The #1 Secret That Most Blog Gurus Don’t Want You To Know

The #1 Secret That Most Blog Gurus Don’t Want You To Know

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Your Narrow Thinking About Blogging Is The Reason Your Blog is Stuck! (Especially the $$)

…But why?

Because most bloggers and biz owners prance around from strategy to strategy that they see others using, rather than thinking about the long term and their ability to control scale.

With most blogging businesses, the focus is first on affiliates: use what others have done and accept pennies for a sale here and there until you have traffic. Then once you have traffic your focus is on ads: “passive income” that leads you obsessing over algorithms and waiting the long game for traffic to increase.

And while these are profitable ways to grow a blog – they are not the fastest. Even worse?

Depending on your niche, relying on these strategies alone leaves you destined to fail.

But guess what? The whole blogging world teaches you to focus on all the WRONG things like…

-Make tons of money blogging with affiliate marketing 🙄

-Make tons of money with ads popped all over your site 😖

-Make tons of money with brand deals! It’ll be great 😶

and then you wonder why you are making cents and not thousands 🤷‍♀️

Sure, they’re making money with ads, affiliates, partnerships and brand deals. They DO have success with the methods they’re selling you. But catch this: often the way that they grow exponentially in less time…

…is by selling their own digital products and services 🤯

That’s probably why no matter what you do…you think nothing is working!

…affiliate marketing might make you money in the future but you need thousands and thousands of blog traffic coming in daily!

…ads may make you money in the future but here’s the truth : they are UGLY, no one likes them, they will hold back your growth and you need tons and tons of traffic to make 5 cents.

–brand deals are great, but let’s be honest, free products and vacations don’t feed your kids and pay the bills now does it?

The real power in your blogging business comes from creating a business around *your own* offers.


Blogging Ladies Membership

A Membership + Course That Helps You Start a Blog Step By Step and Create & Actually Sell Your Own Offers So You Can Stack Your Income And Tap Into Hidden Blog Profits.

Maybe You Feel Like I Used To And…

-You wish you knew the next steps to ACTUALLY start a blog or make more money.

-You think that having a full time job with your blog is inly something you can dream about.

-Know you would make more money by building an email list and creating and selling your own offers – but you tried creating and selling something that FLOPPED. 

-Or worse, you have no idea what you could create than anyone would buy

-Want to grow an audience of people who not only find value in your content, but WANT to buy things from you; and you’re tired of a stagnant email list of 15-20 people (…that you’re mostly related to…)

-You know SEO well enough to get around, but it feels like it will take one MILLION years to actually get decent traffic.

-Pinterest is a complete sh*t show compared to what it used to be in the good old days. How are you supposed to grow your visibility in a more manageable way?

-Want to finally connect the dots between having a great blog, great posts, and a beautiful Instagram feed –> to actually making a meaningful income doing something you love, on your own terms?


What’s Included

THE COURSE – The Blog Accelerator Program

The Blog Accelerator Program will help you start a blog using a step by step framework and will teach you the exact strategies I used to make 6 figures blogging.

The Blog Accelerator Program isn’t just another blogging course. 

There are thousands of blogging courses out there. Some might even help you make a few hundred dollars, but none of them, literally zero, help you give you the real and raw truth, tools, and knowledge to go from blogger, to money-makin business owner.

COACHING- Group Coaching 

You know what’s the worst? When you buy a program but then don’t get any support with actually implementing.

One of my favorite parts of running The Blogging Ladies Membership is connecting with members and troubleshooting obstacles.

No risk of getting stuck with what to do next, because you have a blogging coach at your fingertips!

CONTINUED EDUCATION – Monthly New Educational Masterclasses

Each month, members of The Blogging Ladies Membership will receive monthly blog educational masterclasses.

These monthly masterclasses will include a video lesson, a live Q&A with the Expert, and an action-taking workbook.

COMMUNITY – Private FB Group 

This is the thing you probably don’t care about (“Gen, I don’t NEED another FB group!”), but ends up being the most amazing part of the membership.

Build your network and get into a group of supportive blogging BFFs that will help push you forward, keep you accountable, and be that sounding board for questions as they arise.

On top of all of that, you’re also going to get access to a curated Bonus Suite to take you to the finish line faster…

TEMPLATES – The Canva Template Library

Gorgeous graphics matter.

No need to go buy templates, you get access to 75+ gorgeous assets in our Canva Template Library.

Things like…

IG Story carousels
IG Post Templates 
Done-for-You Email Swipes 
Pinterest Templates
EBook Templates 
+ SO much more

6 Figure Blogger Secrets Free Masterclass
Learn how to start and grow your blog to 6 figures. I’m sharing my EXACT blog monetization strategy. Sign up below!
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TECHNOLOGY – Tech Training Vault

Don’t know how to use the blogging software? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with tech tutorial videos:

Implementing SEO
+SO much more 

Each month I will add a new tech training to the library! 

WEBSITE DESIGN – Stupid Easy Blog Design Course

Not sure how to design a stunningly gorgeous blog website?

Well girl we got ya covered! 

When you enroll in the membership you will immediately get access to the website design course + 7 website design templates to choose from.

1:1 COACHING – A discounted strategy call

Join me for a discounted 1:1 Blog Coaching strategy Call and together we’ll tackle the big hurdles in your blog, and map out a strategic plan so you can crush your blogging goals.

This is definitely for you if you’re looking to get one on one time with a blogging coach to answer ALL of your blogging questions! 

Are you ready to Make More Money In Weeks Or Months – Instead Of Years?

6 Figure Blogger Secrets Free Masterclass
Learn how to start and grow your blog to 6 figures. I’m sharing my EXACT blog monetization strategy. Sign up below!
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Hey, I'm Genasys!

Blogging coach for ladies who want to turn their blog from passion to profits and make a high income doing what they love.

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