PODCAST – Why You’re Not Making Money Blogging (5 Reasons)

PODCAST – Why You’re Not Making Money Blogging (5 Reasons)

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Hey there, blogging lady! Welcome back to another episode of the Boss Lady Bloggers podcast. Today we’re talking about why you’re not making money blogging right now. We’ll discuss five reasons why you’re not earning. Let’s dive in.

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Introduction: Why You’re Not Making Money Blogging Right Now


Chapter 1: Taking Blogging Seriously: The Importance of a Solid Plan


Chapter 2: Knowing Your Target Audience: Creating Products They Will Want to Purchase


Chapter 3: Investing in Learning: Constantly Updating Skills and Strategies


Chapter 5: Developing a Clear Business and Marketing Strategy: Targeting the Right Audience with the Right Offers


Focusing on Good Strategies for Traffic


Creating and Selling Your Own Products or Services


The Importance of Clear Messaging and Branding


Closing Knowledge Gaps and Investing in Education


Prioritizing Important Tasks for Business Growth


Avoiding Busy Work and Focusing on Results


  • Take blogging seriously and create a solid plan and mission statement for your blog.
  • Know your target audience well and create products that solve their pain points and meet their needs.
  • Invest in learning and constantly update your skills and strategies.
  • Explore different revenue streams and avoid relying solely on affiliate marketing and ads.
  • Develop a clear business and marketing strategy and target the right audience with the right offers. Creating and selling your own products or services is an effective way to make money through blogging.
  • Clear messaging and branding are essential for attracting and retaining readers.
  • Investing in education and getting expert guidance can accelerate progress and lead to future success.
  • Prioritizing tasks that directly contribute to business growth is crucial.
  • Avoiding busy work and focusing on important tasks is key to achieving results.

TRANSCRIPT: Why You’re Not Making Money Blogging Right Now

Taking Your Blog Seriously

The first reason you’re not making money blogging is you’re not taking this seriously. You might treat your blog more like a hobby than a real business. A serious business needs a solid plan for growth and success. You need a vision for your blog and business as a whole. That means having a mission statement. What are you aiming to achieve?

Knowing Your Audience

Why did you start this blog? You need to know your target audience deeply, not just on the surface. Understand who that one perfect person is that you want to reach with your writing, your emails, and your content. Knowing them is key to making money. When you don’t know someone, you can’t create an offer they truly want. We need to make something they’ll want to buy. How? By knowing their pain points and struggles, we can create a product they will pay for and that serves them well.

The Importance of Planning

Right now, you might be missing this crucial piece. You don’t have a plan or a content strategy. You’re unsure about the offers you want to create to help your audience. That’s where I come in with my blog coaching program. If you book a call with me below, we can discuss how I can assist you.

My Coaching Services

I offer a combination service where I design your website and then provide six months of coaching. If you’re interested, I help you map out your entire plan from the beginning. We take things step by step to build a profitable blogging business, so you don’t spend years not making money. Without a business plan, you’re likely doing tasks without clear direction and goals. When you have a vision, you know the steps to take to reach it.

Building a Product Suite

For example, if you want to create five products for your suite, you need a strategic plan. A product suite is a set of offers that serve different purposes for each level of your reader. My offers range from starting a blog course to my anchor offer, which does pretty much everything. We build it strategically so customers move up to the next offer, buying everything in your suite.

Creating a Solid Foundation

We work backward from the ultimate place you want to take your blogging business, breaking it down into bite-sized, step-by-step pieces. It’s like building a house without a blueprint. You need a strong foundation first, then you add everything else.

Crafting Your Business Plan

A good foundation means planning everything as a business. You sit down and write clear directions and goals. Know your branding, the emotions behind your color choices, and your content strategy. You need a reason for everything, which is why we put together a blogging business plan. Think about where you want your blog to go and write out the steps to get there.

Learning and Growing

Now, let’s talk about learning. Another reason you’re probably not making money is that you’re not learning new skills and strategies. Blogging isn’t just about writing posts; it’s about staying on top of changes like algorithms and Google updates. Even though I’m making money, I’m still learning because there’s always something new.

Investing in Knowledge

Investing in learning from top people in the industry is key to creating results. Free articles online won’t give you the depth you need. To earn from blogging, you need a deeper understanding of topics like creating a product suite and crafting your main offer. An offer involves pricing strategy and sales psychology. Then you need a strategy to sell it because just putting it on your website won’t work.

Filling Knowledge Gaps

There’s so much you don’t know, and free articles aren’t filling those knowledge gaps. They only cover the basics. I learned this the hard way. I didn’t start making money until I hired a coach and invested. Those free articles led me down the wrong path, focusing on affiliate marketing and ads, which didn’t work for me.

Strategic Focus

I don’t want to put in tons of work writing SEO-optimized articles to get traffic. Instead, I focus on one thing: being a blogging coach. People find me when they search for that term. I don’t write articles often; I have enough content on my site to bring some traffic. I don’t need a lot of traffic, just the right people looking for a blogging coach.

Coaching Program Benefits

So, in my coaching program, we pick a great keyword that people are actively searching for. They find you on Google, click your site, and hire you or buy your products. Building out your freebies strategically is also important. We want to introduce people to your welcome sequence, build trust, and view you as an authority. That’s why we create freebies, not just to give something away but to lead them through an email series that sells an offer or books a call with you.

Applying Knowledge

Think about all this knowledge you’re missing. Until you apply it, your blogging business won’t be as successful as you want. You need someone to work hands-on with you, giving feedback tailored to your blog. Whether it’s me or someone else, you need that knowledge from someone who’s been there.

The Value of High-Ticket Programs

Investing in high-ticket programs and coaches is essential. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. No one succeeds alone. Ask successful people about their investments. You can’t do this on your own. Start investing in knowledge and time. It’s a long-term game. Even with the right approach, it takes at least a year to start making money. Don’t fall for promises of quick earnings from affiliate marketing or ads. It’s unrealistic. The reality is you need passion and hard work.

The Role of Passion

And remember, starting a blog won’t make you money; starting a business will. Your blog is a marketing tool for your business, where you can link your products and funnel sales. If you want to succeed, invest. There are affordable tools for those who can’t hire a coach right now. For example, my membership is only $27 a month, packed with information. But you need to take the time and put in the work.

Affordable Tools for Growth

There are cheaper tools for those who can’t afford a coach. Like my membership, it’s full of knowledge for just $27 a month. But it’s not just about writing content. You need to fill those knowledge gaps to succeed.

Prioritizing the Right Tasks

My website doesn’t get a ton of page views, but we use keywords strategically. We don’t need many people, just a few of the right ones to make big money. For example, offer coaching instead of relying on affiliate marketing and ads. Coaching brings in steady income, promising cash flow for months. This helps you run your business and cover expenses like hosting, email marketing platforms, and Canva Pro.

Choosing Effective Revenue Streams

Starting with coaching gives you cash flow upfront. You could also create an online course or ebook. But research is key. We look at competitors, see what sells, and figure out how to make it better. This approach works even with a smaller audience. Focus on solving one problem for your specific audience. Consistently promote your services, like through weekly podcast episodes with calls to action.

Optimizing for Success

Create offers that solve problems and optimize your website pages to rank on Google. Push out content regularly and focus on the right keywords. Offer services that meet a specific need, and you’ll make money.

Selling Digital Products and Services

You don’t need lots of traffic if you have the right strategies. Now, let’s talk about selling your own digital products or services. Offering your own items, like templates or coaching sessions, is an effective way to earn. But you might not know what to offer. That’s where I come in. Book a call with me if you want help. Selling your own offers opens up huge opportunities.

Crafting Offers That Sell

For instance, a client wanted to help moms with baby-led weaning. She didn’t realize she could offer coaching around this. Another client aimed to help organize homes. We discovered many moms were searching for capsule wardrobe advice. So she created an offer that included coaching and a done-for-you service.

Developing Desirable Offers

You can create many offers around whatever you’re trying to help people with. As long as your offer solves a problem or makes life easier, you’ll make money. Craft your messaging based on sales psychology. If you want to learn more, check out my coaching and website design services in the show notes.

Assessing Your Branding and Messaging

Your branding, messaging, website design, and writing might be weak. These elements attract and keep readers. If they’re not appealing, people won’t stick around. Consider hiring a designer or copywriter to improve these aspects. When I switched to Showit and improved my branding and website, it made a huge difference. Now, let’s talk about ignoring knowledge gaps. It’s normal to have areas where you’re not an expert, but ignoring these gaps because you’re afraid to spend money will hurt your blog. Investing in education is crucial.

Closing Knowledge Gaps

Expert guidance, time-saving, accountability, and spending wisely are all benefits of investing in your education. It leads to bigger earnings later on. Book a call with me to see if my services are a good fit for you.

Avoiding Minor Distractions

Finally, you might be focusing on minor tasks instead of what grows your business. Prioritize activities that contribute to your goals, like content creation, promotion, SEO optimization, offer creation, and selling. Use your time wisely and don’t let small tasks distract you from the big picture.

Using Time Wisely

It might seem overwhelming, but in my coaching program, I guide you through each step in a manageable way. So, what will you do to grow and make money? Will you book a call with me? I’m here to help. That’s all for today’s episode. I’ll see you in the next one, which will be posted tomorrow since I’m catching up. Have a great day, and bye for now.

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