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The Real and Raw Truth: Popping the Hood Behind My Blogging Business


What You Can Expect From this Episode :

In this episode, I reveal the challenges of running my blog coaching business, including perfectionism, time constraints, and the struggle to find clarity. Join me as I share my journey and insights on mindset, limiting beliefs, and building a thriving community. #RawTruth

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Show Notes

Hey there, blogging lady! Welcome back to another episode of our podcast. Today, we’re going to dive deep into the inner workings of my blog and business. In this episode, we’ll take an honest look under the hood to see what it’s really like to run a blog and business in 2023. This journey is filled with struggles, challenges, and the pursuit of clarity. So buckle up and join me as I share the real and raw truth.

Unveiling the Challenges:

Every day, I wake up with my mind racing, filled with thoughts about how my business isn’t good enough. These spiraling thoughts often dampen my day and make me question my abilities. As a blog coach, one might expect my own blog to be perfect, but the reality is far from it. It’s like having a fitness trainer who doesn’t take care of their own health. My lack of time and clarity has left my blog in disarray, making me contemplate starting from scratch. But I’ve realized that the issue lies not in the blog posts themselves but in my own mindset and limiting beliefs.

The Pursuit of Clarity:

In an attempt to address my lack of clarity, I’ve created numerous courses and offers, trying to cover all bases and appeal to everyone. However, this approach has left me overwhelmed and yearning for simplicity. I’ve come to the realization that what I truly want is to coach and build a community of engaged individuals. I want to connect with my audience on a deeper level and help them navigate their blogging journeys. While the path may still be uncertain, I know that clarity will come from within and require soul-searching.

The Value of Mindset:

One of the key lessons I’ve learned is that mindset is crucial in this industry. Working on your mindset every day is vital, especially when trying new things that bring limiting beliefs to the surface. Your business is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions. If you feel unworthy or doubt yourself, it will manifest in your business. Overcoming these limiting beliefs and cultivating a positive mindset is essential for success.

Taking Messy Action:

To find clarity, you must be willing to take messy action. It’s natural to pivot and change course as you discover what truly aligns with your goals and aspirations. Clarity may not come immediately, and everyone’s journey is unique. It’s important to be patient with yourself and allow the process to unfold naturally.

Next Steps and Soul Searching:

In light of my challenges, I am committed to working on my mindset and limiting beliefs. I’ve decided to discontinue the free coaching sessions, as they haven’t attracted the desired engagement. I’m contemplating the idea of a membership that would consolidate all my courses and provide valuable resources for bloggers. Market research and community feedback will guide me in making this decision. Additionally, I’m determined to build a more engaged community and connect with my audience on a deeper level. This year, I’m refocusing my efforts to achieve these goals.


Running a blog and business is not a linear journey to success. It comes with its fair share of challenges, doubts, and moments of clarity. In this episode, we’ve explored the raw truth behind the scenes of my own blogging and business journey. Remember, mindset plays a crucial role, and taking messy action is often necessary to find clarity. Ultimately, my passion lies in coaching and building an engaged community. By facing my challenges head-on and working on my mindset, I’m confident that I’ll continue to grow and evolve.

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