to tangible success.

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For just $27 a month, you get access to:

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  • A step-by-step guide to monetize your blog, including crafting offers and setting up sales funnels.

I’m currently developing a comprehensive blog traffic course with over a hundred lessons focusing on audience analysis, engaging content, SEO, Pinterest strategies, and much more—all aimed at delivering practical results.

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Invest in Knowledge and Tools

Don’t rely on free online articles alone; the information can be outdated or misleading. To achieve real progress, invest in knowledge that’s current and relevant to 2024’s blogging landscape. Embrace tools like ClickUp, and consider swapping out Netflix binges for dedicated work on your blog.

Create and Sell Your Own Offers

Affiliate marketing and ad revenue are challenging to sustain without massive traffic. Instead, create and sell your own products or services. Offering a range of products suited to various customer needs can lead to increased earnings and a stronger business model.

Strategic Planning Is Key

Craft a clear business plan with set goals. Understand your metrics and how they translate to daily actions that boost your blog. Networking is also essential—collaborate with other bloggers and entrepreneurs to unlock opportunities for growth and profit.

Email Marketing Matters

From day one, prioritize building an email list. It’s a powerful tool for nurturing leads and converting them into customers. Offer valuable freebies, follow up with a strong welcome sequence, and continue providing worthwhile content.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, treat your blog like a full-fledged business, not a side hustle. Plan strategically, network, understand your analytics, build a solid brand identity, and above all, sell your own offers. With these steps, you’re bound to see positive changes.

Interested in taking your blog to the next level? Book a discovery call to discuss my combined six-month blog coaching and custom website design service, or join the membership for comprehensive support and resources.

Catch the next episode of Boss Lady Bloggers podcast next Tuesday, and if you’re struggling with getting your blog off the ground, don’t hesitate to book that coffee chat and let’s figure out how to propel you towards success.

Until then, happy blogging!

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Hey, I'm Genasys!

Blogging coach for ladies who want to turn their blog from passion to profits and make a high income doing what they love.

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