How to Get Dream Clients on Autopilot Using this Content Marketing Strategy

How to Get Dream Clients on Autopilot Using this Content Marketing Strategy

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Blog post Attracting dream clients content marketing (2)

There’s a lot of information on the internet about how to get dream clients with a content marketing strategy – why they are important and how to figure out who they are.

If you’re reading this article, I’m going to assume that you know who your dream client is or at least have an idea of who you do and don’t want to work with.

Knowing who your ideal client is is one of the most important steps in growing a successful online brand. If you don’t know who you are talking to, and what is content marketing strategy, it’s impossible to create a brand that will propel your business forward.

What I want to talk to you about today is how to attract your dream client and make them fall in love with you and how to use a content marketing strategy that will get you clients on autopilot.

Let’s jump in!

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Blog post Attracting dream clients content marketing (2)

What you will find in this post:

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Instead of pitching your products or services constantly on the gram, doing exhausting lead generation, and dming clients to sell to them, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues.

Using blogging content + SEO is the absolute best way that we can get in front of your dream clients and customers and attract dream clients on autopilot.

This is why I believe strongly that blog content is SO majorly important for your coaching business-because it builds your brand in the background.

It is an integral part of attracting dream coaching clients WITHOUT the hustle on social media.

Having a consistent posting and marketing schedule means that you are constantly attracting high quality leads, building your email list, and laying foundations to step away from your computer once in a while.

The definition of content marketing strategy

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 4 Steps

Step 1: What Content Formats will you Focus On?

In order to create a content marketing strategy, you first need to know the exact content formats that you will focus on.

I highly recommend these content formats:

  • A blog that pushes out weekly optimized content for SEO
  • 1 Social media platform that posts atleast 3 times a week
  • A podcast or Youtube

The first one- blogging – is especially important so you can rank all of your blog posts on the first page of Google so you can attract even more dream clients and build your awareness pool.

But Gen… “Writing consistent blog posts takes up so much of my time and it’s so hard to stay consistent.”

This is why I highly recommend you checking out my Blog VIP DAYS. This is a new service that I offer to business owners who don’t have the time to write consistent content and who want to get more visible on Google to attract more of their dream clients and make more money.


  • Create your entire blog content marketing strategy
  • Write out 3 months of blog posts outlines
  • Do your entire SEO strategy including blog headlines, subheadlines, keyword research, meta descriptions, and more
  • Pinterest SEO research
  • Gather blog post images
  • Create IG graphics and FB graphics
  • Create a few Pins for your blog post
  • And more bonuses

Click here to check out my VIP DAYS!

If you are looking to expand your awareness pool / visibility in your business, blogging is the best way to do that.

You will also build your email list in the process and get more potential clients funneling into your Instagram so that you can sell even more and make more money.

Step 2: Define Who Will be Reading your Content

As business owners, this usually looks like our dream client or customer.

An ideal client represents the one perfect person who needs your product or service the most. This is the person who’s targeted by your marketing strategies. Your ideal client is comprised of a specific demographic, not a broad client base.

To identify your ideal client, you need to:

  • Know who your ideal client is
  • Know what your ideal client wants or needs
  • Where your ideal client is located
  • The reason why your ideal client needs you

Now that you know who you’re marketing to, you need to know the wants and needs of your client. What are your ideal client’s dreams and goals? What is his outlook on life? How can your product or service help your ideal client achieve his end goal? 

Zero in on your ideal clients’ pain points and present a solution. This is the best way to satisfy the wants and needs of your ideal client. Remember, making a purchase online involves a lot of emotions. If you want your ideal client to commit, you need to stir up the right emotions. You can do that by creating a compelling content marketing message. 

We can do this in the next step!

Step 3: Know Your Dream Clients Pain Points

Pain point = a persistent or recurring problem (as with a product or service) that frequently inconveniences or annoys customers.

Basically, pain points are the problems your clients are having. The ones that bug them. That worry them. The things that keep them up at night, or cause them to buffer, procrastinate, or completely avoid dealing with whatever it is they’re facing.

They’re results, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that your clients don’t know how to solve. Thoughts that are holding them back. Feelings that keep them stuck. Beliefs they can’t get rid of. And results they may or may not want.

Your clients want to change something in their life, and the pain points are the obstacles getting in their way.

Sometimes pain points are easy to identify. But sometimes they’re a little more subtle. And it’s your job to identify all of them.

The big ones are easy to figure out. They’re obvious to your client, and you.

But a lot of the time, your clients might be oblivious to the existence of the subtle ones. They don’t even realize they exist.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? As coaches, we recognize and point out thoughts and beliefs our clients are completely unaware of having, and it stands to reason they’ll have the same thing going on with problems they face. They don’t even see them yet.

And this is where you have the opportunity to market and sell your coaching in a really strong way: by offering to help solve the problems your clients don’t even realize they have.

But how do you figure out what those problems are? In every way you possibly can.

  1. Start by examining the pain points you felt when you were in their shoes. Typically, we coach what we know, so write out all the things you struggled with when you were in the same situation.
  2. Think about what every one of your free or paid clients has faced. Your clients are your best opportunity to figure out exactly where their brains are. Write down all of the pain points your past and current clients have struggled with.
  3. Do some social investigations. Social media has made people way more accessible, and way more willing to open up about their problems. Reach out to people who might be your ideal client and ask them what they’re struggling with right now. Post in your feed asking people to respond and tell you what obstacles they’re facing. Go into groups where your ideal clients hang out and read what they’re talking about, or ask them to share their struggles. You can get so much information from people just by connecting with them and asking them what’s going on.
  4. Host some interviews. Ask people if they’d be willing to chat and give you some insight into others who might be in their situation. Get on a call and have a conversation.

Here’s the bottom line: you need to do the research. You can’t assume you know what your clients’ pain points are, because this usually ends in not hitting the mark.

Take the time to actually discover what the deep-rooted fears are of the people you want to work with.

Get dream clients on autopilot with this circle graph showing you the flow of clients

Step 4: Define How You Will Get Eyes on Your Content

The next important step when it comes to creating a content marketing strategy is to define how you will get traffic to your blog.

The best way? SEO!

This month I have seen a HUGE spike in my blog traffic and it’s all because of the SEO strategies I implemented 5 months ago.

“5 months Gen? That’s insane!”

It takes Google awhile to start ranking your blog posts and pages after you have implemented the correct keywords and SEO strategies.

But is the wait worth it? HECK YES. I am now on Googles front page when you look up “Blog Coaching” “Blog Coach” and “Blog Coaching Services” which means that I am now attracting A TON of my ideal clients to my blog from Google.

I signed 4 clients in the month of February 2022 alone and made over $8000 in sales.

If I were you, I would focus heavily on creating blog content and implementing SEO daily.

So let’s talk about What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is how we make our blog pages and posts appear higher in search engines and get more traffic to our website.

These days, almost all search engine traffic comes from Google so it makes the most sense for us to write our content according to Google best practices.

SEO refers to a wide range of components. We can break these down into “On-Page SEO” and “Off-Page SEO”.

On-Page SEO refers to the content directly on your website that you have control over, including your blog post text, titles, formatting, image alternative text, and website speed.

 “Off-Page SEO” refers to activities off your website that can increase your website ranking, such as getting links from other sites to your site. These important “inbound links” from other websites are an indicator to Google that your site has quality content because other people are linking to it.

Implementing proper SEO techniques helps to drive people to your website organically (that is, for free and not paid). We all use Google every day to search for information, products, or ideas. However, we rarely venture outside of the first page of results.

How often do we even scroll to the bottom of that first page? Typically, we will click on the top 2-4 search results and there are only 10 organic results shown on the front page. (Unless the user has changed their defaults allowing a maximum of 100 results) 

Therefore, for your site to gain traffic from organic (unpaid) searches, you ideally want to rank as close to the top of the first page of results as possible. This means we have to get inside the mind of Google!

By understanding how Google and other search engines work, you can optimize your website to be ranked high on the search engine results page (SERP) for searches that relate to your website.

Now let’s talk about Keyword Research.

To find websites and index content, Google has “robots” that search the internet and categorizes websites and posts. Therefore, it is important to include relevant keywords on your website and in your blog posts to help Google find and direct traffic to your site. 

Often, it’s actually better to use a short phrase or search string rather than just a keyword. So, consider what a user would be searching for to find your site.

For example if they are planning a trip to a destination are they likely to type in just the destination name, or more likely they will be searching “how to get to destination” or “things to do in destination”. These longer phrases are called “long-tail keywords” and are much easier to rank for than just the keyword by itself. 

Example: Try to rank your post for “How To Get To Michigan” instead of just trying to rank for “Michigan”. 

Try to be specific with your keywords and blog post titles as well. For example, calling a blog post “My Favorite Shoes” would be too generic to compete with massive sites.

Instead, really drill down to what your post is about and title it “The Best Nike Air Force 1 Shoes for 2020”. There are also several tools online to help you choose relevant keywords. My preference is to use Uber Suggest and Google Keyword Planner.

To read more about how to increase traffic with SEO click here!

The Importance of Blog Content to get Coaching Clients Fast

Blog content is the #1 thing you should focus on to attract dream coaching clients. 

Don’t believe me?

Imagine this.

You look at your marketing schedule for the week. 

It says one thing: “Direct people to my website.”

Imagine if the only thing you had to do to attract dream clients was point them towards your website!
With content marketing, this is completely possible. 

If you want to step away from your business and take the break you’ve probably earned a million time over, YOU NEED BLOG CONTENT. 

Like I have a client who is going to Europe for a month in April and she won’t need to work AT ALL because she has developed a content marketing strategy that will get her customers and clients on autopilot.

Her content will still be working in the background especially because we’ve gotten her pages and blog posts to rank on the first page of Google using my blog VIP DAY- Leads With Ease.

Another client is taking 6 weeks off to be with her family.

Guess who’s audience is going to continue learning and be super engaged when she runs another launch when she gets back?
Investing in long-form content for your coaching business means: 

  • You can step away from your biz and it won’t fall apart. Blog content doesn’t demand your presence like social media algorithms do 
  • You can finally get out of the dms on social media and stop the insane lead generation. Your lead will come straight from Google
  • You can direct people into funnels without selling them anything. They look at your content and there is a natural progression into email lists and offers to do with your content  
  • You can build a brand based on value, education, and connection- you’re not just posting ad-hoc social media posts 
  • You get tons more people on your website, which is where all the real sales happen 
  • You can get people onto your email list- email is STILL one of the highest converting forms of marketing. On average, every $1 you spend, you make quadruple
Pyramid graphic showing how to get dream clients on autopilot
Follow this pyramid graph if you want to know the exact ways to funnel in dream clients from your blog. Sign clients fast with these steps and tips.

How Boss Lady Bloggers can Help With your Content Marketing Strategy

I highly recommend you checking out my Blog VIP DAYS. This is a new service that I offer to business owners who don’t have the time to write consistent content and who want to get more visible on Google to attract more of their dream clients and make more money.


  • Create your entire blog content marketing strategy
  • Write out 3 months of blog posts outlines
  • Do your entire SEO strategy including blog headlines, subheadlines, keyword research, meta descriptions, and more
  • Pinterest SEO research
  • Gather blog post images
  • Create IG graphics and FB graphics
  • Create a few Pins for your blog post
  • And more bonuses

Click here to check out my VIP DAYS!

Blog content attracts your ideal clients because you are giving them the answers they are craving. 

You are serving them.

You are showing your personality. 

You are giving examples of other clients you have helped in their exact situation. 

These are all critical steps in building your coaching business! 

Blog content (and email marketing) gives you the chance to speak to the hearts of your ideal clients. You can captivate their attention, and then offer them solutions.

This is the heart of what you do as a coach. And that’s why blog content should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. 

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