The 4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Branding Your Blog in 2022

The 4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Branding Your Blog in 2022

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In this “Blog Branding Guide”, I teach you the 4 most important tips and tricks to branding your blog, I learned over the past 4 years!

Branding your Blog is a crucial part of the marketing strategy you apply to attract the right reader, follower, and customer to your website.

Branding can include the color scheme you choose, the fonts you decide to apply, to a consistent theme you use and your Logo design.

Here are my 4 most important Tips you can use to Brand your Blog!

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Color Scheme

Typically, before designing your blog you select colors which work well together and define them as your brand colors. I love going on Pinterest and searching for “color palettes” as inspiration for colors which go really well together and are representing me and my brand best.

For my Website I have decided on 2 main colors:

Sandy Brown

Grayish Blue

Orange for highlights

Additionally, I selected 3 sub-colors which would be different shades of my main colors for eg.:

Light Pink

Darker Burgundy Pink

Lighter black color for fonts

Darker blue

Lighter Blue

Some Orange

So, if you are planning your blog brand you would end up with a color palette of around 8-10 matching brand colors.


When it comes to fonts, it super important that the font you choose is easy to read and available for iPhone and Android. I mean, I don’t know your stats but 50-60% of the people visiting my blog are accessing it over their phones.

If I choose a font which is hard to read or too small or extremely “squiggly” (and yes, I googled this work and no I am not sure this makes sense in this context but stay with me…), how are people supposed to read and appreciate your content?

Also, you have to make sure the readability of your font works online! Personally, I prefer “sans serif” fonts for displaying my text paragraphs. “Sans Serif” fonts are fonts without any stroke embellishments or details.

Try to be more creative when it comes to your titles and subtitle fonts as they will be displayed bigger than your paragraph text.  

Size and Line Height

In order to have a consistent brand appearance, you need to determine the optimal size and margin for each of your titles, subtitles and paragraph fonts. You should define the following sizes and margins:

Title font: X

Titles Line Height  X

Title margin X

Subtitle font: X

Subtitle font size: X

Line Height: X

If you need more help figuring this out for your website, THIS POST is a good description of what “Line Height” means in more detail.

Font Pairing

My favorite part of this process is choosing font pairings for “Titles, Subtitles, and Paragraphs”.

Yes, there are fonts which go really well together and there are fonts which kind of don’t work. It’s also here where you can bring in your own style and personality.

Maybe you have already decided on one font and now you are looking for fonts which match, then I would recommend the Canva Font Combination Tool. Just select the font you want and the tools will make your suggestions for fonts which pair well!

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Now, I think having a Logo is a very important part of your brand. It’s the thing you put on top of your website, in your favicon, on your business cards and email signatures!

You brand Logo should include your name, brand name, company name or initials and have a unique design.

On top of that, it should be consistent throughout your online presence. You really don’t want to confuse the people holding your business card when they visit your blog or website. Ps. this is true for all the branding aspects I talk about in this guide.

If you need help creating your logo, click here!

Blog Themes

“In WordPress, a theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website. They can be changed, managed, and added from the WordPress admin area under Appearance.”

But….Designing Your Website Will Be Extremely Difficult

I’m sorry to say this, but no one else is and I believe it needs to be heard.

Most bloggers that write a “How to Start a Blog” post, say to use WordPress because they will get an affiliate from one of the popular hosting companies like Bluehost and Siteground. Which is fine- I have no problem with bloggers writing posts to make affiliate sales, but they aren’t exactly giving you the full information.

Starting your blog on WordPress is actually extremely difficult because it’s almost impossible to design your own website on it. You would need to hire a designer to make your website look good.

Yes, EVEN with a theme.

There are a lot of bloggers who are trying to do and write about the same things you are and in order to stand out, you need to have a better website and more detailed and thorough blog posts than your competition.

Designing your own website on WordPress with no website design or CSS knowledge is nearly impossible.

I see sooo many new bloggers struggling with this. They listen to a blogger, they get a WordPress site, and then they spend hours upon hours trying to build a website to just be “good enough.”

And I’m sorry, boss lady, that you’ve been lead in the wrong direction. Your website design really does matter for your blogs success because you need to look professional from the start.

I recommend that you check out Showit + WordPress which is where my blog and website is designed with.

Now, there are literally, millions of gorgeous blog themes, created by professional designers you can purchase for usually around $70 /one-time fee.

Check out Envato which is the biggest library and marketplace for themes which work on you your WordPress blog. Themes I use or have personally used in the path are:

(sorted from hardest to easiest to implement)

But, even though you can use a WordPress theme, I still don’t recommend it unless you want to be stressed and wanting to pull out your hair!

Boss Lady Bloggers Design Services

You got the content and marketing part looking good, but your website? Not so much…

You’re ready for a custom website that does the heavy lifting for you –
attracts blog visitors & turns them into customers or affiliate purchasers – and you’re ready for it right now!

Using the Showit platform, we’ll design a website that represents your unique style preferences and helps strategically build your blog at the same time.

We’ve got all your branding bits covered, too, including brand colors, fonts, and your logo design.

Did we mention we’ll support you post-launch? Design revisions are, of course, included, but we also provide tools for after we’ve said our goodbyes. You’ll go home with recorded video tutorials showing how to make changes on your own, and if you prefer to be hands-off with your website we’re here to make changes for you when you need down the road.

Learn more about Boss Lady Bloggers Design for bloggers right here!

Ok here we go, these were my 4 most important Tips to Brand your Blog and I hope you found this helpful.

If you did you enjoy this post or if you feel like there is something missing, just let me know in the comments below!

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