How to Overcome Common Challenges When Starting a Blog (Tips from a Blogging Coach)

How to Overcome Common Challenges When Starting a Blog (Tips from a Blogging Coach)

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As a blogging coach, I know firsthand all of the common challenges that new bloggers face when starting a blog.

Since it’s my daily job to help my blog coaching clients overcome these challenges or completely skip over them all together, I thought I’d write a blog post to help you overcome these as well.

Some common challenges you might be facing as a new and beginner blogger might be:

  • Deciding on a blog name
  • Choosing a profitable niche
  • Finding the best hosting provider
  • Choosing the best blogging platform
  • Designing your blog to look aesthetic
  • Writing your blogs about me page
  • Knowing what topic to choose for your debut blog post
  • How to write your first blog post
  • Overcoming the fear of launching your blog

There are several other common challenges you will face along the way. But let’s start with the blogging challenges you will face as a complete beginner.

Lets dive into each challenge and I’ll tell you how to overcome them. I will tell you exactly what I tell my paying blog coaching clients.

Let’s Dive In!!

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Deciding on a Blog Name

The very first challenge you might face when starting a blog is deciding on a blog name.

This is quite the challenge, I know, because you want to make sure to get this right the first time.

Choosing a blog name is important because it’s apart of your brand. It’s how your audience will recognize your blog and it’s a huge factor for your audience to determine what your blog will be about.

Here’s some tips for you to decide on a blog name:

Write down all of your passions and choose the main theme / niche you want your blog to be about.

The goal of your blog is not for you to have an outlet. The goal of a profitable blog is to HELP a specific person with a problem. With that being said, you still need to have passion for the topic.

Make sure it’s relevant.

If your blog is about time management and productivity, you wouldn’t want to name it something about cleaning. You know?

Use Keywords.

Make sure you do your keyword research after you have a good understanding of what your main blog topic will about. Try and aim for a keyword that is low in competition and has a medium to high search volume. You can use Ubbersuggest for this.

Make sure it’s available.

When you’ve decided on your blogs name, put it into Google and social media platforms to make sure it’s not already being used.

Make sure it’s easy.

Use a short name, nothing too long. If it’s long and complicated, this will prevent someone from being able to quickly type it into search when they want to hop onto your blogs site. The easier and shorter, the better. Oh, and no complicated spellings.

Make it Catchy.

You want to make it super memorable so that your audience will keep your blog on the top of their head. Catchy like: Time Lilly Lane, Boss Lady Bloggers, Zen Den Fitness, The Cutesy Traveler, etc.

One more tip for you: just decide. Stop waiting and waiting on a blog name to hopefully pop into your head one day.

If the only thing that is holding you back is deciding on a blog name, just choose one. It’s that simple. Don’t overcomplicate this.

Choosing a Profitable Blog Niche

Another very common challenge I see amongst lady bloggers is the ability to choose a profitable blogging niche.

Trust me, I know how overwhelming this can be as a beginner blogger. When I first started blogging, I couldn’t decide on a niche so I went for a general lifestyle blog.

For 2 years I never made any money blogging and I especially never ranked for any keywords. My blog traffic was dead and my income was non existent.

But why? Because I chose to write about whatever I wanted on my blog. I wrote whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. I didn’t take it very seriously, I guess. I wrote for me and not for my target audience.

You see, in order for Google (and your target audience) to view you as an expert so you can rank for keywords, you have to talk about 1 specific topic over and over again on your blog.

Lets say you want to start a blog about cleaning.

Well, you need to write down as many “cleaning” blog post overall themes and write a million different versions of that post and then interlink them.

Let me give you an example:

The niche: cleaning.

Cleaning overall themes:

1. Cleaning Products: Information about various cleaning products, their features, and reviews.

2. Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Tips on effective cleaning methods, stain removal, and maintaining a clean environment.

3. DIY Cleaning Solutions: Recipes and guides for making homemade cleaning solutions using natural ingredients.

4. Cleaning Equipment and Tools: Reviews and recommendations for cleaning tools, equipment, and accessories.

5. Organizational Tips: Ideas on how to organize cleaning routines, create cleaning schedules, and maintain a clutter-free space.

Next you would write several different blog posts within each of those themes like this:

### Cleaning Products:

1. “Top 10 Must-Have Cleaning Products for a Sparkling Home”

2. “Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: A Guide to Sustainable Cleaning”

3. “Product Spotlight: Reviewing the Latest Innovations in Cleaning Tech”

### Cleaning Tips and Tricks:

1. “5 Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks for Busy Individuals”

2. “The Ultimate Stain Removal Guide: Tackling Common Household Stains”

3. “Seasonal Cleaning Tips: Preparing Your Home for a Fresh Start”

### DIY Cleaning Solutions:

1. “DIY All-Purpose Cleaners: Simple Recipes for a Clean Home”

2. “Natural Disinfectants You Can Make at Home with Few Ingredients”

3. “Green Cleaning: Embracing DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions”

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Ready to start your blog the right way, the FIRST time? Sign up to the FREE 60 min masterclass! BONUS: Learn how to brand and design your blog website! 
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### Cleaning Equipment and Tools:

1. “Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner: A Comprehensive Buying Guide”

2. “The Essential Cleaning Arsenal: Must-Have Tools for Every Home”

3. “Innovations in Cleaning Gadgets: Exploring the Latest Tech Trends”

### Organizational Tips:

1. “Decluttering 101: Step-by-Step Guide to a Clutter-Free Home”

2. “Creating a Cleaning Schedule: Tips for a Consistently Tidy Space”

3. “Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies: Maximizing Efficiency in Chores”

Then, you want to interlink all of the posts together within each theme.

You also want to use similar keywords for each post as well.

If you want to rank blog posts in 2024, this is the best strategy to quickly do so because it helps Google (and your target audience) to view your blog as a cleaning expert.

So what would happen if you also wrote about topics like beauty on the cleaning blog, too?

You wouldn’t be viewed as just a cleaning expert anymore. You sorta water down the expertise in Google’s eyes.

Now is it impossible? No. There are several blogs out there that are lifestyle blogs that do really well. However, if you want to quickly do good as a blogger and gain a lot of blog traffic, I suggest you pick a niche.


➡️ Pick a specific niche

➡️ Choose 5 different content buckets within that niche

➡️ Write as many blog post ideas within each content bucket as you can

➡️ Rotate through writing each content bucket

➡️ Interlink all blog posts that relate to each other

And BAM. Now you not only have a niche but you also have your entire content plan laid out for you in advance.

Make sure you do your keyword research and optimize your blog post for SEO properly and your blog traffic will begin to skyrocket and rank on Google.

Finding the Best Hosting Provider

Honestly, this a common challenge but it’s very simple.

There is no “best hosting provider”. But there are bad ones such as Hostgator.

Some good hosting providers that I only recommend you use :

I am personally using Siteground and have for a very long time now.

I’ve never had any issues with them and they have amazing customer service anyways.

I highly recommend them. I know you probably want more advice on choosing the best hosting provider but I’ve got no more advice than to just pick one of the 2 I said above. There’s really no huge difference.

Choosing the Best Blog Design Platform

Yeah, I don’t really care about the “best hosting provider” but when it comes to choosing the best design platform, I’m going to argue for this one!

When you start a blog, your journey will look 100% like this:

1- You we’re looking up how to make money from home

2-You came across a blog article on “How to start a blog”

3- The blog article tells you to use

4- You got the hosting, the domain name, and you are super excited to design your blog

5- You hopped in WordPress and quickly begun to realize that this was WAY harder than you thought but you tried your best

6- You hate your blog so you purchased a blog theme like blu chic or who else knows.

7- Your Blog design still looks mediocre, not as good as you hoped.

8- You decide to be okay with how “just okay” it looks. OR, you got discouraged and most likely quit.

Please, tell me in the comments if I hit home.

But for most, they don’t even realize their blogs design is “bad”.

Please allow me to show you a good design vs. a bad one in the picture below. ⬇️


Why is this website bad?

  • The homepage is just a static blog post page (a list of their blog posts).
  • It’s not aesthetic
  • VERY 2000’s DIY WordPress blog ish
  • Doesn’t captivate me
  • Doesn’t speak to me
  • I can go on and on
  • Just boring, basic blog



Also, this….

Did you know that Google also ranks the best built blog websites? Mhmm. It’s because of the structure of how it’s designed.

If your blogs desktop and mobile design isn’t responsive and structured properly, and if the copywriting doesn’t take your readers on a journey through your blogs pages, you can kiss ranking on any first or even LAST page of Google goodbye.

This is why as a blogging coach, I totally skipped out on using WordPress as a design platform and went for Showit instead.

You can read more here on why I believe Showit is the best blog design platform there is.

You can also use my affiliate link to get a 30 day free trial to try and see if you even like it or not. But I promise if you stick to it, you will LOVE IT.

Ive designed all of my 1-1 blog coaching clients websites on Showit and my clients now love it as well.

Why? Because of how EASY it is to design a STUNNING and rankable blog website. It truly takes the headache out of Blog design.

Wait, hold up. Your website design is not only super important in order to rank on Google BUT it’s also highly important to gain loyal blog readers, email subscribers, and purchases.

Please tell me, would you buy from a blog website that looks brand new, 2000s DIYish?

OR would you buy from a blog website that looked stunning, took you on a strategic journey, captivated you enough to sign up to their freebies or newsletter, and had amazing beautiful branding?

You’d definitely trust the 2nd more professional design now wouldn’t you?

So please, don’t neglect your blogs design. If you know your website doesn’t look that great, it’s time to switch to Showit.

In The Blogging Ladies Membership, I have an entire course dedicated to you setting up a blog on Showit.

A beautiful, conversion ready, rankable, dream blog website.

As a blogging coach of 8 years… you should trust me girl.

Designing Your Blog to Look Aesthetic

Here’s another common challenge I see most new lady bloggers have.

We all know that not everyone is talented for designing aesthetically pleasing things.

Not everyone has an eye for perfectly curated color palettes, typography, and stunning imagery that seamlessly comes all together to match and look amazing.

Oh, and not everyone can build a very unique logo design that is customized to your blogs branding either.

But if I can tell you straight up some true and blunt advice… you need to stop being scared to hire this out.

LONG gone are the days where “content is king” and you can completely ignore your blogs branding. Nope.

The online space has truly upleveled. Take a look on Instagram for yourself. If you look at the explore page you will see aesthetically pleasing imagery and content.

Also, take a look at business owners websites these days. Especially the top blogs like Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield.

FREE Start a Blog on the Right Foot Masterclass
Ready to start your blog the right way, the FIRST time? Sign up to the FREE 60 min masterclass! BONUS: Learn how to brand and design your blog website! 
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They all have aesthetic brands and stunning website designs and pretty Instagram feeds.

Why? Because people enjoy pretty. They enjoy scrolling on their phone, coming across a beautiful blog that gets their attention, and clicks to read more and binge everything they have.

In my discovery call, I ask why they decided to book a call with me. I swear EVERYONE says they LOVE my blogs design and how professional it is.

It’s because my blog captivates them. It draws them in and inspires them to take the actions I want them to.

This is the power of branding and a good website design.

And if you don’t have an eye for it to build an amazing one?? Hire it out.

After working with several bloggers, they only seen results after we made their brand and websites look amazing and “capture attention” worthy.

Writing Your Blogs About Me Page

Oh my lanta, this one hits home. I’m always scrolling on Pinterest, looking at different blogs and thinking about how I could help them make it better.

I also book a lot of discovery calls every week and I run a membership for bloggers. It’s my JOB to help bloggers with their websites and give them feedbacks.

The one thing that ALL bloggers get wrong is : Their blogs about me page. Yikes.

I pop onto these new blogs (or even blogs that have been running for a long time) and all I see is a freaking story all about them.

Well sorry to break it to you bluntly but your blogs about me page is not even about you and your life!!

Your blogs about me page is mainly HOW YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO HELP THEM.

Does that include a little bit of your story or timeline and a little tiny bit about you to build a connection with them? Absolutely.

But the main thing that this page needs to be used for is to make your case about how you are the best and most qualified to help your audience.

This page is all about building the “like, know, and trust” factor with your readers.

In order for someone to buy from you they need to be taken through these 3 phases:

Like- they have to find you likable.

Know- they have to feel like they know you on a deeper level.

Trust- they need to trust you before they can take action.

So how can you implement this on your blogs About me page?

First, tell them how you can help them and why you help them with a big photo of you smiling on the top of the page.

Then, tell them a little bit of your story and how you too, struggled with the same things they are. Then tell them how you overcame this. And please for the love of God, do not make this story long because people will get bored and click off fast.

Then you can get more fun with it by adding a little quiz, a timeline, some facts about you and your favorites, or anything your heart desires. You can get creative.

Juat remember, when people who potentially want to work with you, buy from you, etc, land on this page…. They want to see how you help them and build that like, know, and trust factor.

Check out my blogs about me page here if you want to see an example.

If your blogs about me page is all about you, I suggest you go and fix it up and add way more too it, especially how you are most qualified to help them.

Knowing What to Write for Your First Debut Blog Post

”What do I write as a first blog post?” is a very common question I get from most of my members, students, and blog coaching clients.

Here’s my simple answer:

  • An introduction post- Write a blog about you and your blog. Answer how you will help them, what topics you will write about, introduce you and your story, etc.
  • A signature framework post- Explain the exact steps you will take your target audience through when guiding them from their pain point to their ultimate desire.
  • A “how to” educational post- automatically build authority and expertise by teaching your audience something very very well.

Bonus points if all 3 of these are your first blog posts.

Not Knowing How to Write a First Blog Post

As a new blogger, you’re not expected to know how to write a blog post from the beginning.

In school, we learned to write essays. This is probably what you’re used to and how you’re most comfortable writing.

The tip I have for you is to read others blog posts and see how they are structured.

  • They are broken up into sections. They have headings with content underneath each heading and subheading.
  • The paragraphs are max 3 sentences before they have a line break.
  • They use bullet points a lot and they are easily digestible.
  • They are lengthy at around 1500 words or more. (2000+ words of helpful content is the best).

All in all, blog posts are way different from essays.

The only way to learn how to write good blog posts is if you just start writing and write them everyday.

It takes practice to get out of the habit of writing an essay. Honestly, I couldn’t even write an essay without having to break up different sections and write it like a blog post.

Just keep practicing daily and read other blog posts often too so you can understand how they are written and structured.

OR you can skip ahead and jump straight into The Blogging Ladies Membership where I have an entire section dedicated to writing the best blog content that is optimized for SEO.

You can also purchase the new bloggers writing workshop here.

Overcoming the Fear of Launching Your Blog

I know, this is a scary thing. You’ve poured your heart (and money) into designing your blog, writing your first blog posts, and perfecting it to atleast be okay.

But you’re having so many doubts in your mind like, “will anyone even read this?”

And honestly the answer to that question is no, they won’t.

Not until you give them a reason to.

And to give them a reason to read your blog and the content you have written, you need to be helpful, valuable, and write consistent content often.

It all comes down to helping your target audience solve their pain points and how can you do that? By writing blog posts consistently on a weekly basis and then getting their eyes on your content.

You don’t need to be afraid to hit the publish button and launch your blog. Why? Because no one will read it. No one will come until you start marketing your content.

Honestly, it will be a ghost time for atleast 3 months until you have more content and you are marketing it on Pinterest, making sure you’ve probably optimized the blog post for SEO, and you’re sharing your content everywhere you can.

Also, you need a freebie to get your audience on your email list and to write regular emails sharing your new blog posts that come out and other helpful content.

That’s the way to start building loyal blog readers.

The #1 advice I can give you for starting to get traction to your blog? Value. You need to be writing crazy, insane, valuable content that actually solves their problem or inspires them so much so that they become a loyal reader.

I notice when I stop giving AMAZING value here on Boss Lady Bloggers, the podcast, or the membership… my audience goes quiet and pretty much dead.

It’s the core thing to focus on as a new blogger- your brand, website design, and the content you publish weekly… oh and the marketing ofcoarse.

Because why write amazing content and not share it for no one to ever see?

Publish the blog Lady. Your blog will grow with time. Not immediately.

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To round up this post, there are a lot of challenges that a new blogger will face a long their journey.

Heck, I’m a blog coach/website designer / mom blogger and I’ve been doing this for 8 years and I STILL come across these insane challenges.

Wanna know what I do? I embrace them, I face them head on, I overcome from them and learn from them.

Oh, and I invest in my knowledge to learn more. So if that’s something you’re interested in you can always join The Blogging Ladies Membership cause inside, I give you the step by step actions to go from complete beginner to highly professional and profitable blogging business owner (like me 🙋🏻‍♀️).

Till next time Lady,


Hey, I'm Genasys!

Blogging coach for ladies who want to turn their blog from passion to profits and make a high income doing what they love.

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    Great tips! Overcoming the fear of launching my blog was a real challenge for me.

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