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How To Write The Most Perfect About Me Page

How To Write The Most Perfect About Me Page

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An About Me Page is one of the most principal facets of your blog because it tells who you are, what your blog is about, your core values, and why your reader should stay on your website and read more.

It is so crucial that you take the time to write your about me page so you can include every little detail for your readers and anyone else who may want to work with you like brand collaborators.

In this post we will go over the most important components that make up your about me page because if you are using the page in the right way, it can be an incredibly powerful for you and your blogs success.

Why is An About Me Page Important?

Your About Me page is kind of like a little meet-cute for your ideal readers. Pretend you are meeting a friend for the first time. They know nothing about who you are, what you do, and why you do it, right? This is why it is so crucial to not only have an About Page but to write it for your ideal audience.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I read a blog post I always head over to their About Me page so I can get to know who is writing the blog post and so I can see their actual face.

There will be other blog readers like me who also want to see the face and get to know who is writing the blog posts they are reading.

Having this page allows you to open up a little bit and give them a little insider.

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Who is It for?

Your About Me page needs to serve everyone. I see a lot of bloggers writing their about page for JUST their ideal reader when it actually needs to serve everyone who may possibly come to your blog.

Some possible visitors of your blog may be people who would like to work with you, brand collaborators, customers, clients, readers, family, friends, jounralists, PR company, and more.

It is important to write it for every potential visitor and that is why we need to write it with strategy.

How to Write The About Page Perfectly

About You

Your About Me page needs to tell who you are because building a connection with your readers is KEY to blogging success.

In order for your reader to connect with you on a deeper level, they need to feel like they know you.

In this section of your About Page, you can write about what you do on most days, what you are mostly known for, why you love writing about the certain topic you do, what are you passionate about, hobbies, interests, etc.

You also want to tell them what you do and why you do it. Who are you serving and why?

About The Blog

Then the next section of your About Page should be about the blog.

You need to be answering some questions in this section such as…

-Why would someone stay on your blog?

-Why would they want to read your blog posts?

-Describe your blog and business.

It is also extremely important and necessary to explain who your ideal blog visitor is. This will help brands determine if the audience your targeting are the same people they want to target.

You should also explain how you started your blog and the journey of how you got from there to where you are now.

Calls To Action

After reading about who you are and what the blog is about, then you can give them a couple call to actions.

What would you like your reader to do next? Where on your blog would you like them to land?

Maybe you would like them to check out your services page or your blog.

Maybe you would like to put a sign up form so you can get a new subscriber to your email list.

Sometimes people need to be told what to do for them to do it which is why putting calls to action and links to the places you want them to go next on your blog is important.

Make it Stand out

The ultimate goal of your About Me page is to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd of other bloggers in your niche.

Think of ways you can make it stand out. Get creative here.

Make it Easy to Find

An About Page should be very easy for a visitor to find.

It should be in the main menu of your blog and maybe even in the footer of your blog.

You can also make call to actions in your sidebar or in your blog posts and tell your readers to go read your About Me page if they would like to know more about who you are and what your blog is about.

Link to About Me Page When Appropriate

You want you readers to get to know you and to do that you should be linking to your About Me page when appropriate.

Whenever you tell something about yourself or your blogs story, link your About Page.

You can also put a link to it in your email newsletters, your client welcome packets, and in other places on your blog.

I hope this helped you have a better understanding of how you can write a perfect About Me page.

Head over to read mine HERE.

If you are still confused on what to write you can always contact me to ask me more. We learn about your About Me page and possibly write it together in my blog coaching program so if you are interested in blog coaching click here to learn more.


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  1. Ben says:

    I never considered any kind of call to action in an about me page, but that sounds like a great idea! Thank you for the advice!

  2. Aditi says:

    Great ideas in your post. A lot of businesses fail to periodically check and update their About me pages.

  3. Aditi Jain says:

    Wow, never thought about the about me section in this manner. Will take these points into consideration. Also love the look of your blog. Really pretty ♥️??

  4. Naia says:

    I’ve been trying to create a better About Me page, and this was really helpful. Thank you so much for this.

  5. Katherine says:

    It’s like you knew I needed to redo my About me page! Great info thanks! I’ll take your tips into account on the redesign!

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