Can You Make Money By Blogging?

Can You Make Money By Blogging?

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When most newbie bloggers start a blog, the first question that comes to mind is “Can you make money by blogging?”

Just in case you’re short on time, the simple answer is yes, of coarse! You can definitely still make money blogging in 2021. 

In this blog post, you’ll learn why you can still make money blogging in 2021, how much do blogs make, how you can actually make money blogging, and how to start a blog to make money in 2021.

Let’s get straight into it: Can you make money by blogging? Yes, you for sure can!

Here’s a table of contents of what we will be covering in this blog post. 

Let’s jump in!

Why You Can Still Make Money Blogging

Before we dive into “how to make money blogging”, let’s take a look at why you can still make money blogging with a brand new blog in 2021.

Because of SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is extremely important for bloggers. When you implement SEO on a blog post, you are making your website more visible to your ideal blog readers, gaining more and more blog traffic over time.

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithm updates can make optimizing your blog quite tricky, especially in 2021. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to rank a blog post but definitely not impossible.

The key goal of SEO is to have your website or your blog posts show up on the very first page when someone is researching what your blog is about.

Question for you: How many times a day do you look up something on Google? I know your answer was at least 5 times.

This is why you can still make money blogging because the amount of times people are searching something on a daily basis is increasing more and more overtime.

Content that helps people will ALWAYS be relevant.

SO make sure that you are writing blog posts that are optimized for SEO and that you are strategically using your blog posts to make money blogging and getting people to sign up to your email list.

If you don’t know how to write blog posts that are optimized for SEO, read this blog post right here or join the Blogging Ladies Membership. In my membership/course we talk all about how to rank in Google so you can see large amounts of blog traffic and so much more.

Increase in the Number of Internet Users

There have never been as many people on the internet as there are right now. That means there are SO many people (like billions) that could resonate with your story and find value in your blog.

Your target audience IS out there, searching for things that they need help with…that YOU can help them with.

That is another reason why it is crucial to optimize your blog for SEO and to only create content that HELPS your ideal blog reader.

Not only are the number of internet users are increasing but also the amount of online purchases as well.

Make sure that your blog posts are strategically created in a way that allows readers to purchase something from you if they want so you can make money from your blog.

Blogs Provide the Like, Know, and Trust Factor

Right when a user pops onto your site, they will immediately get the first impression of your blog.

“So what the heck is the like, know, and trust factor then?”

LIKE= You want your ideal blog readers to LIKE you. If they don’t like you then how can you expect them to purchase from you?

If you can make a GOOD impression using your brand, this will build the LIKE factor.

KNOW = You want to make your ideal blog readers feel like they KNOW you.

This can be done with an about me page and offering free resources on your blog so they can sign up to your email list. Once they sign up, you will regularly send emails to them on a weekly basis. This also builds the TRUST factor.

TRUST = You want to make your blog readers TRUST you. They need to know that what you offer isn’t absolute FLUFF.

You can do this by providing helpful, legit knowledge. You can also do this by providing social proof on your blog, videos, podcasts, etc. You want to really show that YOU are the expert in the specific niche you talk about.

In order to build the like, know, and trust factor you also need to have a really good and unique brand.

Branding is all about how you make your website visitors feel.

There are a lot of key elements to branding and you can read all about that right here.

But today we gonna chat about why you need to focus on your blogs brand if you want to look like a professional blogger….

Helps you stand out. No matter your industry or audience, you’ll always have competition. Branding helps establish how you’re different and unique.

Being yourself is a great way to stand out, and a great place to start building your brand. Though your competition might have a similar product or service, the way you connect and resonate with people will make you stand out and reach those your competition might not be reaching.

Creates a consistent experience. Consistency is essential for your audience to understand who you are and what you’re about. No matter how they interact with you, your audience should be receiving the same message.

Imagine a brand that’s fun and personable on Instagram, but on their website, they’re serious and hard to connect with. That kind of inconsistency gives your audience whiplash and will make them look elsewhere.

Builds brand recognition. Establishing a consistent message and look will give you a distinct style that people will automatically recognize as yours. Whether they’re scrolling Instagram or Pinterest, they’ll know instantly that the graphic or information is yours, making them more likely to interact and trust the piece. To create this recognition, you need to constantly and consistently be showing up for your audience through your feed, newsletters, Pinterest, the list goes on.

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Sparks a connection. Sparking an emotional connection with your audience can be difficult but very powerful to your business. Emotional connection is what changes a prospective client into a brand enthusiast and repeat customer. An emotionally connected and invested audience is more likely to trust and buy from you, rather than from a random person they know nothing about.

Something I’ve been doing to build more connection is showing up in Instagram stories more. Overall, my audience has been more engaged and people are inquiring about my services all because they watched me on stories and felt a connection.

Increase in social media users

During the pandemic, tons of people hopped on Instagram out of boredom and now they LOVE it.

There’s been a HUGE increase in social media users this past year or so.

Do you know what that means? There’s a very large chance that your ideal blog reader is on social media right now!

I recommend posting to your social media platforms regularly and consistently change the links in your bio to your helpful blog posts so you can drive more traffic to your blog.

I also recommend taking use of Instagram stories to build a connection with your blog readers.

More people are buying from online female entrepreneurs

Online payment methods are becoming even more secure overtime, shipping is becoming faster and faster and people are more familiar with online shopping than they ever were in the past.

This means people are more ready to purchase from you, read your reviews, purchase from your affiliates and so on.

There’s a large number of females who are willing to support female entrepreneurs. Woohoo! Go women empowerment!

Mobile shoppers are also increasing, meaning it’s even easier to complete purchases through mobile devices… which is great, especially as over 50% of page visits are from mobile devices (even in the US).

Create a blog that’s easily consumable via mobile and desktop to reap the most rewards on your journey.

I highly recommend blogging on Showit, which I teach you how to start a blog in my new blogging course- The Blog Launch Lab.

How Much Do Blogs Make?

Honestly, 90% of bloggers haven’t even made their first $1. 

I don’t mean to scare you by saying this or make you feel like you will be in the 90% (If you’re reading my blog posts, you won’t be).

But why haven’t they made any money blogging?

Let’s dive in and take a look.

Most bloggers quit within the first couple weeks.

Tell me if this sounds like you?

You did it! You found a genius blog idea  (pop the champagne, you’re ready to see $500 payment notifications from Stripe while shopping for avocados at the store (#bestlife)

But somehow… the blog traffic never came, no one purchased from your affiliate links (and your avocados are softening)

So now you’re having anxiety, wondering…  

❌ Is it my blog design?

❌ Am I just not lucky enough?

❌ Did I launch my blog too soon?

❌ Was it because I’m not working hard enough?

❌ Should I have focused  on social media more?


➡️ The more time you spend scrolling and searching up free “How to blog” articles, the longer it will take to make money blogging. That means your vision could take months, sometimes even years before it’s implemented, much less see success.

➡️ You’re getting nowhere by not having a strategic blogging plan that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s time to stop opening the computer and wondering what the heck you should do and eliminate doing all the wrong things.

➡️ The idea of starting a blog was exciting, but then you quickly realized how insanely overwhelming and frustrating everything is. Build a website, writing posts, email lists, social media….There’s just so much to do and you are stressed.


You no longer felt the desire to work on it. You weren’t as happy with the blog and as excited to blog as you were from the beginning.

Well let me tell you…you are NOT alone!

This happens to ALL of us bloggers. Motivation comes and motivation goes. Especially in your first year!

You’re trying to learn, grow, and stay on top of things and you work so hard at it in the beginning but when things get hard and when you don’t see money, you run!

Girl, I. Get. IT!

This is what happens to MOST bloggers….

Heck! It happened to me more times than I can count.

But the bloggers that succeed…those are the ones who NEVER GIVE UP.

They don’t invest into learning more about how to make money blogging the right way

I see this SO much with new bloggers. The work so hard on it and then quit on it. They don’t stick to it. They don’t invest their money in blogging courses and blogging coaches because they think that they can do it on their own.

But you can’t, boss lady!

I know ALOT of successful bloggers and NOT ONE made it to the top without investing, hard work, learning, implementing, etc.

If you look at your blog as just a side hustle, it will PAY YOU LIKE ONE.

You have to look at starting a blog as a business and with every business you need to invest money so you can make money.

Same with starting a blog. In order to make money blogging, you have to invest.

They aren’t consistent

If you want to succeed in anything in life, you have to be consistent, right?

Marriage, kids, college, work, working out, literally anything!

This is the same thing when it comes to blogging. You have to be consistent with…

-Writing helpful blog posts

-Creating pins and pinning them to Pinterest

-Sharing your blog posts


-Writing weekly emails to your list

So my tip to stay consistent is to create a content calendar AND a daily blogging to-do list.

They don’t implement the right money making blogging strategy that works

I’ll get right to the point. If you don’t know how to grow a profitable blogging business and you think hopping from one tactical activity to another will eventually lead to success, then you are behind the 8-ball already.

You’re operating from a position of weakness. The frustration cycle will only get worse.

The process is simple. Sometimes I wonder why everyone insists on making it so difficult:

A profitable and sustainable strategy looks like this:

Attract > Engage > Nurture > Convert

  • Attract the RIGHT people to you, so they know you and your offers exist
  • Engage with them, so they get to know you and what you have to offer better
  • Nurture them to build a relationship based on trust
  • Build on that trust, to easily Convert them to happy customers.

You can’t build a sustainable blogging business on JUST the repetitive habit of posting social media posts, or creating blogs, or any other types of content:

Attract > Attract > Attract with non-of the other foundation pieces firmly in place.

On top of that you need to have a strategy system in place that directs your prospects to go through these Core components in the right order, so they get to experience what’s needed, for them to make it to the conversion phase.

That’s why inside The Blog Launch Lab we’ll focus on the skills, systems, processes, and ore importantly strategies you need to instantly build a solid foundation so you can grow your blog and finally make money from blogging.

That’s why it’s a roadmap like no others that allows you to grow and scale your blog really quickly!

Get in today – because the price will significantly increase very soon!

If you have questions about whether or not this is right for you, let’s talk about it— Book your free breakthrough call today.

I know how big of a decision this is and I want you to know that I am in your corner and here to help make this the BEST decision you will ever make in your blogging business.

They don’t provide their blog readers with VALUE (big one here)

I’m sorry boss lady, but no one wants to read about how you walked your dog this morning…

People want to read stuff that HELP them and bring them the most VALUE.

I see so many bloggers make this mistake….

They start a blog to vent about their lives and think people will want to read it.

Then they wonder why their blog traffic is SO low and they aren’t making any money by blogging.

It’s really a simple fix…. Write blog posts that HELP people with something.

Now Let’s dive in and take a look at how much money I make as a blogger.

How Much money Boss Lady Bloggers Makes

My name is Genasys Asbury. . .

That’s me: 👇🏼

I am a self made blogging coach with over 4+ years of experience in blogging, making money online, and blog growth.

I am passionate about helping female bloggers stand out and grow their business online.

Since I developed this system of funneling warm prospects into my business it has grown like crazy.

For example, in the first month I tried out my new system on just one product. 

My monthly product sales of that product increased by a whopping 700%. And it didn’t stop there.

That 700% became my new normal . . .👇🏼

And that was just by selling one product at $57!

What a turn around. . .

12 months ago, I was looking at a slim bank account because COVID had put a huge depressive spell on me and I decided to quit on my business for awhile.

I was unsure of the future. . . and I honestly didn’t know what my next step should be.

But after I tested a new make money bloggingg strategy, my blog went BOOM!

Boss Lady Bloggers is pulling in 6 figures!

Read all about how I did it right here.

How You Can Actually Make Money Blogging

I was thinking about making a “ways to make money blogging”list and discussing them here. But I’ve already written a whole entire post about that and you can go ahead and read it right here. 

Instead I’m going to discuss other more important ways that I’ve been able to make money from blogging. Let’s dive in:

Knowing your ideal reader avatar

Ideal Reader Avatar = the one perfect, ideal person you’re talking to in your writing

This can also be known as…an ideal customer avatar and an ideal client avatar.

First, think about your ideal readers/customers, the people you love to serve, as a whole through your blog.

Then start listing down some things they have in common.

Literally write down every single trait like :

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Career Choice
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Where they shop
  • Pets?
  • Things they worry about
  • Core beliefs
  • Dreams
  • Biggest Problems
  • Dreams and wishes

….Now you’re going to build a person, or character, who embodies everything you just listed.

You’re going to give this person a name, a full identity, and if you like, you can even find a stock photo online of someone you envision fitting the description.

This person you’re creating is your ideal reader/customer avatar.

The idea is to know your ideal reader SO very well in your head that you can easily empathize with her and step in her shoes at any moment’s notice.

You want to be able to anticipate what she likes, what she needs, and how she feels without thinking twice.

It is so important to know WHO you are speaking to in your writing so you can help her with what she truly needs.

When you talk directly to who you are trying to attract/ sell to on your blog, this will make it way easier to get someone to buy what you offer and purchase from your affiliate links.

This is such a great way to keep your ideal blog reader engaged on your blog.

Giving Value

In order to make someone want to buy from you, you need to write content that HELPS your ideal reader avatar.

This is why you need to know the answers to the questions…

What is my ideal reader struggling with?

How can I help my ideal reader through my blog content?

Fi you give your ideal blog reader a whole lot of VALUE they will eventually think….

“Hmmm…what are her actual PAID products like if she gives me THIS MUCH free value?”

This is how you can make money by blogging.

Passion For What You Blog About

In order to write a whole lot of blog content about a certain topic that helps your readers, you have to actually be passionate about writing about it.

If you aren’t super passionate about it then you WILL definitely get unmotivated to work on your blog.

If you don’t work daily on your blog, then you can throw away having a money making blog out the window.

If you put out passion for what you do, the universe will reward you with a money making blog.


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You get excited thinking about starting a blog, and you want to get started on it pronto.

After all, this big leap of faith is how a ton of entrepreneurs launch their blogging business and leave their 9-5.

You make a big plan, knowing that THIS is exactly where you are supposed to be, and who you are meant to be.

So you get down to it and create a full to-do list of what you need before you can launch your blog.

And you get on a roll. You don’t stop at the first task. You power through it, telling yourself “done is better than perfect.”

Because the planning stage is always the easiest for you.

But the moment you actually get into posting blog content, you start to shrink… NO ONE is reading my blog!

You hear crickets…

You just want to hide under a rock because you feel embarrassed.

Soon, you feel stressed out, and you don’t know if this was the right move at all.

If passion were the greatest measure of success, you know that undoubtedly you would be the most successful person on earth.

And you’re certain you’ve got what it takes to become successful, but you’re asking “when’s my next big break?”

“If I could just make/launch/create ________, then I would be able to…”

Contrary to popular belief –

Blogging is not about luck at all.

It’s not about waiting for that “big break” where you are suddenly made a lot of money.

It’s about a plan and a strategy that you can commit to repeatedly.

It’s about a system that helps you authentically connect with your readers.

It’s about building a blogging business- making money from selling eBooks, courses, products, affiliate marketing, etc.

If you’ve been looking for help and just want to get your hands on a clear strategy to follow…

And you know you’re the type of person who’s willing to follow through and do the work…

I have a solution for you:

  1. Check out my 1:1 Blog Coaching program


2. Sign up to receive this FREE Make Money Blogging Masterclass  that shows you exactly how to make money blogging (the right way).

So there you have it!

YES! You CAN make money blogging if you follow the advice I gave in this blog post.

If you have any questions you can contact me here to ask.

Happy blogging!



Hey, I'm Genasys!

Blogging coach for ladies who want to turn their blog from passion to profits and make a high income doing what they love.

  1. mumbicate says:

    As a new blogger, this is so spot on for me. What I need is a strategy that I can seriously commit to. Thanks for sharing.

  2. JJ Jordan says:

    This is such a useful post, I will definitely be using some of your tips.

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